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Although I have a broad set of interests, nothing is quite so engaging as sport



Blockbuster games in EPL are usually dull. Hopefully not a 0-0, though I’d still like a draw. 2-2??

A time bomb in the Premier League: Liverpool against Manchester United

Exciting season for the Toffees. I still think our press is slow and ineffective. Multiple times WBA were able to play through it and left CBs exposed.

James is the perfect addition. Never had such quality playmaking in the side before. Should be plenty of goals and assists to his name this season.

Classy Everton dispatch promising West Brom

The pressure on him at the Warriors would be pretty intense. Needing to lead by example on the field, surrounded by inexperienced players, in a torrid club environment, for an interim coach vs come off the bench for 25-40 mins and play among some of the games best players and coaching staff…

If Sonny Bill Williams returns to the NRL, the Roosters have to suffer (at least a little bit)

Exactly. Keary came in during a decline in form and favour at Souths. Most roosters players come in at astute rates, and the superstar buys have worked the last few years creating a sustained winning formula. All it takes is some bad luck to break it though – eg if Teddy went injured.

If Sonny Bill Williams returns to the NRL, the Roosters have to suffer (at least a little bit)

You need to give an alternative to the rules instead of “not elite players to teams coming 4th”. How would you govern such a thing?

I personally think NRL needs transfer windows and the like, but a year like this has so many challenges that we couldn’t avoid off cycle movements..

If Sonny Bill Williams returns to the NRL, the Roosters have to suffer (at least a little bit)

He should take the money, but history says that a young player on those unproven dollars is likely to tank.

I never thought I'd say it, but David Fifita needs to go to the Gold Coast Titans

I get it is a hard scenario, but it is not uncommon for someone to work 6 months in another location. I work in IT and a lot of my colleagues are separated from their families in India, and now they can’t return.

Warriors could fly back to NZ after Storm spanking

So will Latrell get picked or not?

Origin speculation to proceed despite no footy as ‘essential service’

It’s been a well known grievance for some time. This article has about as much context as you can get about the issue from someone indigenous who wants change. They were offering new lyrics back in 2009.

No need to play the anthem before the NRL All Stars game

The players are making this choice. Shame that all these NRL players are left wing loonies.

No need to play the anthem before the NRL All Stars game

Imagine you were indigenous, great at footy and avoided a future that was statistically likely to be below the average standard of living, based on the correlation of your race. Then imagine feeling like you should use your opportunity in life to improve the opportunities of other indigenous people. Imagine you already spend time and money in these communities but despite your efforts it is hard to see real progressive change. Imagine a collective of your people and other indigenous peoples agreed that simple things like the anthem, national holiday were part of a broader culture that disadvantaged your peoples, and that changing these would help progress to real change like a voice in parliament and more support in your communities.

Now you are expected to sing the anthem at an event that has very high exposure. Sing or don’t sing? What would you do?

No need to play the anthem before the NRL All Stars game

That second try trick play onthe last tackle was special. They ran the blind side on the 4th and had numbers stacked with Souths unaware of the move.
A couple other plays thrown together suggest the roosters have more in store for this series

Utter embarrassment as the ‘pride of the league’ are pummelled by the Roosters

Is the current score in this article? It should be in the first paragraph. And a link to the score card.

Australia in box seat to retain Ashes today

Steve has basically admitted to being a soulless capitalist as he views his favourite sport. He sees sport as an entertainment platform to sell to the highest bidder. Doesn’t sound like a leftie.

Rugby league dispatches from a heretic in exile

I have Fetch via an Optus broadband. Watched Everton vs Crystal Palace and will probably watch all Everton matches until daylight savings makes it too hard. Then I switch to recording and usually watch mini matches.
I’ll watch bits and pieces of the early matches as well.

The highlights and mini matches are great but nothing beats live sport when you have an irrational emotional investment.

Did anyone watch an EPL game live this weekend?

Ok I’ll look around. I have Optus sport and the stuff from the EPL shows is pretty much any excuse to talk about Liverpool

Five of the best EPL football podcasts for the new season

Any recommendations for podcasts that don’t spend 95% of air time on 6 teams?

Five of the best EPL football podcasts for the new season

Also how do I get my paragraphs back into comments. My HTML skills have evaporated

Expansion: The dirty word in rugby league

You make note of the AFL. That is a multi-generational strategy funded by a cash rich organisation with a very friendly media landscape. NRL has very little of any of that. It is also very high risk.
Anyway expansion is important and history is equally so. So to answer your last paragraph I wrote this a couple years ago. Would it work? Maybe. Are there better options? I don’t think so…

Expansion: The dirty word in rugby league

I will quickly cede to anyone quoting stats. Those are good numbers. Did gallop have policies overseeing them? I thought the spike might be more on wanderers, AAMI park dropping Fury and Gold Coast??
Also I said generational change to catch up – I.e 15-25 years, not about to catch up – when the current first and second generation Australians have kids in a globalised sporting economy not dictated by FTA tv.

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

What I was trying to say is football has always had potential but 5 yeas ago it seemed to really have momentum. That seems to have all been lost…back to square 1.
I think League has major long term issues and wouldn’t want to be betting on it even though I love it

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

To think of where football was when he started to what it is now…he missed the biggest opportunity and now it is a code riddled with issues.
I’m not a avid follower of FFA fortunes by it did seem like football was a generation away from catching up to the leading codes, instead it has stalled big time even when those codes struggle with their natural ceilings

Confirmed: David Gallop stepping down as FFA CEO

I have 3 kids (still very young) and they haven’t watched FTA for about 3 years – except the NRL GF last year. The youngest has probably never watched it.
Sports administrators need a long term plan to the new ways of watching, but I think the thing which will hurt most leagues, especially Australian ones of all codes, is that the new way of watching will struggle to generate the same amount of revenue. Ultimately players may have to accept lower pay for a period.

Foxtel’s financial problems will change the way football is viewed in Australia

That was the A league selling point. In the WSW seasons and the derbies. It just seemed like a matter of time for the code. Then the administrators bottled it.

Can the A-League blame rival codes for football's failures?

The biggest risk right now is losing Gana and not retaining Gomes. They are the base of the midfield and the other CDM options are squad players. If we lose them then it will feel a little like back to square 1 next season. If they stay/join the club then we can sort out a striker and get some depth/succession plans in other key positions like RB, RW and CAM. Also DCL has proven he should stay. I think in 2-3 years he could be quite special.

As or United, I watched that game and their problems are deep rooted and not easily remedied, but start with the defensive line.

It’s time for Ole to put his money where his mouth is