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And what you say is evident from his one lap speed too, given that he used to also be a master of qualifying. Even when he came back to Yamaha, he’d be rarely scoring poles, whilst Lorenzo on the same bike had a better strike rate.

Yeah, in hindsight it’s an interesting thought to ponder, if he were riding a Honda and with a strong engineering team around him. It has been mentioned here and there, that one of the reasons Yamaha have had a downturn in form is that Rossi has basically got a team of ‘yes men’ – who even if it may be the wrong step to take, will do it to appease the great man.

If it happens, it happens. If not, we can content with him at least retiring as a regular race winner – as supposed to countless other champions who don’t or can’t.

Will Valentino Rossi be champion again?

Great piece Damien!

As much as its easy to get behind SVG and feel for him about not being inspired enough for Race 31, it is hard to not feel that it was comeuppance for dodging a penalty in Pukekohe for the pit-lane wheel spin. Argue what you may about inconsistent stewarding, but I’m sure if Giz won the title that there would be an outcry for the events in Auckland.

In the end, McLaughlin was the more complete driver in 2018 and made next to no mistakes. Giz, as usual went missing after Adelaide but then came to form leading into the Enduros – where even there, it was Triple Eight’s pit-stops errors that cost him more points.

Why Shane van Gisbergen doesn't deserve the Supercars title

Yes, as seen with the Mustang, there was several modifications to the shape such as raising the roof profile in order to fit the Supercars control chassis. Still looks a beast though and I’m sure with a lick of team colour, they’ll look even better when they roll out in 2019.

Supercars Newcastle 500 talking points

The Newcastle penalty almost makes up for the one Red Bull escaped at Pukekohe with the wheel spinning in the pit-lane. Yes, it does sour the taste of the championship a little – to have a post-race penalty determine the result, though ultimately the onus falls on Triple Eight to rectify their pit-stop issues which have caused them trouble on several occasions this season.

As far as the Camaro is concerned, I guess the expectation is to see it from 2020 and represented by Walkinshaw. Imagine having both the current Commodore and the Camaro on the grid together? Hopefully they don’t go down the NASCAR body path, because the aggressive wings at the rear is what makes the Supercar looks so cool!

Supercars Newcastle 500 talking points

Thanks for reading Jacko! Already looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us in the Supercars championship.

It is so pleasing to see these two young stars take the lead in the championship and we can surely expect them to square off again next season and perhaps the next few, given that their respective teams are powerhouses.

Supercars Newcastle 500 talking points

Haha, had to re-count them but the total stands at 44 at the moment.

Mainly motorsport related, but there are a few NBA, NRL, NFL and cricket ones too.

Clash of the Kiwis in Newcastle

Thanks mate.

Yeah that Gold Coast incident between Dumbrell and Prémat really stumped me, as to why #1 wasn’t penalised, but I guess they and #97 copped it with the unsafe release penalties later in the race. It’s going to be championship defining, that Pukekohe moment in the pits for SVG, if thing unfold again for Scotty in Newcastle. The points lost over the fact Giz wasn’t penalised, could be the differential come the end of the Newcastle 500.

Supercars Auckland SuperSprint talking points

Well, most of the midfield teams are doing the best job they can given the circumstances with the manufacturers dominating out front. It isn’t like a few years ago when even Sauber and Toro Rosso were sort of nothing teams and then the likes of Hispania and co weren’t even qualifying within the 107% time for the races.

The case for expanding the F1 grid

Yeah, the Mercedes junior programme isn’t really as up to scratch compared to others, as far as giving their drivers seats in F1. I am surprised that Williams didn’t earlier stick (or be told by Mercedes to) its hand up to accommodate Ocon. Both Ocon and Russell could very well comprise the line up at Williams next year.

The case for expanding the F1 grid

That’s why the idea of having that base Cosworth engine from 2021, which would be taken by McLaren and Aston Martin to be beefed up in house and badged as they please, was a really good idea. Cost wise, McLaren won’t want to develop their own power-unit in house, but if they were provided a base – they could certainly work off it. As much as their automotive business is enjoying success currently, their F1 team need to be back at the front.

McLaren's problems lie within the team and not the drivers

Given Ferrari’s strength this season, it would be great for Kimi to at least win one race in the remaining events on the calendar. But even one race seems to many, given Seb’s current championship predicament.

Ferrari drop Kimi Raikkonen to Sauber, but is it a demotion?

Not at all Keith, the coverage was fantastic. I’ve been a fan of the Fox Sports coverage since day dot and am one to say the sport has benefited from having Pay TV coverage, though hopefully when the next TV deal is done, there is more in the FTA package for the fans missing out.

The coverage has been that good on Fox Sports, that there were NASCAR bosses present for the Bend SuperSprint to investigate the Supercars TV model, to hopefully use in the US for their own product.

Supercars The Bend SuperSprint talking points

I can imagine that in the flesh that it would be even more impressive than it was through the TV images. Already from the GT race earlier in the year to the Supercars in August, the circuit has continued to develop.

Yeah, hopefully they bring the soft tyre next season given that there was no degradation with the conservative hard tyre this time.

Supercars The Bend SuperSprint talking points

That was the race that the championship needed then, with a response from Vettel and Ferrari. What will be the outcome in seven days time when F1 heads to Monza and the home race of the Scuderia?

Thanks again for tuning into this live blog of the Belgian Grand Prix on The Roar and until the next race in Italy, it’s good day!

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

——– DRIVER’S ——–

231 – Lewis Hamilton
114 – Sebastian Vettel
146 – Kimi Räikkönen
144 – Valtteri Bottas
120 – Max Verstappen
118 – Daniel Ricciardo
52 — Nico Hulkenberg
49 — Kevin Magnussen
44 — Fernando Alonso
40 — Sergio Perez
37 — Esteban Ocon
30 — Carlos Sainz
28 — Pierre Gasly
27 — Romain Grosjean
13 — Charles Leclerc
8 — Stoffel Vandoorne
6 — Marcus Ericsson
4 — Lance Stroll
2 — Brendon Hartley
0 — Sergey Sirotkin

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog


375 – Mercedes AMG
360 – Scuderia Ferrari
238 – Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
82 — Renault Sport
76 — Haas Ferrari
52 — McLaren Renault
30 — Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda
19 — Alfa Romeo Sauber
18 — Racing Point Force India Mercedes
4 — Williams Mercedes

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog


Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari have come out of the mid-season break firing, as they claimed an emphatic victory at the Belgian Grand Prix, to reduce the lead of Lewis Hamilton atop the championship.

Starting from second, having been out-qualified by the Mercedes AMG in a wet Q3, Vettel avoided the first lap chaos to immediately blast past Hamilton down the Kemmel Straight and then kept that lead following a Safety Car restart.

The Safety Car was brought out on the first lap, following a horrific crash involving Nico Hulkenberg, an airborne Fernando Alonso and the Sauber of Charles Leclerc, who’s Halo head protection device even suffered a whack.

All three drivers walked away from the crash, but the collateral from the first corner chaos spilled over to damage on Kimi Räikkönen’s Ferrari and even Daniel Ricciardo – who despite re-joining the race, had eventually retired.

A regulation one-stopper saw Vettel extend his lead over Hamilton to 10-seconds in the back half of the race, leaving the Silver Arrow gasping in the might of the Prancing Horse.

Max Verstappen started from seventh, but finished a lonely third, having avoided the chaos that ensued around him at the start of the race. The Dutchman, with the support of his army of fans in orange, wasted little time in passing the new Force Indias en route to the podium.

Having come to Spa as a new entry, Racing Point Force India have opened their new account with a solid fifth and sixth from Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon. With their constructor’s points having been reset to zero, the Silverstone squad has already jumped Sauber and Williams in one race.

A solid recovery effort from Valtteri Bottas has seen the Finn finish a commendable fourth, having started from seventeenth following a demotion to the rear of the grid – with a complete change of power-unit beyond the allocated three.

Double points for Haas complimented the range of midfielders who scored amidst the high-profile retirements.

Pierre Gasly was ninth for Toro Rosso, as the Honda power-unit held its own against the more powerful rivals. Brendon Hartley also proved to be competitive prior to his late stop, having had a spectacular exchange with Marcus Ericsson – who ultimately claimed the final point in tenth.

With a short turnaround to the next race in Ferrari’s backyard of Monza, Vettel has now cut Hamilton’s lead to 17-points – with the championship leader full of concern over the raw pace of the red car.

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

POST-RACE INTERVIEWS – Hosted by Martin Brundle

VETTEL – “More wins than Alain…” “Seems like it was better this year and timing was crucial.” “As soon as I was ahead, I was relieved.”

HAMILTON – “Congratulations to Seb.” “He drove past me like I wasn’t even there on the straight.” “They have a few trick things going on in the car.”

VERSTAPPEN – “Initially it was a bit chaotic and we stayed out of trouble.” “Before we had been a bit unlucky and today I’m really happy.”

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog


1 S. Vettel
2 L. Hamilton
3 M. Verstappen
4 V. Bottas
5 S. Perez
6 E. Ocon
7 R. Grosjean
8 K. Magnussen
9 P. Gasly
10 M. Ericsson
11 C. Sainz
12 S. Sirotkin
13 L. Stroll
14 B. Hartley
15 S. Vandoorne
16 D. Ricciardo
RET K. Räikkönen
RET C. Leclerc
RET F. Alonso
RET N. Hulkenberg

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog


It’s the championship leader in Lewis Hamilton who has to settle for second.

And in front of the adoring Belgian and Dutch fans, it is Max Verstappen who completes the podium for Red Bull.

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

Lap 44/44:


Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

Lap 43/44:

Seb’s now all of a sudden extended his lead to 10 seconds over Hamilton! Such has been the speed advantage of the Ferrari during this race.

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

Lap 42/44:


Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

Lap 41/44:

Verstappen gets a bit of overtaking action then, albeit he is lapping the Toro Rosso!

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog

Lap 40/44:

The move complete then by Bottas going into Les Combes on this occasion. Perez drops to fifth.

Belgian Grand Prix: Formula One live blog