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I wish I'd been a pirate. Arrrrrrrh.



For the right amount of money SBW’s manager could get him to play for the Lions.

Pathetic British Lions not so great anymore

Already lining up the next money making opportunity. His manager is god.

No NRL return for Sonny Bill, but hopes to meet Gallen in the ring

Perhaps by God he actually meant his manager.

Sonny Bill Williams blessed by God to play rugby league in England, Canada and France

Dumb, dumb and dumber.

'Don't think he's that sort of bloke': Corey Oates casts doubt on alleged Fifita incident

The world of footballers and their money is very foreign to me the average supporter. The vast unimaginably amounts some get whilst other players get far less but seem to do more. The murky selfish world of the player managers. The dark gurgling cauldron that is the salary cap that allows some teams greater flexibility and wealth than others. The Mitchell and SBW stories are all part of this and now this seems to be the norm. The NRL really needs a cleaner more transparent and fairer system of payment.

The mysterious case of Latrell Mitchell's Mercedes

Hard to see any return on that sort of money. Some media and some interest doesn’t add up to much, especially when he is sitting on the sidelines.

Sonny Bill Williams is Canada bound

Big gamble for the Toronto Wolfpack. I saw an analysis of SBW’s time in rugby and it wasn’t very impressive in terms of games played. Seems to be a bit of a absent player a lot.

Has Sonny Bill signed with the Wolfpack?

The All Blacks may well be asking that after their loss. Perhaps he is just a really nice guy that everyone likes having around!

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

As SBW matures he may well realize that money isn’t the measure of the man.

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

Gray-hand: The fool is the Toronto Wolfpack for offering that much.

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

A fool and their money are soon separated.

Has SBW no pride, how long before he appears on a reality TV show.

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

I like the way Vossy has been calling out players on their over elaborate try celebrations when they must know they didn’t score. How long has the bunker been around now? How slow are some players to learn? Perhaps they have just played too much poker and think they can bluff it.

'He's a fibber!' Jake Trbojevic caught red-handed trying to dupe the ref

Number 8 for Lebanon apart from being the teams weakest and most error prone player started it with lashing out at the tackler then proceeds to lie on the ground during the scuffle. Nothing to be proud of there.

'Dogshot' sparks scuffle late in Lebanon-Wales clash

Get a second Brisbane team and you might have a chance.
Imagine Roosters playing Penrith in a GF in Brisbane, you would have to give away most of the tickets.

Queenslanders disappointed with NRL Grand Final snub

Is it a rule that the Touch Judges must change sidelines at half time? Always struck me as unnecessary.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

Need a rule change for something that will only happen in a Raiders game and potentially cost them an early lead.

Early controversy as Roosters TRAINER cops a falcon... that might have saved a try

Easy call for the refs, definite sin bin.

Boyd Cordner- and Gus Gould- filthy as Cooper Cronk is contentiously binned

Who are these people? Does Channel 9 still broadcast the NRL? There I was blissfully ignorant of this. This year I will probably only watch 90 minutes of live Channel 9 so I guess I’ll find out what all this is about then. I’m so looking forward to Channel 9’s innovative use of the crossbar cam doing live play!!!

Shameful coverage of Molan-Johns 'feud' is league media at its very worst

This will be the only game I have to listen to the Channel 9 commentary all year. Hopefully the next TV deal gets rid of the Grand Final monopoly. Not certain how many Raiders game Ray Warren has called this year but I bet he mucks up their names all the time, he doesn’t bother doing any research before the game, just reads off a cheat sheet someone else prepares for his anecdotes.

2019 NRL grand final: Your ultimate preview to the big game

….. and don’t forget Death Taxes, and Child labour.

Why the hell do I have to support the Sydney team in the grand final?

Again Smith is holding only his jersey collar, saw lots of other times when the roosters were also using a hold on the collar to slow down play. This game was a game of wrestling champions. Refs lost control of the ruck from the first play.

Did Cameron Smith get caught tugging Boyd Cordner's ear?

Raiders played the system. They knew how important Josh was in that early part of the game. Will be happy to get a warning letter or fine. Not certain what role the side-line doctor had but Josh should have been off for a HIA.

Should Josh Hodgson have been off instead of helping the Raiders score first?

Rapana hits him first and causes him to be lower for Papalii hit. Happens in milliseconds. He will be fine.

Could this incident see Josh Papalii miss the Grand Final?

Best go and comment on a News Corp site, you’ll get your denials taken seriously there, here we are more interested in the footy and last time I looked this article is about the NRL.

No Israel, rugby league? You've dodged a bullet

Bit rich calling climate change a religion in a NRL comments stream, poor example by the way mixing science and religion. Perhaps you should read the article three times so you understand the points.

No Israel, rugby league? You've dodged a bullet