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Cricket in Victoria isn’t in any trouble. What about Alex Keath and Merryck Buchannan, who both turned down the opportunity to play AFL to sign with the Bushrangers/Stars and Renegades respectively. Cricket is getting a lot of these players back due to the IPL etc but in no way is the AFL poaching them, the kids make the decision in the end after all.

Many Victorians also don’t get a chance for some reason. Bryce McGain had one, albeit terrible, test and then was not given another shot while Brad Hodge has let his cricket do the talking and hasn’t been looked at.

Blowing the lid off the Victorian cricket conspiracy theory

Thanks for all the comments everyone, good or bad I appreciate them all, except for the one calling my article rubbish, as Richie Benaud would say “That will sting a little bit.”

@Brett McKay – We’ll wait for Sydney’s one dayer to determine wether the timing was good or bad.

@Ben Carter – Even though the tournament is Australia & New Zealand, the focus will be mainly on Australia because of the bigger population and bigger stadiums, that’s why the final will be played in Australia.

Cricket proves superiority of Melbourne sporting crowds