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A sports fan generally, but a soft spot for AFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Cricket.



Optus already partner with FetchTV who stream the likes of BeIN Sports. SR could be a great investment for them. If Optus can stream through a viable smartphone app and HD through FetchTV, the sky’s the limit.

Optus reportedly eyeing off Rugby AU's new broadcast offering

I actually believe that Australian rugby has the player depth but that the player depth is not organised properly. While I understand the want for a provincial system I think patience and courage are required. Organise a proper domestic league, with a draft and a salary cap. Start again, with independent franchises separate from state unions. Call for tenders or EOIs, have them selected based on published criteria, by a Deloitte or KPMG or whomever. Go it alone, don’t be in a hurry, and get it right.

The Wrap: Super Rugby goes up a level, as Australia and New Zealand eye each other off

Hi Jeznez, thanks for putting pen to paper. I think part of the problem is parity. Most of the talent is concentrated in Shute Shield and QLD Premier Grade. If we took the best players out of each capital city and put them in a domestic competition it would be Sydney, Brisbane and the rest. Even a Sydney Subbies rep side would probably account for the old Melbourne Axemen ( a VRU side minus non Victorian Rebels). There simply isn’t enough depth for a national domestic competition without Sydney or Brisbane shoring up the rest. My suggestion would be a proper league, with a draft and a salary cap. Pull the licences, run a tender process based criteria around feasibility and sustainability for X number of franchises, eparate from state unions who would run the amateur game and feeder systems.

Dear Rugby Australia, make the NRC the main game

I’d recommend reading Long walk to freedom and then Bryce Courtney’s The Power of One.

The Wrap: The patience of rugby players and fans is about to be rewarded

I know this is a bit off topic, but I think a worthy consideration would be the Kangaroos versus the AFL’s All-Australian team playing AFL-X and RL in 20min alternating quarters.

A cross-code All Blacks vs Kangaroos match could happen this year

Completely agree. You can teach an athlete skills but decision making and rugby attitude are developed over time. Same in AFL, the modern player is tall, strong build, can sprint and run all day. But they can’t kick with both feet, and make some crazy decisions to get onto the preferred side. Give me someone with game nous who is willing train hard over a genetic athlete.

Why Australian rugby needs to bring back the footy player

I get the intent about using some older footage, cos there’s a lot to choose from. I found seeing Loti Tuquiri, Mortlock etc dated it a bit, but to be fair it’s pretty compelling and dramatic. Heaps better than Tom Kenneally’s “Blow that whistle ref”. Id probably give NRL’S Simply the best top going followed by the AFL’s “I’d like to see that”

I’m a rusted on sort so they ad is probably wasted on me. Kayo was getting dusted off next week regardless.

Afterthought: Roar editors let’s do a Gruen thing and get Todd Samson on re sporting campaigns. Then we can vote on them.

Rugby Australia's promo for the domestic Super Rugby comp is superb

JEZNEZ, get a Fetch Box and stream BeIN sports for $20 per month

Rugby Australia locks in Super Rugby AU draw

Describing the manner in which the verb was conducted. Often marked with the word-ending morpheme +ly.

The global season: Who wins a contest of good intentions versus self interest?

KCOL he didn’t give you the adjective, he gave you the adverb 😛

The global season: Who wins a contest of good intentions versus self interest?

I always thought that Wendell Sailor also had size on his side.

Why the Wallabies need their big winger back

I’m against the idea of mixing the codes. The idea of a combined broadcast deal has merit. Fox sports have both, but on separate deals. To have NRL and SR on a singular streaming service, with an app and the ability to steam to my telly through my Fetch Box… I’d pay good dollars for that.

What would a combined rugby league and union broadcast package be worth?

I read a news report the board met without her on Wednesday. Clearly they decided enough was enough. Following JON and Pulver I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just hope the opportunity for renewal isn’t wasted on a conservative, internal appointment. Sure make a provisional nor temporary appointment but go through a real process and find someone with a track record outside the game. Larry Kestelman, who rebuilt the NBL or Warburton from Supercars. No real preference, just someone outside the game and with fresh eyes.

Australian rugby has its problems, but Raelene Castle was not one of them

It was on all the photocopiers at uni back in the day. 10% or one chapter was considered fair use for academic purposes. This is from, you’ll need to scroll a bit.

SANZAAR, copyright and myopia

I’m a big believer in copyright and respecting it. I wrote articles prolificly a few years back, in print and online. I was never paid, and I never sought payment. It wasn’t my livelihood, I did it because I enjoyed it. I would have gone berserk- absolutely white hot mental – if someone had ripped it off or republished it. I remember when Brett had some some of his articles and reposted on Twitter. I reported it to The Roar and I tweeted Brett. So on the one hand we have an issue of ownership and content creation. On the other hand, in Australia at least, we have a 10% rule for study and research. Why is it that for the purpose of dissecting the game and spreading the word, couldn’t we have a system such that Highlander espouses where we cite our sources and acknowledge the work of others.

SANZAAR, copyright and myopia

Uelese may make the grade if he can stay injury free and play to his potential. I’d also like to know whereabouts Fereti Sa’aga might be at. He’s another big unit with a bit of oomph about him.

Pick your Wallabies team for... whenever they play next

Not going to name a whole side. Just putting in my vote for Anaru Rangi. That guy deserves a look in at some stage.

Pick your Wallabies team for... whenever they play next

I only really watch Rebels games so can’t comment on try of the year but Kellaway’s intercept against the Highlanders was my favourite, mostly for catching the opposition napping and doing to a NZ team what has regularly and habitually been done to Aus teams by NZ for far too long.

Super Rugby on hold: Try of the year? Try of the year!

Can we get a live blog with coaches/players? May be run one a week? Surely there’s some goodwill out there, if we promise to behave ourselves?

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

Pleased for the Force, and generally happy there’s some unity back in the domestic game. I hope post-apocalypse we can make something of this. I’m seeing the 5 Australian SR franchise, the Sunwolves and some of the GRR teams (playing ‘normal’ rugby) in a Div1/Div2 arrangement. Or may be an Aus Conference, NZ conference and South/ East Asia Conference when RSA flee to the North? Am I asking too much? Is Corona the reset button we’ve needed ?

Force to make comeback as Rugby AU announce domestic comp for remainder of Super Rugby season

So glad I have Kayo right now. Will let it lapse in April and pick it up again if RA run the domestic derbies. No lock in contracts here…

Rugby Australia forced to suspend broadcast rights talks due to coronavirus

TWAS I think it’s sensible for each nation’s to complete their derbies. Given there’s a broadcast deal in place it seems like a reasonable compromise. Anything after that is a bonus.

SANZAAR makes the call on Super Rugby season amid coronavirus crisis

If games are played behind closed doors I would actually expect Kayo subscriptions to go up. Think about it: can’t go to the game, not on FTA, don’t want to fork out for Foxtel. $25 per month for 6-7 months. This of course relies on stuff not being completely cancelled.

Australia- New Zealand ODI series called off amid coronavirus concerns

But…once the ball is out, its fair game. From my understanding, once a seagulls can drop it’s fits guts on it it’s fair game… in that instance English could have gone from an onside postion to take it from the floor couldn’t he?

Rebels roll Lions for 37-17 Super win

PeterK .. do you think Anaru Rangi has a chance this year?

Rebels roll Lions for 37-17 Super win