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Joshua is a journalist from Melbourne, loves sport, cricket most of all, and no, is not on social media.



Read the article mate: I prefer Test cricket – it’s right there at the top. The argument wasn’t taking aim at those of us who prefer Test cricket – otherwise I’d have been indicting myself first and foremost. It was a repudiation of those who dismiss T20 cricket as “not real cricket” – which, as I made quite clear, is a) a nonsensical argument and b) selfish, arrogant, and childish. There’s plenty of cricket to go around – as the Test match viewership numbers clearly demonstrate, which are themselves better than T20.
I appreciate your trying to see through to the value of T20 cricket, but maybe read the article I wrote, not the article you think I wrote? A lot of your comments are reading something I didn’t say.

No longer pyjama cricket: Viewership numbers dispel any myth that T20s haven't earned “real cricket” status in Australia

See, I thought there was a cushion, too, but a recent match that got delayed les me to believe otherwise. Maybe I just misunderstood what I was hearing.

Thanks for your comment, though.

Five simple ways to make the Big Bash 10 times better

Wonderfully said, Tim. Took the words right out of my pen, so to speak – keyboard, really. The Australian cricketing public has to rally round the idea of Cricket Australia doing more for world cricket ASAP.

COMMENT: What's the point in playing the Windies? Only the future of Test cricket itself


I’ll cede both your points, but I still think the premise stands: You can’t expect attendance to soar if you stick a Test in the middle of the work week, and then gripe when people don’t turn up (as some have been doing) – hence a day night match (and a few later nights for us East Coasters won’t kill us). Similarly, in my opinion, each state deserves Test cricket, if for no other reason than to grow excitement for future Test cricket.

Musical venues: Finding a solution to the curse of rain-affected New Year's Tests


Brisbane is always going to be tricky, in my opinion, and just needs to be held as far away from the wet season as is possible for each series. Making Brisbane the first Test venue to be followed by Sydney would work, in my view.

Musical venues: Finding a solution to the curse of rain-affected New Year's Tests


The longer road: Warner and Smith have had their redemption stories... it's time for Cameron Bancroft's

Saker isn’t the coach of the Stars, he’s the coach of the Renegades.

Stars coach blasts Aussie camp over Boland being told to sit out BBL opener: 'Four overs is not going to kill him'

You get better at a job by staying in the job. Smithy as his understudy, a whole murder of state-level captains under him. Cummins will get there, and anyone calling for his sacking deserves a smack upside the head with Alyse Healy’s bat.

'Got to have a thick skin': Cummins laughs off critics who think he should quit - as Aussies weigh up fitness calls on star duo

Up until this Third Test there hasn’t been a sensible avenue for Warner being dropped – no obvious replacement. Mitchell Marsh has changed that equation – or, more to the point, he should have changed the equation, it’s up to the selectors to recognise the fact

Turning a blind eye to Warner’s woes proving costly for Aussies - as McDonald sticks his head in sand yet again

Brilliantly written. Had me laughing out loud.

The spirit of cricket was murdered in cold blood by sunburnt thugs - and the game might never recover

You’re actually incorrect about the exclusivity agreement. There are two types that can be used, and therefore my original text is accurate.

As for the rest of your comment, you’ve quite obviously worked hard to miss the point being made in my article.

Ad nauseum: Channel Nine's coverage of the Ashes is not up to standard

Dangit, you’re right, it’s Stephen O’Keefe, not Ferguson. Thanks.

Ad nauseum: Channel Nine's coverage of the Ashes is not up to standard

Kudos to The Roar commenters showing only compassion for Cummins, a dramatic contrast to what’s being seen on other social media channels (read: Triple M Cricket).

Absolutely shattering news for Cummins. Another reminder for all of us, hopefully, of the lack of importance sport should hold over real life.

Cummins rules himself out of third Test, reveals his mother is seriously ill


Second Test day 1 lessons: Are things really as bad as they seem?

I wasn’t having a go at AB, nor did I say anything to suggest that he had only been critical. As you rightly say, he has been mostly complementary – especially this test – but, if you listen to him and read what he writes for any length of time (which I have), he has a tendency to rob the opposition of the win, placing the blame instead on Australia losing.

That’s all I was saying and in the context of my article I was just highlighting the fact that India beat us handily in the 1st Test, and that things aren’t as bad as people have made out.

Thank you for your comment, though.

Second Test day 1 lessons: Are things really as bad as they seem?

Thanks Tim.

Back in my day ... real cricket is not soft, it's a war out there with every player your mortal enemy

There’s no comparison between Ponting and Howie: One of them is a ‘special comments’ commentator, while the other is the play-by-play/lead commentator. That’s why you’ll always hear Howie defer to the ex-players around him and to almost always avoid offering his own opinion under the pretext that he “didn’t play for Australia”.
It’s almost a disappointment, though. Just because he didn’t play for Australia doesn’t mean he hasn’t absorbed what is necessary to speak expertly about cricket.
Look at Bruce McAvaney – I don’t think there’s a right-thinking person alive who would turn their nose up at McAvaney’s insights into … well, anything.

Hey, Hey it’s Hayden: Former opener’s boorish commentary style from a bygone era should stay there

I’m always surprised that Hayden keeps getting gigs, but unsurprised that it’s so often in India. He is unthinkingly praiseworthy of India at all times – as if he knows that’s how to keep getting paid to come back. In turn, he goes out of his way to find fault in Australia or Australian players. He’s the same during the IPL.
What’s most obvious, though, is that he has vendettas to carry out. But, unlike Shane Warne – who similarly harped on his own pet peeves – Hayden has none of Warne’s charm, nor the ability to be insanely insightful.

Hey, Hey it’s Hayden: Former opener’s boorish commentary style from a bygone era should stay there

Well done! You’ve said exactly what needed to be said and said it well. The idea that Australia’s sportspersons must be “mongrels” and “hardnosed” – and that those descriptions are synonymous with bullies, angry bastards, and petty – is childish. We know that it’s childish, because we train it out of our children when they play sport. But apparently it should come back when they play for Australia?!

'Hardening up' is a relic of the past, and while a 'fake tough guy act' worked for AB the cricket world has moved on