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You would think qualifying for the World Cup 5 times in a row would help the A-League but naaa its made it worse in way of crowd drop offs and TV Ratings.

It's exhausting being a football fan in 2022

True nobody knows what the A-League is, I’ve mentioned it in conversations only to be look at with a blank face. Its a quite embarrassing subject tbh as no one knows what teams are playing etc and when u say football they thing of every other code ba football unless you revert to saying Soccer.
Also something i have to mention i was watching boxing the other week one of the Tsyzu boys were on fighting and in a add break there was a commercial about NRL that went for a good 5min that was totally about NOTHING! It went for ages but just talked about players other then that it was a nothing add. Where are the commercails for the A-Leagues?

It's exhausting being a football fan in 2022

I gave the Jets heaps of positive comments after they beat the Nixs the first time, playing attractive free flowing football and dominating the Nix in key parts of the field. It was a Jets side i said would be top 4 playing like that. But what happened? Again they fluffed it game after game after game. The club deserves better but until then ill remain sceptic.

It’s going to be a long season for the Jets

Like Roar they will be fighting for the spoon this season, Ive given up all hope for this club.

It’s going to be a long season for the Jets

Would love to see the Solomon Islands get in, They always play attacking attractive football.

The 2026 World Cup format: How it works and what it means for the Socceroos

TBH we could end up in a group match vs American Samoa, now that would be something.

The 2026 World Cup format: How it works and what it means for the Socceroos

Even with the extra spots in Asia the Socceroo’s will again be headed for the playoffs, national teams like China and Oman wont lose to Australia by 2026 as they will have progressed where as the Socceroo’s wont have produced any good enough players to qualify. I can see loses to 3rd rate country’s like India because of how fast and far we have fallen behind everyone else.

The 2026 World Cup format: How it works and what it means for the Socceroos

Out of reach and for good reasons. Pro & Rel wont work in Australia nore will we ever see a massive TV like the J League has.

J-League: Can the A-League men learn from it, or is it out of our reach?

Doing well in the Champ/Europa league would be good as he does not have to change things up to much at domestics levels.

Angeball 2.0: What Postecoglou needs to bring to Celtic in his difficult second season

Just been informed that just like the cost of living and petrol prices Football fees are going up %35.

Qatar 2022 - are you on board?

If you had read my comments i %100 said the Socceroo’s were destine for the play offs and that is exactly what happened. As for the world cup you know yourself where just making up the numbers. Best we can hope for is a draw and to narrow loses.

Socceroos to stay in 'student accommodation' at Qatar World Cup

When your only there making up the numbers, I really dont no why they are not booked into a Caravan Park for the 2 weeks they are there.

Socceroos to stay in 'student accommodation' at Qatar World Cup

As much as i dont like saying it but the A-League needs imports as much as it needs youth, just look at the Nixs, they have prob produced the best youth in the league although not Australian and before they left some some quality imports like Devila etc.
So imports have there place in our game club just need to find the right balance without out overlooking one another ala Sydney FC and Melb Victory of late. Brisbane Roar is a example of how too do it wrong in way of coaching.

The problem with Nani's move to the A-League

41,000 didn’t turn up to watch the Roar, big difference there kid. Stick to the Dolphin Stadium crowds because that’s as good as it gets for longball 1970s football watchers.

If you need star quality to attract fans, the new A-League season is off to a good start

Nothing there on how to win back the fans, you know the people that actually help fund clubs?.

Look how far football has come in 20 years

South Korea!!!!

Australia in the running to host another Asian Cup

What were the Brisbane game crowds like because they looked crap on TV, the less games we play in that state the better. Rugby League and Union rule so does AFL in QLD.

The only way to beat the Eurosnobs is by supporting the A-Leagues

I know some ALM teams have had there moments but ball watching being a heugh problems is BS.

The tracker: Ball watching in the A-League 2021-22

Pathetic! its like no football team exist in Victoria. APL are to blame for this so r the Victorian teams for letting this happen. But Victorian teams tend like bending over and taking it where the sun don’t shine.

When will football administrators in Australia get out of their own way?

If it sells out and Victory make a game of it, its gotta be good for the A-League coming into the season for the Victorians.

What time does Manchester United vs Aston Villa kick off tonight and how can you watch it

Euro snobs will be happy, ManU should dick Victory easy, just a shame such a small crowd is turning out for this one. Don’t know if they needed a bigger or smaller stadium.

What time does Manchester United vs Aston Villa kick off tonight and how can you watch it

Can see them now playing in Thailand etc. Playing in the lower leagues of Asia to cash out before heading back to the A-League.

Where to next for Rogic and Mooy? Crucial decisions heading into the 2022 World Cup

They Qualified for the world cup? U know that event that smashes the Olympics games out of the water in TV ratings. The biggest event around the world but yet the Wallabies won a friendly game against England that smashed them the NeXT game. Pfff

Australia's half-year sporting report

Rugby gets a A? over football/Socceroos that get a B and they beat Peru to qlfy? Bias much?

Australia's half-year sporting report

Working holiday for Nani, he will deff put in minimal effort that will produce minimal results.

Victory land Portuguese star Nani