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Great list Scott, I’m definitely going to watch a couple of those games this weekend. Origin III from last year as well is up there for me and glad that it is on Kayo.

One game I’m kind of gutted that isn’t on Kayo is the 2015 Grand Final, even though I have seen that one quite a number of times now!

The games you must rewatch during the NRL shutdown

Got any kind of wheel setup for Gran Turismo?
Having said that I still use a good ol’ gamepad for F1 and the Forza games, because even the entry level force feedback wheel is still AU$399.

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

And it’s great too that they’re live streaming GPs on YouTube. Bahrain 2014 is on this weekend I see, which’ll be a ripper to re-watch.

Looking forward to seeing this list now!

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

Thanks Dan, great news for any PC gamers out there to give the game a go. It comes highly recommended with probably the most in depth career mode we’ve seen to date in this series!

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

Hey Damo. Not sure if this is everything, but it’s the ones I’m aware of currently.

F1 – Veloce eSports, Virtual GP and The Race (on F1 2019 when the next GP is scheduled).
MotoGP – (on MotoGP ‘19 this weekend).
Supercars – (on iRacing April 8).
IndyCar – (on iRacing this weekend).

And yeah Nic below has also mentioned NASCAR and IMSA. Hope this was helpful.

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

The old TOCA/V8 Supercars series by Codemasters was the closest thing I think. These days they have current car models in iRacing. The new GRID features the ZB Commodore, FG X Falcon and the Eastern Creek Circuit. While my personal choice in Forza 7 has a few different liveried models of the previous gen VF Commodore, FG X Falcon – as well as the Nissan Altima and Mercedes E63 AMG. Mount Panorama is also in the game too 🙂

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

April 8, with all the current drivers set to participate.

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Can we also proportion that also to the Federal Government as well for relaxing the travel bans in the build up to the Grand Prix?

No point doing a behind closed doors race, as planned in Bahrain, if the source of the first positive case in F1 came from a team member in the first place.

It's official: Australian Grand Prix called off due to coronavirus

What’s irresponsible is that there’s actually been no official statement or confirmation that it has been cancelled yet. Apparently discussions are ‘ongoing’ between parties. All us media people are heading in and some fans too.

I’d love for the rest of the teams to just withdraw, leaving organisors no choice.

Melbourne F1 Grand Prix reportedly cancelled due to coronavirus

Was good to hear that other 7 people being tested, including the Haas personnel have all returned negative results.

McLaren withdraw from the Australian GP after positive coronavirus test

Statement just sent from AGPC boss Andrew Westacott:

“The AGPC is currently in discussions with Formula 1, the FIA and the Department of Health and Human Services in relation to the broader implications of this test result.”

Expecting cancellation at this stage.

McLaren withdraw from the Australian GP after positive coronavirus test

F1 Media have since made the following statement:

“Following the outcome of the test on a member the McLaren team, F1 and FIA have been in close contact with them on their decision and have been coordinating with all relevant authorities on next steps. Our priority is the safety of the fans, teams and all personnel at the race”

McLaren withdraw from the Australian GP after positive coronavirus test

Quite humbled John for this kind of response and wow, yeah it does bring with it much intrigue to what the future holds. I too would hold engine diversity in high stead, given that a manufacturer like Volvo exited Supercars as the V8 platform was no longer in their global motorsport programme.

I might have been one of the only people with keen interest in the V6TT that was being developed for Gen2, though disagreed with Triple Eight having full exclusivity. With the right due diligence, a viable/sustainable solution can be agreed upon and developed – without losing the trademark Supercars excitement. Electric is not the solution however and I could do a whole other piece about that and how even for automakers, it is just a crazy path they’re on because of poor decisions being made on a political front (UK’s proposed petrol/diesel/hybrid ban by 2035). Hybrid is the key until at least a sustainable process is developed for the life-cycle of an EV and then the right infrastructure is in place for consumers.

Supercars: Perhaps it's time for a change of heart?

If anything, the event may just revert to a three-day fare in 2021.

Supercars talking points from the Adelaide 500

McLaughlin’s alternate strategy and also SVG getting by in the stops, put Reynolds on the back foot during Race 1.

Supercars talking points from the Adelaide 500

Nice one Damo, thanks for weighing in.

1) Was also interesting to see how the new tyres impacted it all too. Albert Park should be more telling to see what the impact of the aero changes have been.
2) Loved SVG’s drive all day and then at the end still gunning for a potential second.
3) Fair point and I do reckon they’ll be the chief title protagonists again, though unlike last year, the teams will be able to take away wins and key positions.
4) Last year was a big let down for Erebus. I tipped them for championship dark horses like many, but they didn’t even win a race. Early days yet, but if they can still string everything together they can have an impact.
5) Not at all and you’d think after his wildcard outings last year, that he’d have some experience to work off. Really was impressed by Zane Goddard though, despite not mentioning him in my talking points above.
6 & 7) They’re all going to have strong seasons and be those guys to bother Shell V-Power and Red Bull for those race wins and key podium positions.

Looking forward to the Melbourne 400 at the Grand Prix.

Supercars talking points from the Adelaide 500

He was over in the US meeting with GM to discuss what’s next. He would be happy though considering they had the fastest car all weekend in Adelaide.

Supercars talking points from the Adelaide 500

Great weekend of racing Johnno, so good to be back!

The Red Bulls have pretty much picked up where they left off at the end of last season. Will be interesting to see what the form is like at the next round, where there’ll be more high-speed corners to test those aero changes and see if the Mustang is still strong in that area.

Supercars talking points from the Adelaide 500

Absolutely correct Micko. GM have said they want to maintain a presence in the Australian market and this might be what they end up doing. Interesting to read as well as Ryan Walkinshaw today has already stated that his team will not be racing a Commodore in 2021. Either they’ve got themselves a new manufacturer lined up, or will be the first to get the Camaro on the grid (provided some of the Gen3 regs are fast-tracked for 2021).

Supercars can race on without Holden are now reporting that he’s going to announce tomorrow an extension until the end of 2021.

Adelaide 500 preview: The final chapter of Holden vs Ford rivalry

A very well constructed piece John and quite enjoyable to read. The question that keeps replaying in my mind as of late, has been ‘is Supercars a dinosaur?’ and it seems that it may well be. The ‘win Sunday, sell Monday’ philosophy has been dead for several years in terms of their market relevance and perhaps we need to look beyond that?

Going down a GT-inspired path may just remove the bespoke nature of the category, putting it together with what is already a pretty flooded global market for GT series’. Though could a DTM/Super GT style set of chassis regulations be what’ll fit the concept of running coupes such as the Camaro and Mustang? As you state, there needs to be a long-term solution and any sort of short-mid term bandaid is only going to unravel once again, exposing the same issue.

With Holden out, what’s next for Supercars?

Agree with Ben too Simoc. By the end of 2009, Brawn wasn’t the fastest car anyway and then you had Ferrari and McLaren close up on the benchmark Red Bull in 2010. Sure Brawn came out in 2016 when his book was released and said that he couldn’t trust Wolff or Lauda and he was basically kicked out of the team, but he is ultimately the one who got the ball rolling to prep for 2014’s rule change.

Reflecting on a decade of dominance in Formula One

Oh Fernando! So many ‘what-ifs’ in his career before you even ponder what if he was with Ferrari in 2017 and 18 when they had a car capable of winning the championship. Given the acrimony in 2014, I guess him staying on was not possible and a complete change at the team was required from top down.

A victim of his own ambition I guess.

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel: Who was the best Ferrari driver in the 2010s?

Pretty spot on Ben.

2015, 2011 and 2013 are years that I’ve mostly forgotten about actually. 2015 in particular, because as well as the on-track product being very boring – the coverage was very one-sided. 2013 as you recount at least had a close first half of the season and there was some great races. Germany in particular was a favourite when Kimi battled Seb and ultimately lost out. And then who remember’s the exploding Pirelli tyres at Silverstone?

Ranking a decade of F1 racing

Great work Ben, loving this list!

I get a bit sentimental thinking about the 2012 season, from which you’ve got three races on this list. 7 different winners from the first 7 races – of which Maldonado is on. Alonso taking the title fight, in which he should not have been in anyway with that car, down to the final race in Brazil and split by 3 points. So much intrigue in that season.

The top ten F1 races of the decade