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And Russell doesn’t get enough of a mention given how poor Williams have been this season. I reckon next year, if their car does make a step forward into the low-end of the midfield, we will see him star.

If Bottas is retained, I could see Ocon at Renault and then Hulkenberg to Haas replacing Grosjean. Hard to predict really, but once one team announces what they’re doing, then all the dominoes will fall into place!

The drivers under pressure to keep their seats

Hope that it means one of Phillip Island or Winton gets to stay. QR might have benefitted from switching over to a night race, though as you say that without those extensions/upgrades the place isn’t up to scratch.

Supercars Ipswich SuperSprint talking points

You got me there actually, as I did feel a few cringes when having something positive to say about Triple Eight this season.

They benefitted at QR moreso from the Parc Ferme regulations, than the latest COG changes. As I’ve said previously, the continual changes this year have been quite tiresome and that Supercars should leave them as is until 2020.

Supercars Ipswich SuperSprint talking points

The only logic behind that move from the outside, would be the expectation for WAU to become a powerhouse like DJR Team Penske have. It did take those guys a couple of years before becoming a race winning force, so despite WAU not really impressing currently – perhaps in another year they could be up there with a driver like Mostert and gun engineer like Adam DeBorre.

Supercars Townsville 400 talking points

Thanks for the write up Andrew. Been enjoying following all the fun stuff you’ve been up to over there!

Pagenaud was perfect, nothing much else to add to that and back-to-back 500 wins for Penske also. Felt a bit gutted for Rossi and it felt so strange seeing him so furious, when usually he’s such a cool customer. Hopefully he stays right in championship contention and can get the job done come the pointy end of the season.

2019 Indianapolis 500 talking points

Cheers Josh. Yeah, if you change the rules for one race you’d have to do it for every. Every year the question is always asked about Monaco, though it’s always got something magical about it. Even if it’s seeing onboard Quali laps and watching these hybrid monsters nail a perfect run and not stick it in the wall!

Hamilton wins in Monaco with Lauda in mind

What do you think Damo, about enforcing a second pit-stop for all drivers or even as was brought up in the Sky coverage on the weekend, have it mandatory to use all 3 dry compounds during the race?

It mightn’t improve the overtaking situation on-track, but at least there’s more of a chance that the leaders can run flat out on newer tyres and keep the pace at front fast. More confidence too with the added grip, to perhaps send some moves too.

Hamilton wins in Monaco with Lauda in mind

Even the differing front-wing philosophies that both teams have adopted has been quite telling of each of their fortunes.

As far the Ferrari drivers are concerned, I was all for Leclerc after Bahrain believing that he had the composure to perhaps challenge. Even after his mistake in Baku, he could still do but it ultimately depends on how the team are going to prioritise their drivers.

At the end of the day, Ferrari just don’t seem to have the confidence in making strategy calls as Mercedes does and that has been evident even with Kimi was still with the team. Rather than being proactive and taking the races by the scruff of the neck, they are very jittery in their reactions. Until they can sort that, they can have the fastest car and still not win a championship.

What now for F1 in 2019?

Also shows too that other Holden outfits have actually got their heads around the switch to linear springs, whilst the factory team have not. Once they cross that bridge, then I’m sure the speed they had last year will be back.

Five talking points from Perth SuperNight Supercars

Timing wise it was perfect for viewing and having it on FTA as well would have seen a spike in the audience watching.

I’d be all for having multiple night rounds in a season if it is possible without diluting the product. But if Supercars are just to keep it in Perth, then its a big win for the category regardless.

Five talking points from Perth SuperNight Supercars

Agreed, they did have the fastest car for the majority of last year, but their own mistakes cost them at key moments.

Supercars Phillip Island SuperSprint talking points

Sounds like this’ll unfortunately be a recurring narrative throughout the season and the answer at the moment is that Triple Eight’s own mistakes are costing them, which includes the fact that they’ve not managed to get their car to adapt to the linear spring regulation.

Can’t use parity as the reason for their shortcomings now, particularly when their fellow Holden teams can be more competitive.

Supercars Phillip Island SuperSprint talking points

There probably won’t be as much noise this time, though Phillip Island will be a lot more representative of where the teams sit after the weight changes. No surprise if it’s another McLaughlin masterclass at the Island.

Supercars Tasmania SuperSprint talking points

Though still it was quite important that McLaughlin won the first race over the weekend, which says that despite the changes – DJR Team Penske even had their advantage taken away are still going to be a force.

Supercars Tasmania SuperSprint talking points

It does seem to be the way, even though it can be argued that after the ZB won 5 out of the first 6 races in 2018, there was the change for the Falcon and Altima with the composite panels. Though throughout history, it has been pretty one-sided.

Will the Supercars COG changes have an impact?

Thanks mate. Just hoping that McLaren can sustain their development this season and stay right in that battle with Alfa, Haas and Renault. You can already kind of see Sainz a bit agitated by Norris’ performances, even though Sainz’s results haven’t entirely been his fault.

F1's stars of tomorrow shine in Bahrain

I second that!

Jason Taumalolo dealt heavy injury blow with torn medial ligament

Should only be a matter of time for them to win a race then this season, given the speed we saw from Red Bull in Melbourne. I’m sure all are pleased to see Honda earn that, after the years of turmoil as you said.

The technological marvel that is the F1 power unit

Ford Performance saw the opportunity and jumped at it. It is hard not to credit them for the final product, but whatever the advantages are – are pretty much due to either loopholes in the regulations or the fact that as mentioned, the control chassis is out of date.

Supercars Melbourne 400 talking points

Thanks mate, hope you enjoyed the GP weekend as a whole. As far as the COG testing goes, DJRTP did end up taking that weight off their exhausts after Adelaide and that actually was their solution in 2018 when Ford and Nissan were allowed to change to composite bonnets and roofs, to compensate for the ballast weight lost in switching to composite panels.

Ultimately, a shift in the control chassis may be the solution to killing off these disparities. But also this is high-end motorsport; Ford have engineered a car as best they can with the current chassis regulations – and always there is going to a party that isn’t happy.

Supercars Melbourne 400 talking points

You won’t be disappointed! And the lack of Mercedes and Ferrari is something you don’t even notice.

'Drive to Survive': A reminder why Formula One is so great

I’ve always been a fan of Fabs, but did feel that he might be suffering a bit of the Valtteri Bottas syndrome. Without those mistakes on both his part and the team’s end, the car is fast enough to produce wins and nothing short of multiple wins for Coulthard in 2019 will be acceptable.

As for Chaz, he and Scotty would be the Shell V-Power dream team. 2015 showed that Mostert is strong enough to be a strong championship contender and one always ponders in hindsight; what could have been if that Bathurst accident didn’t happen.

Supercars Adelaide 500 talking points

And what you say is evident from his one lap speed too, given that he used to also be a master of qualifying. Even when he came back to Yamaha, he’d be rarely scoring poles, whilst Lorenzo on the same bike had a better strike rate.

Yeah, in hindsight it’s an interesting thought to ponder, if he were riding a Honda and with a strong engineering team around him. It has been mentioned here and there, that one of the reasons Yamaha have had a downturn in form is that Rossi has basically got a team of ‘yes men’ – who even if it may be the wrong step to take, will do it to appease the great man.

If it happens, it happens. If not, we can content with him at least retiring as a regular race winner – as supposed to countless other champions who don’t or can’t.

Will Valentino Rossi be champion again?

Great piece Damien!

As much as its easy to get behind SVG and feel for him about not being inspired enough for Race 31, it is hard to not feel that it was comeuppance for dodging a penalty in Pukekohe for the pit-lane wheel spin. Argue what you may about inconsistent stewarding, but I’m sure if Giz won the title that there would be an outcry for the events in Auckland.

In the end, McLaughlin was the more complete driver in 2018 and made next to no mistakes. Giz, as usual went missing after Adelaide but then came to form leading into the Enduros – where even there, it was Triple Eight’s pit-stops errors that cost him more points.

Why Shane van Gisbergen doesn't deserve the Supercars title

Yes, as seen with the Mustang, there was several modifications to the shape such as raising the roof profile in order to fit the Supercars control chassis. Still looks a beast though and I’m sure with a lick of team colour, they’ll look even better when they roll out in 2019.

Supercars Newcastle 500 talking points