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The case for Wade

When Tim Paine was unexpectedly thrust into Australia’s XI for the ultimately successful Ashes series almost 12 months ago, many felt it may have all but closed future Test ambitions for Tasmanian teammate Matthew Wade.

It is a great asset of Starc’s, as he can flick that switch irrespective of form or conditions. That irresistible weapon – when it rains it pours.

Starc runs riot against rattled New Zealand

He can – but he’s also not really the same dynamic player he was when much younger, with nowhere near the same power to his game. The repeated finger injuries probably the main reason.

Labuschagne shines against impressive NZ attack

Well put – many Australian bats have had a sparkling entry into test cricket, but rarely have they looked so comfortable at the top level so quickly, and seemed so assured at the crease.

Labuschagne shines against impressive NZ attack

WTC schedule may require them too; I think?

The trans-Tasman series gets its long-overdue top billing

The degree of importance the Kiwis would be placing on this series would be enormous, surely. It is their biggest fight in test cricket, arguably.

I would imagine waiting nearly four years to tackle Australia in the test arena, after minimal success there historically, now with a balanced and classy outfit, has had them eyeing this series for some time.

The trans-Tasman series gets its long-overdue top billing

Not too unlike Australian pitches these days, and plus they use a kookaburra ball. Will the scorching Perth heat become a whole new factor, though?

Kiwi reputations will be made or destroyed this Aussie summer

The form is present, in short and long forms. But having said that, he still strikes me as someone who probably won’t be picked irrespective of what he does from here on.

Moises Henriques should be Australia’s preferred all-rounder

Funny you mention that about Bracewell. As I recall, the 9 broadcast – very controversially – ran an online fan poll to literally determine the man of the match. Mass votes for Warner followed.
Not sure it was ever allowed again

Ten classic Australia versus New Zealand Test moments

For sure – they more or less requested such preparation

The idea behind the dangerous MCG pitch was right, but the execution means another Boxing Day snoozefest awaits

Yes a softer base compared to those of Adelaide and Perth, I believe?

What on earth is going on with the MCG pitch?

It certainly wasn’t helped by Victoria’s desire for a slightly juicier surface to generate a result. The pressure on the ground staff there now only increases, in what is already a tough job.

The idea behind the dangerous MCG pitch was right, but the execution means another Boxing Day snoozefest awaits

He is a far, far better player than his first half of the Shield season. This repetitiveness of this dismissal, though, is strangely concerning

Bancroft and the leg-gully curse

He complements their pace attack nicely. More than just a toes and nose bowler, even though it’s become his specialty.

The England series just completed highlighted his terrific stamina, charging in tirelessly completing long spells – quite the workhorse.

Wagner will use Bodyline tactics against Australia

Placid for some time and now seemingly dangerous. A bit of a farcical situation all round.

Shield match abandoned due to MCG pitch

A commonly discussed myth perhaps quite like having an attack of pace only in Perth, Adelaide (always) turning on the fifth day, the pink ball guaranteed to cause havoc or The Gabba surface being an average one.

Australia sucked in by myth of spin friendly SCG

Goodness me what a horrid couple of years had by this pitch

Extraordinary scenes as Shield clash suspended over MCG pitch safety concerns

Yes the last couple have been largely dour affairs, and while Kookaburra effectiveness and pitches are ongoing issues worth discussing, but 20 years? I think while many would agree with your general viewpoint but may be overstating it a little

Jofra Archer is not the quick fix England crave

The hype is a critical element I think. Between some fans and media, English cricket has pumped up the anticipated impact well before receiving his test cap. Luckily, I don’t think he’s a personality type to be overwhelmed by expectation.

This is combined with a captain who has already wanted – at times – to show off his shiny new toy a little too often.

There’s no doubting how important he is to this XI going forward, home and away, for a long time.

However, entering test cricket and being required to almost headline the attack, playing multiple key roles, isn’t an ideal introduction.

Jofra Archer is not the quick fix England crave


Resolute Kiwis primed to ensure closest home series in years

I think also in the second innings there may have been a realisation that Archer doesn’t HAVE to take the new ball, either, especially with guys on hand like Curran and Woakes who can swing it.

Archer brings other skills where the brand new ball is not essential.

Lockie Ferguson has the x-factor NZ need in Australia

Nice preview!
Yeah Thunder a definite dark horse for mine, with the Heat, Strikers and Renegades all seemingly well balanced with top order power and experience.
With the condensed length, and addition of more – and some top shelf quality – Internationals, it should set up for the best instalment of the BBL yet.

Mega BBL09 preview: Predicted XIs and how your team will go

That middle order has a serious backbone, and their XI has just about all bases covered, more so than their previous few visits.

Not sure about a series win, as I still think confidence and home comforts will see Australia with the edge, but realistic to think NZ can win a test.

Lyon resurgence has Australia ready for Kiwi threat

I’m glad there’s no rush on Cameron Green, either. I’d back Ponting’s assessment over most, but like Pucovski and others, at their age, a complete season or two more of strong form wouldn’t hurt.

No surprises as Australia make just one change to Test squad for New Zealand series

The odd mistake through the last couple of years, yeah. Generally very tidy even if not flawless – but then again, which keepers can ever be?

Starc hits form for blockbuster Tests against New Zealand

Well runs certainly warrant redemption for Warner in terms of security in this XI. I dare say Brisbane and Adelaide will stop the conversation for some time, as even with his brilliant home record, he was afforded some rope to be a starter in this series.

Imagine his first couple of tests produced several failures, it’s hard to say what the outcome may have been into the NZ tests.

But for most, it won’t redeem much in terms of character and past indiscretions. It is nice to see people praising achievements though, separate from character.

Do runs warrant redemption?