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I think as the pace of the game quickens, the number of non-calls might increase too. We have the ability to watch back the game frame-by-frame and retroactively see what the refs missed. Only having the one ref (and also the touchies), I feel that we might see a couple of questionable tackles go unpunished because the refs are so focused on play the ball and offsides.

Bad Rabbit habits return as life goes on for Storm in season opener

I think one of the key moments in that game was when Dane Gagai was pinged for a tackle in the air on Jerome Hughes. Up until that point, you could really feel the momentum turning: Souths’ had just scored, trailing only by six points and Melbourne were looking rattled. Not to say without that penalty the Storm don’t win, but Souths just couldn’t get back into the game after that point. I think as the season goes on, and fatigue becomes an even bigger factor, teams need to harness the momentum by keeping the ball in play as much as possible and not giving away penalties that stop the game. Once Souths gave away that penalty it gave the Storm a chance to reset and get their energy back.

Bad Rabbit habits return as life goes on for Storm in season opener

Yeah I hope so too. The Eagles are a bit of a mess right now, so I hope he doesn’t become a casualty of an organisation struggling to keep it together.

Jordan Mailata is one of the best Australian sports stories of 2020

That’s the point I’m getting at. The the way the Aussie media covers the NFL you’d think that Hayne was the only Australian to ever play.

Jordan Mailata is one of the best Australian sports stories of 2020

He played well against the Jags but did get put on his backside Josh Allen who’s alot smaller than Mailata, and he had one or two assignment errors. He also looks abit lost after completing his inital blocks, but all that is just expeirence.

I think the Eagles and particularly Jeff Stoutland will want to keep both Mailata and Dillard to eventually be replacements for Peters and Johnson. But I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next year or two a team desperate for 0-linemen (I’m looking at you Houston) trade a 5th or 4th round pick for him.

Aussie giant Jordan Mailata faces his toughest test yet

I think it was probably better than Hayne’s too. Hayne’s route running was v poor. But I don’t think comparing Holmes to Hayne is good because Hayne isn’t a good barometer of a good running back. I think we should assess Holmes like teams would, against other running backs. And that’s why I thought he was average because watching the preseason he didn’t jump of the screen like alot of other running backs did.

I thought Holmes receiving was his best quality, but again he wasn’t asked to do much. This goes further to my point, that if you’re a gm building your team what did you see from Holmes that cements a place on your roster?

Holmes needs to be really impressive in next couple of games. Catching out of the backfield isn’t a unique skill for a rb. And Holmes doesn’t have 1-3 years of college tape for teams to get a read on him. So what he puts on film in the next 3 weeks will be the extent that the Jets can judge him.

Valentine Holmes’ debut was average at best

I agree. I think the 3 preseason games will be instrumental in terms of seeing what he can offer, he’ll need to make one or two really nice plays to have a chance of making the squad. Maybe the Jets have seen something in training that is giving them cause for alarm for Holmes as a returner.

Five reasons why Valentine Holmes could succeed - and five reasons he could fail

I think that’s a fair point. Guys like PFF have their own metrics on which they judge running back play and if that’s their grade that’s fair enough.

But stats don’t necessarily represent the physical mechanics of running style or the crispness of route running. I’m not sure if defensive plays are equated into the grade, but from what I saw the defense was very vanilla, meaning they were playing basic schemes. In regular season games defenses become alot more aggressive and complicated, and aim to take away the strengths of the offense.

I’ve watched enough preseason football to know that even guys who excel in the preseason don’t necessarily become great players in the regular season.

So for me, for Holmes to be impressive he either needs to hold his own against regular starters or if playing against lower teir players he needs break more tackles running the ball, get his pad level lower and have a more explosive first couple of steps coming out of the backfield. Or if he was able to line up as a slot receiver and run some quick crossing routes through traffic.

It’s not that I’m not rooting for Holmes to succeed. Far from it. But I also know how cut throat the NFL is and for him to succeed he’s gonna have to show more than what he produced against the Giants.

Valentine Holmes’ debut was average at best

Penrith always seem to function better in attack without the Malonley- Cleary combo. Cleary looks much more comfortable with Maloney off the field.

I know it seems counter intuitive – but seeing how Malonley is leaving should Ivan give young Burton a chance to continue in first grade?

The Sea Eagles' road trip from hell; ‘Baby’ Burton spears the Sharks