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Luv'd aussie rules for over 50 years. Luv the gradual emergence of a truly national and balanced competition.



I think I just made a comment that won’t be allowed by the site editors.

Shaun Burgoyne avoids suspension for this sling tackle

Like a lot of penalties in the public domain, this one is corrupted by the responsible authorities. No question this deserved suspension given precedent. Now a bullshit excuse announcement tonight by the AFL. Wow!

Shaun Burgoyne avoids suspension for this sling tackle

One of the greatest of modern footballers and seemingly good guy, but this is silly. Four weeks down to two for a guilty plea.

Shaun Burgoyne avoids suspension for this sling tackle

Good article Jesse, very good players all of them, would be valued in any team. If only that GF had run 2 more minutes. Ah well, if that had happened you wouldn’t have thought to write this article.

The forgotten Eagles from West Coast's 2006 triumph

For sure this is seemingly far fetched, I don’t expect it to happen, just a suggestion given the potential for significant structural change over the next 12 months and to improve the balance of the AFL and second tire comps. The greater likelihood is that very little will change in this regard.
PS, glad you picked up on the comment about your president.
All the best.

The future of the AFL and our state leagues

Beginning 2023:
(A) 14 team AFL national comp seniors; 6 Melb licences, 8 Interstate; all awarded by AFL Commission determination.; $$$’s payable per licence.
(B) 14 team AFL national comp seconds; Any combination of clubs from AFL Seniors clubs, all State league clubs can individually or combine to bid for licences to commence 2023 season. $0 licence fees payable until 2025 then $? at AFL Commission determination with terms of reference to develop the sport widely, not favour the old AFL clubs (or their sooky Presidents).
(C) Non-national comp clubs and any others who may not have bid for Seconds comp combine into 2 conferences; 1 x VFL and 1 x Interstate; number and location of clubs to be negotiated; $0 club licences awarded by State league Commissions and sanctioned by AFL Commission.
(D) Funding for national comp from usual sources plus equity partners; AFL trickle down, state funding and equity funding for non-national comp; all pooled and allocated according to equitable needs.
(E) National comps play 14 game H&A resulting in a final 6. Final 6 play each one concurrent non-elimination round between them to determine choice of home ground for 1st round of elimination finals. Bottom 8 play Seniors curtain raiser elimination series for draft priorities during Seniors elimination series.
(F) List sizes, draft avenues, age requirements etc etc can all be determined by those clever Football administrators we already have.
(G) National and non national comp’s operational budgets and P&L’s can be similarly figured out.

The future of the AFL and our state leagues

Or is it you that has no idea what you are talking about? Moving on.

Can the AFL’s Sydney foothold survive the sport shutdown?

This old bollocks from sooky Victorian heatland luvvies. If it wasn’t for TV rights, the VFL would still be a basket case. Even with that and up to this very moment, your statement is simply not accurate. The money that the AFL funnells into the code outside of Victoria (because they are responsible to do so and because if they didn’t they would not have TV rights outside of Victoria) does not come from Victorian clubs.

Can the AFL’s Sydney foothold survive the sport shutdown?

Just to address what the future AFL comp season may look like as part of this discussion, here is some basics:

Fourteen teams; 6 Victoria.

Thirteen H&A rounds to determine Top 8, with all teams playing min 4 games and max 7 games at MCG (GF Venue).

Two rounds of two non elimination rights games played over two weeks between Top 8 to determine Home Game Venue rights for actual Finals series (played to existing format). The four winners choose the Home Ground Venue they want to use for the first round of actual Finals series, after which MCG or Interstate venues are chosen by the ongoing winners as their week by week venues.

Bottom 6 play a concurrent/curtain raiser finals series for priority round 1 and round 2 National Draft Order rights. Then priorities allocated according to existing process.

What should the AFL look like in 2021 and beyond?

Top 8 and genuinely worrying top 4 this year i would reckon..

Five reasons to watch the Bulldogs in 2020

Sad loss.

Former England captain Bob Willis passes away

All the best to both teams for a tough contest. Special appreciation to the Kiwi fire fighters helping in NSW at the moment. Have just left my CC home as a voluntary evacuation in the last hour. Wow, all the FF personnel are a godsend.

Black Caps given massive fitness boost ahead of Australian tour

Not a big statement at all; these issues have been discussed widely on every forum I can think of for many years. And, as for the VFL’s once hopelessly lopsided comp, well the facts are there for all to see either in retorspect or in real time, as I did. If you think I’m misguided, say why.

Disappointed about 2016? Of course, but day to day don’t give it a moments thought and haven’t for years. Nowadays watching the Swans re-emerge as a power once again is giving me just as much satisfaction as watching them humiliate most of the rest of the comp for 20 years running.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Structurally, this comp is fundamentally flawed and this phenomenon is the result.

GCS will be around forever I think, because AFL will make it so. However, the AFL need to do much more to curb the imbalance of power affecting their systems and inequities affecting games and finals. Otherwise although GCS will be around, in 20 years it will feel like ground hog day over and over.

The VFL was like this, as were the other state leagues when they were in their heydays, this will be no different the way it is going.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Yes, I do.

Do we even want the Gold Coast Suns to succeed?

Did you actually follow what was offered by Swans for an unproven clumsy foal?

AFL Trades 2019 report card: Every club graded

Good accurate fair summation

AFL Trades 2019 report card: Every club graded

Don‘t disagree with either point. Worth a try? Sure, but latest news on this tells the story. Ie, the right result for Swans for sure; probably all parties. 2020 draft will prove this out one way or the other and the players‘ durability and form will be the principal factors.

AFL Trade News: Joe Daniher, Tom Papley, Jack Martin miss out on deadline day


AFL Trade News: Joe Daniher, Tom Papley, Jack Martin miss out on deadline day

As compared to Horse?

Chris Scott: Success or failure?

Exactly the right thing to do.

Why Essendon should delay losing Joe Daniher

What a dumb comment from Jobe………….as has already been said………..showed a bit yes, but: inconsistent, injury prone, hasn’t played much in two years, clumsy as a new born foal………I could go on. Sydney should back away, let him play a stellar season for the bombers next year to prove his worth, then simply have him step up to his desire to come to them once out of contract.

Joe Daniher 'in the top 5 players in the competition' says Bombers great

Congrats Rochmond. Commiserations GWS.

Five talking points from the 2019 AFL grand final

Making finals consistently and now the 2019 GF is surely an essential ingredient on that journey. By many definitions we see on this site, GF’s are the only measure of success; which is shallow in my view. Anyway, in ten short years they may be one of the most successful clubs around, even if one with a relatively small membership. Sydney? They are now 20+ years deep into AFL success and justification of a premium AFL asset. Recently a couple of Melb clubs had their moments in the sun, but are way short of being identified in that sense. Let’s see what that next ten years brings.

This weekend's grand final justifies the AFL's Giant investment

Your sentiments are honourable, but like all industries, these businesses need to adapt to their market, and maybe they do try. If so, then that’s better than hanging on for success of the sport in Victoria, that’s for the VFL league, not this one. On the topic, GWS is a success so far and continues to show signs of becoming a critical asset to this league.

This weekend's grand final justifies the AFL's Giant investment