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Hey Nick…. As to your original question, YES! I believe the AB’s are at the end of an era.

Why? For so many years we Aussies were used to the Australian cricket team sweeping all before them no matter the format…. Seemingly impossible games were won by a team that just knew how to stage a comeback when nothing was going right…. and they just kept winning and winning for years.

Then 1 by 1 the players (naturally) started to retire…. the cracks started to appear before the inevitable slide down the rankings.

NZ are in the same space. Generational players that arrived all at once gave them depth in multiple positions. Now though the old hands accustomed to success and who know what to do when confronted by a serious adversary are long gone. Sure they will have the odd return to the glory days, but the truth is it is time for the rebuild that every team and nation goes through sooner or (much) later.

The AB’s will be successful but at a lower win rate for a while, before IMO they drop off sharply then have a ‘review’, a clean out, then a rebuild with a new coach and young and up and coming players.

How long will this take? Well considering their natural depth it could take place in 1 season or 3 (denial)……

It’s just the way of things for all sports….. 😁

Are the All Blacks staring into the abyss?

Missed the first game of the post Cheika era so made sure to sit down for a first game in years….

1st half epic arm wrestle but the 2nd? What happened? Not only did we lose Toomua, but why was Wilson? and Mitchell? taken off the field at half time?

All Blacks produce second-half blitz to claim dominant Bledisloe 2 win

I understand that Lance is only at the Force because he missed out on a work permit/visa with Edinburgh. He signed with them on May 1st but couldn’t get the paperwork over the line….

It’s just a job so I’d be surprised if he does much more than make up the numbers…..

Former Wallabies sign with Western Force

Time reveals all….

Former Wallabies sign with Western Force

I actually don’t agree with your premise that Rennie may be a victim of the ‘Rugby Mob’ at all.

It assumes that criticism by fans is only ‘recent’ and borne out of frustrations born in a predatory environment that has ‘now’ evolved. It’s not recent, and I reject that it is predatory. Your premise completely ignores years of obvious frustration with many wrongs in Rugby. You only have to read the articles from a few years ago on here to see the history and the cleanout is long overdue at many levels (I guess there really is a silver lining in being locked down after all…..)

I think Aussie rugby fans et al are far more invested in Rennie than you give them credit for both because of his history (as known) of connection to players and who his players are playing for.

I for one have no issue in the Wallabies getting flogged for a few years as the price of building both an organization and a culture that we can be proud of and support if that is required. I don’t think it will be but I certainly don’t think Wallaby fans are that shallow…

I walked away from Rugby and stopped flying around the world to wallabies games or even watching them at all after years of Cheika and the players attitude and antics on display, let alone the mindless games.

In Rennie, I see hope for the future and a team of people in place that appear to have the right reasons driving them. On that basis, I’m completely on board and will be watching every Wallaby game I can….

The future of the Wallabies

My my…. looking for a job eh?
Carries on like a child in public to the point he is labeled a clown (correctly) whilst he was the head coach of a national side and is NOW trying make out like he was self aware ‘it was all part of the burden he carried’?
He’d be better off recognizing that once you’ve used your ‘one trick’ up you should get on that pony and move on…. now THAT would be self aware….

Cheika: I should’ve quit before the World Cup

Bravo…. well written

An open letter to the young men who can save Australian rugby

Whilst I can see many good points you raise here and I agree with them, the single issue I have with these three is that if they really want to move to other SR sides / OS, don’t use a C19 agreed wage reduction as ‘cover’ or an excuse to do so.

Stand up for what you believe in (regardless of the vitriol)…. by all means but at least have the courage to be truthful about what you are doing and why….

The Wallabies should ban Hockings and Lucas for life

Hi Geoff… yes they certainly do….

However I note that ‘the process’ mentioned by NFJ (which everyone is claiming is a coup) instead appears to refer to the undertakings Wiggs made in a meeting with the Captains reps for a confirmed review process and 3 operating committees…. that comes from Wayne Smith in The Australian

Whilst they are certainly agitating for change, I still don’t believe they are engineering a coup and the comments are, in my opinion falsely linked. I could certainly be wrong but even with all the mud slinging there is still nothing more than conjecture/opinion out there.

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Actually TWAS, I have read the thread and what comes through LOUD and CLEAR in this and many other comments to you is that you spend so much time arguing with people YOU lose sight of the the context and thrust of what other people are saying and then when you are pulled on, you go off with another question that has no relevance to anything but your own universe.
Whether you have the self awareness to see that is your problem….
As for me and you? There is no me and you…. you just happen to have a ridiculously higher number of inane attempts at diversionary tactics than anyone else so you get called out on it by me, and others….
try being less of a to0l and you’d be surprised at the response….

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

I swear you just can’t help yourself 😂 😂

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Answer the question without ‘diverting the conversation’ again….

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Annnd? The number of caveats in this article include ‘it is unlikely’ or ‘with the possible exception’ or ‘the Herald has sought explanation’… means it’s just another opinion on yet more coming out…. AKA little by little….

But then that doesn’t suit your narrative does it?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Cmon TWAS, either you failed English at school or you’re a full on university numpty who, regardless of facts, sticks to your own version of reality / you have willful blindness….

Read it again and come back with an explanation of how “we weren’t particularly close” reconciles with the Castle narrative of “about to make an offer” WITHOUT going ‘off piste’ (diverting the conversation)… hmmmmmm?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

The fact that the auditors won’t sign off speaks volumes….

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

You fell into his ‘engage in pointless points’ argument trap there….

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

I think the “off piste” comments are being taken out of context by those with an anti NFJ narrative to push….

“off piste” could also mean ‘what is best for Australian rugby’ as opposed to deviating from the ‘takeover coup of Australian Rugby plan’ being peddled….?

But hey…. that wouldn’t fit with the ‘clue’ in his comments by those ‘in the know’ eh?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

I’ve said for a while that there is more to come out… and little by little it is…

Regardless of the motives/politics of the messenger, the fact remains that if RA had nothing to hide/the accounts were above board and the sport had been properly managed there wouldn’t be mud to throw around… would there?

Think about it…

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

You really do live in an alternate universe….


However, Optus director of sport Rich Bayliss said the telco would not be bidding, and quashed suggestions they had been on the verge of securing the rights prior to the coronavirus pandemic that forced RA to halt talks.

“It’s hard to almost look at that now given what’s happened in rugby since, I think the speculation was out there but to be honest we weren’t particularly close, and THEN he mentions “nor was it going to happen given COVID,”

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

“Rugby man”… F…in spare me.

Are you for real? Seriously….take a look at yourself before you hit ‘add comment’….

What is the point of that level of arrogance?

The Wrap: Overreach stops Rugby Australia coup dead in its tracks

Hmmm… you know I’m actually at the point where I think with all of the back grounding, agendas, flailing about/plugging of holes of the board and with the financial situation, that it really is time to call in the administrators and just start again…
No matter what happens from here, either through current board members sticking around (baggage), undisclosed financial issues (hedge?), poor management, ego’s etc I just don’t see why there is any point in continually tipping good money after bad to prop up an organization as poor as RA and with so many lead weights pulling it down.
At some point you’ve got to call it for what it is.
Really, I mean who do we all believe? How the fugg do we sort the agendas/what’s good for one group/what’s good for the game?
So Clarke is there now as a stop gap…. but (as ever) he apparently has baggage too… so is he the right person to be there now? Is his baggage real?
And the reporting just keeps on pushing each sides narrative. If (as reported), Optus weren’t even close to making a bid then a lot of the Castle cheer squad are just as guilty of trying to shape the narrative as the supposed ‘Mosman/Wigg insurgents’…. and Wayne Smith thinks the board never got a chance to govern? (what utter tripe)…..and so it goes on…
I’m tired of it.
Call it for what it is, appoint an administrator, sack the board, air ALL the (TRUTH) dirty laundry about the finances/board etc and draw a line under it all.
It involves pain (like that’s not unusual at the moment) but when the dust clears it stops the power plays / allows rugby to set aside politics for a moment, take a breath, examine, call in INDEPENDENT consultants and actually put in place a structure that is best for RUGBY in Australia, not NSW, not QLD not WA, but for the GAME.

AOC boss Matt Carroll sad for rugby's demise

So was I… 😁

Rugby Australia appoint Rob Clarke as interim CEO

Plan? I’m waiting to see which it is….

A series of unrelated events whose purpose become clear over time or no one’s got any idea how to run the place….

Rugby Australia appoint Rob Clarke as interim CEO

Providing an answer that you don’t like or agree with is not the same as just changing the subject.

Really? so your constant posing of questions as answers don’t do that? Remarkable self awareness….

Clarke promises to stamp out RA factions

“you just divert the conversation”

Pot /kettle?

Clarke promises to stamp out RA factions