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AFL, Cricket, A-League. Richmond, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Victory. Does a fair bit of work behind the microphone, I use the word 'incredible' a lot for some reason... I'm also an Aussie Rules umpire who has never ever paid deliberate out of bounds... ever.



Set shots for goal, Spanner? What do you mean by that? As in, players not being able to hit a target?

The one word that isn’t in an AFL umpire’s vocabulary

He’s gotta stop acting like he’s the greatest Aussie bloke on Twitter too, that Cox.

'We've all played one good game': Dal Santo 'sick' of hearing about Cox's prelim

Sacked in the morning, you’re getting sacked in the morning…

Is this the most unnecessary score review ever?

I’m useless at footy, might have done the same myself.

Matthew Kreuzer's classic ruckman moment has commentators in stitches

You might be onto something here. Wowee.

The two options for an AFL Origin reboot

Oh my days.

Eagles defender channels Malcolm Blight with enormous wet-weather torp

That’s a huge understatement- I’d say in a matter of hours they’ll do what Richmond fans did on Swan St post GF!

"A feel-good moment": Bolton praises Carlton staff and players post-win