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I wish I'd been a pirate. Arrrrrrrh.



Let the super league experiment, it will be a dismal spectacle. Seriously, whats next, a spherical ball to make the game faster, forward passes to make the game faster, 10 players to make the game faster, no-one over 23 to make the game faster, halve the playing field and have two games on at once to make the game faster.

Super League axe scrums for season restart

I reckon the bunker missed it. They were too focused on the knock on/non try they didn’t go far enough back. The bunker was too quick with their call.

Should this 'whack on the head' from Latrell have earned the Warriors a penalty try?

Double good. But isn’t really banned.And even if he is banned his company will still be involved with the NRL.

Big-name NRL agent has accreditation cancelled

It seems the simple and respectful act of taking a knee really gets up the racists and makes them rant their “All lives matter” chant. Good on these players, well done.

NRL shows support for Black Lives Matter movement as players take a knee

One thing about touchies that I have never understood is why they change sides at half time. Makes no sense. That and their poor eyesight!

NRL admits Manly were dudded by wrong call

Agree. Does seem some teams have already learnt how to use the new 6 again rule to make faster play the balls and to then gain more metres and to get repeats. The extra effort in getting a quick play the ball is now rewarded. However some of the rushed play the balls have been terrible but allowed to proceed. Other teams are still just trying to heave the ball up one pass from the ruck into a compressed defense thinking they can win a penalty.
Once a team gets that momentum they dominate because attack is less physically draining than defense. I expect that the ladder will end up with a top 2 or 4 who will have many big wins and only a few defeats and the others.

Kearney: Rule changes will lead to routs

The bunker was right, and Gus Gould was wrong. No surprise there. However even the Foxsports commentators wanted to have a little rant about common sense, as if they know. Guess they are all missing controversy and are looking for it anywhere.

'Dear oh dear oh dear!' This bunker blooper will be hard to top for the rest of 2020

Golden point worked perfectly, neither team deserved to win and we got an extra 10 minutes of footy to watch.

Knights and Panthers play out a golden point thriller

Quality effort from the losing side.

Warriors coach Stephen Kearney hails goodwill of NRL clubs

I hate fake boobs as well! Fake Fake Fake.

Love it or hate it? NRL's 'canned crowd' divides fans

One game is a way too soon to be patting yourself on the back, lets see how other refs interpret the rules and how other teams try to get advantage from the rules. I will wait a few weeks be for proclaiming to have seen the light from the mountain top.

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

Hate it. It is so fake.

Love it or hate it? NRL's 'canned crowd' divides fans

I’ll call it. One referee is a dud, 6 again is a dud and the angry old ex-players will be ranting against them by seasons end.

NRL and refs agree to one whistleblower

As someone else said: “It’s not a draw, it’s a TV schedule.”

Raiders get FTA coverage slashed under revamped NRL draw

As a society we are starting to see that we have placed too much faith in the ability of those who lead or control the important things in society. Most of our leaders have gone through a selection process that has nothing to do with good Leadership and everything to do with causing change. The NRL is symptomatic of this, where fact based consultative decision making is being replaced with ad hoc opinion based decision making. It seems that V’landys probably only listened to a couple of influential voices before he cut the 2 refs system and now we have to live with that. With the added talk about interchange, 6 again, less bunker it sounds like V’Landys is only listening to the same grumpy old ex-players.

NRL refs are victims of dinosaur fans and gutter journalism

Good one Dane. If only V’Landys read The Roar!

Dumb NRL rule-change power rankings

He was symptomatic of a time when players got lots of bad advice from their crew (hangeroners) or their managers (chase the money, chase the money) which showed also as a hyper-over-estimation of their own skills. They lived in a bubble. They fell into playing NRL from a high performance sports education where their lives were centered on how great they are at sport and how they could make a lot of money. The Wallabies were symptomatic of this as well. Give me a player who grew up playing league at home in the backyard (do they even exist anymore) who picked up their tricks from watching the game and who loves playing the game. Too many pretenders still in the game.

The rise and fall of Jarryd Hayne, rugby league's magic man

Probably would have worked better with 2 refs in the 20m zone, one watching the ruck and the other the defensive line. But we will never know and don’t expect the Touchies to do anything they are blind after all.

The simple plan to make the six-again rule work

Moronavirius has hit.

Why I’m worried about the quality of NRL journalism

This the latest NRL experiment will be reversed in the future once everyone sees the ruck out of control and the ref blowing “6 again” again and again with gay abandon. Some teams may even coach their player in the ancient art of pulling a penalty in the ruck.

NRL refs fume over rule change

Ah yes the memories of “contested” scrums, cheap hits, crocked refs and blind touchies, toe poking goal kickers digging up the ground, and the bucket with a sponge. The game was better then, not really just 40 years ago.

Bunker to survive NRL cost cuts

Slight exaggeration in the 20 times, I actually enjoy the super slomo in HD of a winger magically flying through the air to do the impossible. Can watch that over and over. If you are sick of replays getting rid of the bunker will not have much effect as the TV will still show replays and as night follows day Refs and touchies alone will get it wrong. But for some the game was always better in their memory and will never be happy with any changes and will sook on and on and on especially if they have a microphone.

Bunker to survive NRL cost cuts

Was working fine with two refs. Yet again in the NRL rose colored glasses are used by grumpy old ex-players/men to push their nostalgia agenda.
With one ref there will be more mistakes that can not be corrected by the bunker. There will be less control over the ruck. The ref will be more fatigued at the end of the game. Touch judges will make more mistakes because most of them are blind.
Lastly the two ref system evened out the ref as an individual factor in the weekends games. Having one ref will start people/teams having a preferred ref (the number 1 ref gets the big games with the big teams each week the lower teams get the duds). The choice of ref will start to have an influence on the result. NOT a good thing.

The pros and cons of the NRL's one-ref move

As a Pastafarian I need to wear a colander and an eye patch as protection from the flu would the NRL allow that!

I’m desperate for the footy to start but I’ll stand by Sia Soliola

Your third paragraph lost me. So wrong in so many ways.

Are these rugby league's best-ever commentators?