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Greymatter, there’s an old term used back in the day called ‘closing the gate’ where the fullback comes up into the attacking setup and the blindside winger shuffles of to cover. I suspect Cheika is throwing the kitchen sink with Hodge as the insurance policy. I’m pretty confident Beale’s been given licence to just do his thing and Hodge will be ‘closing the gate’. I have no doubt Beale could turn this game if he chose the right moment. That all said, Cheika’s made his bed and had to lie in it. We just have to put the doubts to one side and agree to run the critiques after the dust has settled.

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

Not unhappy with that line up. I’d have gone with Dempsey in 20 and started White instead of Genia. I don’t care about all the previous wins England have claimed over us recently, this is the one that matters. GO THE WALLABIES!

With a massive selection gamble, Michael Cheika rearranges the deck chairs once again

Ah, the “Old Period”… I remember ruck mucks down my back, one chap coping a badly rucked hand at training and having to drive a tram mate to the Royal Melbourne for stitches on his shoulder after a game. The good old days!

A personal history of modern rugby: The game (Part 1)

I suspect Hodge will come straight back into the 23 but I think Petaia needs first bite on the wing.

VOTE: Pick your Wallabies team to face England in the World Cup quarter-final

Skeen’s been named as the TMO!

VOTE: Pick your Wallabies team to face England in the World Cup quarter-final

File that one under “Oh dear”….

Polish rugby player proves once and for all why you should never celebrate too soon

Barry, given the flexibility and depth of the backline, I reckon if we want to do something different play Hooper as a fourth loose forward who puts the ball in the scrum.

Georgia rate Wallabies pack among finest

Hodge’s ability to cover multiple outside positions along with Toomua being able to cover 10 and 12 (JOC isn’t to shabby at 12 either) makes me think the Wallabies bench may be laden with forwards.

Georgia rate Wallabies pack among finest

Cohesian, continuity and consistency. Not necessarily in that order.

What the Wallabies must get out of the Georgia game

Thanks all, I got my question answered. The ref should be able to correct himself by blowing the whistle and checking with the assistants.

A rational review of Sunday’s refereeing dramas

Right call to blood Petaia against Uruguay. He should get at least another 40 against Georgia to cut his teeth. I still favour DHP over Beale. I’d be happy to see an 11/14/15 of Koroibete, Petaia and DHP. Long term Australia needs an ensconced youth policy. ASAP.

Use Jordan Petaia to re-boot the Wallabies' World Cup challenge

John, thanks for taking the time to write up your thoughts and publishing an article. I think you’re right about the future of the game.

Australian rugby has a bright future

1. Win.
2. No injuries.

What's the real pass mark for the Wallabies against Uruguay?

Meakes and English formed a very decent centre pairing for the Rebels in 2019. In fact the Rebels best form came from their combination. They always lacked go-forward without Meakes.

Jordan Petaia finally set for Wallabies debut as Michael Cheika names team for Uruguay

We lost Paul Alo-Emile, who should have been given a crack a long time ago, to Samoa. Sean McMahon ended up in Japan earning good coin. I think selecting players on reputation instead of form has nobbled Australian rugby for an entire generation. Some players in their 3rd and 4th world cups is a symptom of a policy of “better the devil we know than the devil we don’t” which isn’t really a policy at all.

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Wales

Cole, instead of biting the bullet they shot themselves in the foot with it! Too many people with a vested interest are too concerned with not-losing-today when they should have one eye on the 2023 RWC. Kids like Banks and Maddocks will be off to Japan or France or the English premiership and won’t be eligible…

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Wales

I didn’t see the whole game but my take aways-
White should start as 9. Lealiifano and Toomua should be fight each other hard competing for the 10 jersey. Koroibete finally looks like he understands the game and his role in it. DHP is still more reliable than Beale and I rate that more important than the extra yard of pace. Cheika et al need to bite the bullet re the right wing I don’t care if it’s Banks or Maddocks but we cannot role out AAC under the guise of “experience”

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Wales

IW thanks once again for your knowledgeable and and informative writing. I think that the Australia should always consider stop-overs on their Spring Tours specifically Canada and the USA. If Aus and NZ were to do that as a matter of course every year I feel it would make a massive difference.

In terms of the Pacific Nations I’m not certain. The Fiji Drua have their place in the NRC but surely they’d benefit from rugby tests against Australia and NZ. I think it’s time the Aus, NZ, SA and Arg did stop overs during the Rugby Championship. It simply must be done.

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations

Solid decision. I got a good look on the Channel 7 footage on their late night news. Very clearly reaching in, very clear around the eye and eye brow, and also repeatedly checking for where the umpire is standing.

Still suspended: AFL appeal denies Toby Greene

Further to my previous comment, it appears that Uelese’s younger brother is also lining up for a crack at the big time.

Five reasons to get excited about the NRC

May be they decided Sevens was the better return on investment.

Zimbabwe clinch Victoria Cup

Carrick, good article here. I think the original and enduring challenge is the creation of the tier completely from scratch. I agree with you from a players perspective, particularly from a Melbourne point of view. Having Dewar Shield players literally rubbing shoulders with SR players raises the standard of Victorian rugby. The Melbourne Rising has produced the likes of Jordan Uelese who went onto the Rebels and has Wallabies caps. I think we need to let it grow organically and I hope it can become self sustaining.

Five reasons to get excited about the NRC

Sounds like they need a lot of help administratively and strategically. Has a Kenyan team ever played in the Currie Cup? If not I’d be saying that’s a logical next step…

Zimbabwe clinch Victoria Cup

IW thanks for the African update. I often wonder if the Kenyans have been able to translate their success at the Sevens into the 15-a-side game. I hope the Australian side get behind the Safari Sevens too.

Zimbabwe clinch Victoria Cup

Not soft at all. Sustaining an eye injury is very serious. This sort of reckless act could scratch a cornea orcause bleeding on the eye. To state the obvious it can cause blindness. He should get a week.

Why the AFL's case against Toby Greene is set to fall apart