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I know both he and Handscomb are better than just part-time keepers, but would they be unwilling to risk anything other than a full-time gloveman in the World Cup?

Bancroft’s form could also present an interesting conundrum ahead of the Ashes, if he can find big runs against the red ball and somebody already with a placehold utterly fails in the meantime. Definitely a great problem to have.

Bancroft's tons put him in World Cup frame

As long as the all-out attack/total cricket approach etc thing doesn’t bring them unstuck at the worst time – because it obviously won’t always work.

They could find themselves 5-60 just as easy as 5-380 for mine. If all things click though, I could see a deep batting line-up with such immense power going all the way at home.

Hosts under pressure to deliver in window of dominance

A few names easily recognised by Australians! There is an impressive supply of X-factor

My Afghanistan World Cup squad

Burns not making the squad would be a travesty – unless between now and then somebody else from outside like Bancroft makes such a dramatic case and Burns utterly fails at every attempt.

I can understand going with Harris in the XI initially, but still think something really clicks with the Warner/Burns combo, and agree with those worrying that Harris/Warner feels a bit too similar. Having said that, Harris deserves it through sheer FC runs, and if he can resist from the wide slashes outside off early on, he will probably do well.

Joe Burns on the outer for Ashes

Oh and the OTHER thing I cannot get past, – as much as Abbott had a terrific season – is how unlucky any of Copeland, Boland and Bird must feel.

Australia A squads headlined by Test regulars and Ashes hopefuls

I am fearing the same. They simply have to take minimum one of the Siddle/Copeland/Sayers/Bird/Worrall types.
The sheer pace thing has just never worked as has been mentioned. You only have to look as far as the last UK trip in 2015 – the Starc/Johnson/Hazlewood combination was very dangerous on its day, but couldn’t win them the series. Enter Siddle for a single test at The Oval where he dominates.
The English make a similar mistake too often when coming to Aus – you DO need raw pace and variety, and they bring 2-3 quicks who bowl right-arm over the wicket at no more than 140km/h

Joe Burns and Kurtis Patterson snubbed as Cricket Australia unveil 2019-20 contract list

You just know he’s gonna get screwed over again though

Australia A squads headlined by Test regulars and Ashes hopefuls

And without Turner they lack a back-up ‘hitter’ type in the event one of Maxi/Stoinis are injured or etc.

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction

Handscomb’s form was superb, and he’s an incredibly unlucky victim of circumstance. Marsh’s was slightly better you might say, but even then he’s probably the reserve batsman in this group.

They may have wanted a little more variety with the quicks too; not withstanding that Hazlewood would have still been an astute selection.

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction

Would have made perfect sense, and any of those mentioned could’ve had a Paine-like impact as leaders. May have been the ideal second chance for some too, one they’ll now never get.

What now for Cameron White?

Meanwhile 36 from Matt Renshaw for Kent (div 1) and 33 for new Durham skipper Cam Bancroft (div 2) – which came after 159 balls – he loves to bat time. Glenn Maxwell yet to bat for Lancashire.

Ashes squad will be decided by Australia 'A' games

No idea about his position at state level – but can’t imagine too many more games for Victoria. At the Renegades, Shaun Marsh comes in and effectively takes his place. I wonder if another BBL side will throw him a lifeline?

What now for Cameron White?

I think we forget easily that M.Marsh has a respectable ODI record and might even add a bit more than Stoinis at present; at least he can go harder earlier.

Is Stoinis still in Australia’s best one day XI?

I think he would be if batting up the order. But remaining at six or lower, I’m not sure is in the best interests of the XI, as his tendency to work into innings gradually makes any of Maxwell, Turner, M.Marsh, Wade or even Warner down the order (won’t happen) more suitable options to 6/7.

Is Stoinis still in Australia’s best one day XI?

Do we need to win the first couple of games to unlock other kits?

Australia release Cricket World Cup 2019 uniform, throwing it back to World Series Cricket

Exactly – when it works (often), they will win most matches they play with such firepower. Having said that, this strategy is a bit of a double-edged sword, in that they could be 5-60 just as easily as they are 5-350. If the latter scenario unfolds, they will be praying it happens early in the piece where second chances remain.

Shane Warne has picked his preferred World Cup squad, and it's peak Shane Warne

He finds players he likes, and becomes infatuated with them. This is not unlike obsessively campaigning for Stoinis’ test selection.

Shane Warne has picked his preferred World Cup squad, and it's peak Shane Warne

Carey being groomed as Paine’s successor, but for the purpose of this tour, Wade seems the most logical with the obvious bonus of doubling as a back-up keeper/reserve bat in a squad of.. 17 (I believe?)

Who should be Australia’s back-up Ashes keeper?

Head still has a solid ODI record; if anything he just fell out of form/favour in the home ODI series against the South Africans, which prompted a wholesale – and needed – change in approach and selection.

The unlucky Aussie XI who won't make the World Cup

Never going to be a number six but doesn’t need to be either – an almost perfect number eight. Should he be named in the squad I think it’d be unfair to consider him a left-field or ‘bolter’ type selection too, because it has been earned through consistent, dominant performances.

Neser bolts into Ashes contention

Very possible, but he’s also a changed man since those times you might say. Unless of course it becomes personal in the manner we saw targeting his family/the Hughes situation, where you can understand why he would react with hostility.

The worry for Smith on his international return

Tend to agree Chris in that realistically you probably wouldn’t want him lower than 5. I do think however if you’re picking one reserve bat in the squad, he has the best overall mix of experience, form and white-ball ability.

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad

S.Marsh the ideal reserve batsman I think – despite being very unlucky; could fill any role in the top six if realistically needed.

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad

Because it’s the first? squad officially released I think, NZ play Australia at Lords on June 29, and here we are discussing Australia’s squad – I think it’s relevant enough.

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad

Both similar types at 3-4, working the ball around in a steadying manner but still ticking things over nicely, working hard between the wickets etc
Not sure there will be room for both

The deserving Aussies who simply won't make the World Cup squad