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To achieve pro/rel there needs to be an increase with viewers an sponsors leading to better tv deals.

We need the big games on FTA Saturday nights. Derbies, Au v MV and so on. To me this is important to grow. However it may be hard to balance between Foxtel and the fact we cant just have MV SFC & WSW games every week.

If the FFA Cup is picked up on FTA this will accelerate growth. I feel it will be easier to get new fans to watch the FFA Cup than the A-League. Then the hope is those fans will start watching the A-League.

Football is ready for free-to-air coverage

I want to see the evidence, before I make my mind up.

Not just what your club says.

Show us pictures of the correspondences.

At the moment I’m not sure.

Why wasn’t this complaint filed as soon as you knew? Not after you lost.

You were invited into a competition, a condition is to follow the rules.

Maybe the FFA has the right to change their rules, maybe that’s a condition.

I consider this a MASSIVE risk by your club. This could of been resolved in a different manner.

If you lose this……. You will end up looking ridiculous.

FFA has gone too far in its attempt to de-ethnicise football

I support Brisbane too. I’m sick of this crap people keep writing here and on other sites and forums. Bring a team to Ipswich. Stop being so scared we’ll lose fans.

I’m not for a “southern Brisbane” or Logan team. Ipswich has its own identity. It would have a good fan base. The aim should be 10-15k at games.

Have some vision son.

It’s so disappointing that Roar fans can see past their own noses, are so scared of losing fans and have no vision.

SEQ is growing every single day.

The Roar will benefit from another team close by, just like SFC and Victory have.

Brisbane and Australia is going through a sports generation and cultural change.

Don’t use the Broncos as a comparison.

It’s so annoying when people aren’t optimistic.

Start with a seed and watch it grow.

No body is expecting another Roar to exist overnight.

A-League expansion: A Capital idea

thanks for the info.
so wollongong or mcaurthar.

Expanding the A-League: The time is ripe

So if you have a sydney team they can support the same team. But if you have a team that represents their two regions, they wont support it?
So its basically selected friends.

Expanding the A-League: The time is ripe

You have Melbourne Victory already and Gallop went down and told you it’s not going to happen.

Expanding the A-League: The time is ripe

I’ve never been to Sydney.
Can somebody please answer me?
Both here and on other forums people have written a Southern Sydney team wouldn’t work. I mean combined St George & Sutherland team.
Would it work?
People say that the two areas are different bla bla bla against each other bla bla…..
But this is narrow minded RL brainwashing in my opinion.
People only make up these things in their heads.
People were/are all happy to cheer for sfc together. Why not a Southern Sydney team (if Wollongong doesn’t get one) ?
The team would be “geographically” based. Not RL based.
I’m sure certain people would be petty if the matches were at either kogarah or cronulla. But those people can support sfc
Are their football supporters in StG & S , who dont support the HAL because they dont want to support sfc?

Expanding the A-League: The time is ripe

This is being discussed on the internet. Most people seem to prefer channel 10. It’s not just the matches IMO that are important. Australian morning tv is popular. The ffa should ask whatever fta station to regularly promote the league and do interviews.
If a fta station bought the rights would they co share them with foxtel?
If so, who gets to show the derbies?
Would both channels show them?
You need these big games in the mainstream. With 12 teams in the league would they play each other 2 or 3 times?
I know fans are against this, but I hope in the future teams only play each other twice in a season. And they hold both Sydney derbies at ANZ.
If a free to air station had these games plus the Melbourne games and Adelaide victory, and hopefully Wollongong v SFC & wsw. Then they could hype them up really well. Interviews all week etc. coaches and players on the morning shows.
A pre match show, showing previous encounters , teams forms etc. you can fit commercial in there.
The next deal will establish the HAL on fta, the deal after that will be massive.

Could the A-League secure a $1B TV deal?

Afl is shown on Eurosport already. So it airs all over Europe. In Sweden I can watch ALL the HAL games on bet365 for free. They even showed the ffa cup strikers game. It will be good if they show it live. Most games start 9am in the morning here, so there’s no competition.

Could the A-League secure a $1B TV deal?

Maybe, winter 2006 or 7. They scraped that tournament pretty quick. I remember attending a game. It was so windy and the snow was so thick it was melting on your eyes so you couldn’t see. Had on all the clothes, actually drank coffee instead of beer. But standing outside for over 105mins …. It must of been about -10. You can’t do much about your feet (if u dress “casual”) .
I have big respect for those Russian guys who stand there shirtless a lot of the time.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

Not in Sweden. The ground freezes, there’s snow and minimum daylight. Pitch warmers mean you can play all year. Most clubs train at indoors over the winter and go overseas in the pre season.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

I’m not sure there Ben. We’ve won the league once in over 100 years. We are like most a sports club. So we are represented in Bandy, handball, speedway, athletics amongst many others.

As you wrote, Malmö , they lost to Forest in European Cup (CL) final.

IFK Göteborg (Gothenberg) , won the UEFA Cup twice in the 80’s, first time under Svennis.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

Artificial turf is an advantage to have IMO. You can control the conditions (mins you water the pitch). You can train at your stadium all year round. It facilitates quick passing play along the floor.
Elfsborg in Borås (close to Gothenberg) , were one of the teams to first get it. They had some mega run like 25 games undefeated at home.
Other clubs aren’t used to the quickness.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

Survived yes. Though we needed this for growth. Better facilities for families. Before it was mainly men. Now the market is shifting. To more women and children too. This forces certain elements to behave themselves more.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

I try to watch the a-league most weekends. Depending on the games it’s in about 9-10am Saturday mornings.
Covic still plays the same from what I see. Still does dodgy punches sometimes, when you think he should take the ball. Still injures his own defenders sometimes when he runs through them. 🙂

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

Astroturf is all over the country. As long as it meets UEFA standards.

The grass isn't always greener when you upgrade your home

What Scott above me said

Upsets, shootouts, crowds: The FFA Cup roars to life

This will be interesting to watch. May make it easier for clubs to get sponsors in the future too.

After one night of matches, one has to ask when fans will be calling for a round of 44. With the 22 winners joining to 10 professional clubs. Maybe in FFA Cup 3. Lets see how much interest and money this tournament can generate.

Upsets, shootouts, crowds: The FFA Cup roars to life

I thought it was great.
Was almost hoping the Magic scored at the end. It would have been fun to see the striker try to save penalties.
Congratulations to all the clubs involved.
How must South Melbourne, West Adelaide or the Fury be feeling today?

FFA Cup's outstanding opening night shows potential of a connected football

I meant Sydney had the sole advantage….. and nothing happened. Their crowds were crap.

I was being facetious.

I would prefer Ipswich over the GC.

But they need to build a 13 to 15k stadium.

Arto , for the size and population of Sydney when they were the only team their attendances were below par. Winning or not.

Sydney FC should avoid signing a high-profile marquee

Maybe it was slightly off.
But let’s be realistic. The Wsw have helped Sydney’s numbers. Not just derbies.
I don’t agree that it is an “advantage” for Brisbane. Who had higher numbers than SFC the 2 seasons before wsw entered.
Sydney had the sole advantage for many years in Sydney. IMO they aren’t close to victory.

Sydney FC should avoid signing a high-profile marquee


Melbourne Victory
13 21,808 45,202 14,774 283,507
Sydney FC
14 18,682 40,388 10,148 261,543
Brisbane Roar
14 14,957 21,841 10,101 209,394
Western Sydney Wanderers
13 14,860 18,080 11,892 193,178

Melbourne had one home game less and still beat Sydney. Sydeny hosted……. 2 derbies…. 2 . Which were 50/50 with Wanderers fans.
So I put Sydney at around 13-14000.

Sydney FC should avoid signing a high-profile marquee

RBB I’m a Brisbane fan. You must know at least one Sydney fan who is bearable.
We can have a show via Skype. Basically 30 mins hanging shit on each other and explaining why are teams are the best.
We can call it HAL2&1/2 men podcast.

Coming to the Roar: EPLextra - a fan-made football podcast

Something to keep an eye on not only this year but in future years, will be “ringers”
This could give retired players the opportunity to wait until after a team has qualified for the FFA Cup , then play for them.
I see this as a positive actually. They bring experience into the dressing rooms as well as being role models for the younger players…. Hopefully.

Just this week Strikers have signed goalkeeper Michael Turnbull

Turnbull Joins Strikers

While Far North Queensland Heat FC have signed Zenon Caravella

Fingers crossed Viduka makes a cameo in Yeronga.

From one cup to another: Australia prepares for the FFA Cup

Olympic FC V Knights Preview

From one cup to another: Australia prepares for the FFA Cup