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No worries, it’s always good to see some historical continuity in the category.

I’ll be posting the other parts over the coming weeks

Remembering F1’s 100 greatest Grands Prix Part 1: 1-100

Honourable mentions from the first 100 Grands Prix include:
• 12 – 1951 British Grand Prix
• 17 – 1952 Indianapolis 500
• 19 – 1952 French Grand Prix
• 33 – 1954 Argentine Grand Prix
• 36 – 1954 French Grand Prix
• 37 – 1954 British Grand Prix
• 42 – 1955 Argentine Grand Prix
• 47 – 1955 British Grand Prix
• 50 – 1956 Monaco Grand Prix
• 58 – 1957 Monaco Grand Prix
• 61 – 1957 British Grand Prix
• 65 – 1958 Argentine Grand Prix
• 74 – 1958 Italian Grand Prix
• 75 – 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix

Remembering F1’s 100 greatest Grands Prix Part 1: 1-100

I just remembered another site has all races from 1981

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

There’s a bug on the iOS app that doesn’t run commentary, so it’s just the race with no commentary. It works on the computer though.

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

I will once they fix commentary on the iPhone app. Reminds me of the days I used to come home from school, fish out old races my brother had taped through the 90s, and dig into a bowl of Coco Pops
Although fact update I had wrong. The 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix was the 700th GP. The 2008 Singapore GP was the 800th. Somehow, milestone races tend to be exciting, something I learnt on my research. Sucks the 1000th GP wasn’t though

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

$5 per month, or $42 per year
Something along those lines.
Every race since 1981 has at least a 10-15 minute highlight package

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

I felt that way live, but then watched a replay and then noticed it was the 900th GP and it sort of put it on my radar

800th GP is a real rip snorter though. Brazil 2003.

There’s a few people who are uploading full BBC / ITV broadcasts of 90s and 00’s races on YouTube and DailyMotion though, worth a look

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

I have seen NASCAR (highest rated esports even ever), IMSA, I think I heard IndyCar. Plus, F1 with the mix of current, former, and reserve drivers plus a few celebs and online racers.
And the Supercars that Jawad mentioned too

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

Combo of F1TV and YouTube is great.
I’m trying to put together a list of the 100 definitive world championship GPs, A: since I haven’t contributed in a while and B: I never celebrated the 1000th GP. (plus a couple bonus since we are now 17 more)
I’ve gotten to around 200, so I don’t know how to halve that haha

A motorsport lover's guide to surviving isolation

He only likes it, because he was trained to kick a ball in the NFL.

This is like Barry Hall not knowing what boxing is, and then deciding to be a boxer. Oh wait

When Pat McAfee busted a huge AFL myth

Can the captain not challenge that?

Did this kick from Valentine Holmes actually go through the posts?

Exactly. Even WWE is holding WrestleMania in their training arena

A-League set to unveil revamped East Coast-only draw

Not if no one can attend them. State of Origin would be a big miss without a crowd. Thankfully that’s still a while away.

But there is more important things for governments at the moment than whether sport can go ahead. The only thing I’d even remotely think about government handouts for on anything sporting, is people involved would actually lose their job/an income over it being stopped

'Scaremongering at its absolute best': Veteran AFL journo takes aim at ARLC Chairman

Eh depends. I have taken 2 weeks off work, mainly to protect my wife who was in hospital and the ICU the last two times she got the flu, and because she has the ability to work from home (I don’t)
Sport would be good to watch for me, but there is plenty of other things to do than sport on TV

What’s more important: Public health or footy?

Probably when there is a significant drop in cases. Like back to when it first started

When life’s great distractor can no longer distract

You know, Cricket ‘19 has a pretty good creation mode, maybe do the finals on that instead, I’d watch

NSW Blues crowned Sheffield Shield champions as Cricket Australia cancels all organised cricket

It looks like that is going too. Seems that the season will start in Baku, and go from there. Races such as Zandvoort and Barcelona (possibly Bahrain too) with permanent tracks may be rescheduled to fit into the August break

What next for F1 amid the coronavirus?

Josh *

Poor Josh Reynolds gets pancaked THREE times by Tariq Sims in one match

FIA and F1 have now finally officially postponed Bahrain and Vietnam, stating they will attempt to start the season at the end of May with European races, provided the situation allows them to.

What next for F1 amid the coronavirus?

Because you don’t know exactly who is susceptible until they have it.
Plus there’s the people who already have it, but aren’t susceptible that could go around passing it on right now

AFL to be played behind closed doors amid coronavirus fears

10 years, wow.

Cue Michael Caton

AFL to be played behind closed doors amid coronavirus fears

Yes it didn’t work. Unfortunately that’s the short sightedness of the general paying public here. Now that Holden will officially be no more, it’s just a question of when this public will be forced to support in another way (such as without the whole Holden v Ford angle), will they?

Supercars: Perhaps it's time for a change of heart?

I guess I’m a bit late to the party, but have already started seeing Camaro in Canberra, so it would be a wise, wise decision

Supercars can race on without Holden

I’m guessing you don’t follow Motorsport in Australia much, and know that this already exists?

Supercars can race on without Holden

Usually it’s at a stoppage though. Touchie might say it went out of one team, but are then informed before play starts it was the other way around. Call made during stoppage, no harm done

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!