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What is the deal with Hanigan? I was reported he had signed with the Tahs, is he available?

Dave Rennie reveals his Wallabies squad to take on France

I think we all know deep down that in game one the line out will be awful and Ned Hannigan will be the blindside flanker for the rest of the year. It’s an Australian Rugby tradition, you got to have a “Dean Mumm” somewhere.

Back to back row: When the going gets tough, the tough get going

I think you might be filling in the gaps for yourself there, I mean I did say it was down the road from a school near Mt Druitt! Fact is this team knew rugby. They had a coach who knew rugby. The school produces a silly amount of professional athletes. They have first rate athletic programs and verdant fields. A bunch of kids who never played Rugby beat them, fell in love with Rugby and never got another chance. Its wasted talent.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

It was a well known school in Kingswood which has produced some current and past superstar Rugby League players. And you have my word.. the fields were verdant. When we got there I said to myself “those fields are verdant”. Really really verdant.

I don’t know why one would make up a story when they have zero to gain from it.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

There are plenty of kids who don’t have the body shape for league. Sio, Allalatoa x 2, Ma’afu x 2, Polota Nau, and Rodney Blake are all recent international front towers from Western Sydney. Will Skelton, Sam Wykes and Salakaia-Loto are also. They’re too big for League so they ain’t going to the Panthers. Rugby gets them or nobody does.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

They surely will take some but they can’t poach everyone. It’s a very fruitful tree. At the moment the Penrith Panthers and their reserve grade team are undefeated. Even if Rugby only got the next tier down they would be handy.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

The boys never mastered rucks but figured out how to keep the ball alive and would score within a phase. Also their scrum was just plain stronger.

The poor South African coach was devastated. His reputation was ruined. It was heaps funny.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

karmichael hunt once said he switched to Rugby League because they fitted him out with socks. It doesn’t take much.

How Rugby Australia can build the code in western Sydney

Yes, someone should explain why the Waratahs had to spend a million dollars less than all the other teams. Did they perhaps decide it was best to be surrender their chances in 2021 while Hooper was away so they could spend up big when he returns?

Hope for the weeping Waratahs fan

So True. Harrison is never going to look as good as Lolesio behind this pack.

Hope for the weeping Waratahs fan

Clearing out all the locks and replacing them with journeyman for 2021 might be a wise tactic. IN 2021 there will be no Hooper and the backline are likely too inexperienced to make a play for the title .

In 2022 Hooper returns, the backline will have another year under their belt and Skelton, Rodda, Phillips and Hanigan will all be off contract and likely looking for a return to Aus to be eligible for the 2023 World Cup.

Get money on the 2022 Waratahs.

The Roar's Super Rugby AU season preview: NSW Waratahs

Might Samu have some coach problem? does he annoy them? Cheika went to great lengths to get him then ditched him completely. Under Rennie, Samu has had one average game and is now shut out completely. Cant even get on the bench. Wright had an absolute shocker in his last game but he is getting another chance.


Reece Hodge at 10 as Dave Rennie makes huge changes to Wallabies team for Bledisloe 4

The Harry Wilson rating is pure gloss. No doubt a future legend but he did nothing more than say Hannigan.

Wallabies Bledisloe 3 DIY player ratings vs New Zealand: The results

Samu showed no mongrel last week and contributed nothing to the lineout. Deserves to be dropped.
Fact is if the scrum got smashed as bad as the lineout did everyone would be calling for our best scrummaging props. Mongrel and speed would suddenly count for nothing until the Wallabies got a decent scrum. It should be the same for the lineout.

Ned Hanigan returns as Dave Rennie makes four changes to Wallabies team for Bledisloe 2

Hooper made more Super Rugby tackles than anyone in 2019. Australia has a player who tops the season tackle count yet people consistently say “definitely don’t pick that bloke!”

No logic to it.

The Brumbies and the Reds should provide most of Rennie's Wallabies

Let’s all hope that you Joe are an absolutely flawless human being. Because using your measure if you have failed then we would all have to boycott your articles forever.

Roosters should derail plans to face Folau

I think that post was sarcastic and absolutely nobody picked up the sarcasm. He is showing the irony that one cant share Christian beliefs in general society BUT everyone in general society takes the Christian holiday.

Israel Folau saga erupts again as Taniela Tupou weighs in

Yeah almost no christians believe it works like that. Even conversion in the Bible doesn’t work like that. Most churches teach that those who never hear about Jesus still hear about love and forgiveness and when they embrace that they embrace God. Thats a crude explanation but simply the Bible doesn’t teach that if you dont get to hear about jesus then tough luck. Thats not said anywhere.

Bible doesn’t necessarily teach punishment in hell either. A better way to think about is if you spend all your life running from God you will likely end up where you been heading. Far from him.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

I think my point stands. TO say any believer is being wilfully ignorant is a grand statement. It suggests Christians think “all the evidence is against me but i’ll wilfully ignore that and believe in something with no justification” thats not what happens. There are theological, philosophical and historical justifications. You might not have a slam home proof that everyone will accept but neither does atheism. There are problems with atheism too. It has not not everything proven, it’s not provided conclusive proof that there is no intelligent designer. But they believe there isn’t. The author made a massive assertion and backed it up with little more than “cause I say so”. Bit arrogant.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

Doctor John Lennox – A “wilfully ignorant” Oxford Mathematician. (according to this piece)

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!

What an arrogant position to take that 2000 years worth of Christians from all cultural backgrounds and all social stratas and all levels of intelligence and all levels of education are believing in nonsense with wilful ignorance.

What’s your evidence for this massive assertion? What are your credentials? Many of the brightest people on earth believe and they are quite capable of critical thinking. They would have put the Bible under scrutiny and found that it holds up. Unlike this article which falls over in seconds. Indeed you yourself has to contend with how a bunch of “lies” managed to change the world so profoundly that we dictate our calendar around it.

Israel, please shut up about God – oh, and happy Easter!