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The case for Wade

When Tim Paine was unexpectedly thrust into Australia’s XI for the ultimately successful Ashes series almost 12 months ago, many felt it may have all but closed future Test ambitions for Tasmanian teammate Matthew Wade.

Not sure if there is a stronger spine of 3-5 in the world right now than Azhar, Babar and Shafiq.

Not easy to find; perhaps only Pujara, Kohli & Rahane…maybe Williamson, Taylor & Nicholls with a claim, too

Pakistan's tour of England: What to expect

It’s funny, before the matches began I felt Ireland’s best chance would be batting first and posting something substantial, as opposed to trying to chase anything posted by the brutal English batting unit – even without some key names.

And yet they failed to post considerable totals when batting first, but have pulled off a seriously impressive chase like this!

WATCH: Ireland stun England to win third ODI

Thank you and could not agree more! A downright breathtaking match and one of the most complete individual performances imaginable

Random rewind: Travelling Proteas reign supreme in breathtaking series

It remains largely inexperienced, but I’d go as far to say it’s the most assured an English top six has looked for some years.

While clearly glued together by Root and Stokes, there is finally an opening pairing that (might) stick. It will be interesting to discover if their combined dour awkwardness can be effective for the long run. Pope is a long-termer and I think that’s a fairly safe bet; they talk about him pushing up to 3 soon enough.

The real test of Pakistan's young bowling and England's fragile batting

Love the concept, cheers!

Probably picking Vettori though and I’d throw Jayasuriya into this too

The best Test team of left-arm spinners

Hodge sure does deserve to be in the mix.

I suppose you have to think about the main criteria; would it be performances at T20 International level or the format in general? As many have a brilliant reputation in domestic competitions globally, without a lot of national representation.

Narrowing down to XI is so tough. But would definitely throw any of Gilchrist, Hodge, Bailey and Christian into this conversation.

Australia's all time T20I XI

Your general idea around T20 w/k selection I think is crucially important.

I’d definitely argue choosing your best pure keeper is a must – unless of course, you might possess a generational Gilchrist/DeVilliers type – even then a primary keeper down the order might be wise.

With such a short innings I feel the runs saved or half chances taken by an assured pair of gloves will far outweigh the benefit with the bat. It might be uncommon, but you could theoretically place an outstanding keeper – who is less of a ‘hitter’ – as far down as 8-9 if needed, because their keeping is the real asset – ie. A Foakes/Paine/Watling perhaps

Australia's all time T20I XI

It’s been said a fair bit recently but the gap of a few years between he and Jimmy A means it might be unfair to bracket them together. Anderson has been super durable but Broad may go on and even catch that wicket tally!

Impossible to say yet if one, none or both will come down here in 18 months’ time. Broad has fared pretty well in Aus historically, considering most of the results. They’ll bring more raw pace obviously (for just about the first time ever,) but at this rate you’re including Broad, surely?

Stuart Broad makes history as England down Windies

This XI hypothetically would be able to match it with just about any other best ODI XI of the 21st century, I reckon.

Sri Lanka's ODI XI of the 21st century

A sign of incredible strength that Roy misses out. Can you imagine if that top seven had the chance to actually play together…wow!

My England ODI XI of the 21st century

Have thought before about Cook v Smith, if you had to choose. You probably wouldn’t pick both due to their styles but either would form quite the partnership with a dominant, intimidating type such as Hayden.

Smith’s captaincy is a huge plus, undoubtedly, while also perhaps more assured away from home. I’d have him (just) over Cook by a whisker.

Not left overs: Lefties XI

Yeah there’s a few around that do such, similar to Clarke.

Boult, Behrendorff, O’Keefe, Maharaj – spring to mind

Not left overs: Lefties XI

At least they will likely be coming to Australia with some raw pace on hand – they were able to win overwhelmingly in 2010-11 without it, but this has proven the exception, not the rule.
It will hopefully help create a close and competitive series too, given both batting line-ups even by then, will surely remain flawed and uncertain.

England are piecing together their side for next year's Ashes

What a side and bowling attack in particular – if only to have seen it play together.

My New Zealand ODI XI of the 21st century

I reckon the comments on this piece and yesterday’s say everything

Lengthy BBL fixture makes same old mistakes

Would this mean Head is back in the frame for ODI cricket? Or T20’s? Hmmm

Australia names squad for England tour - in case it actually happens

Good shout – boy the first few seasons seemed much simpler. Not sure which issue has been solved here, apart from the H&A matches done within the school holidays- that’s a tick. Can appreciate there’s little wriggle room with the number of matches, but goodness – I fear we have one hell of a drag-along coming again.

These are uncertain times admittedly, yet the schedule would have probably looked identical even in a world minus Covid.

Men's and Women's Big Bash League fixtures confirmed for 2020-21

Yeah some definite dart throwing with batsmen over the decade 10-20, often selected with solid yet unspectacular First Class form and/or records, and this was firmly highlighted by fans.

I’m thinking down the line of the 2010-15 period where the top six always had gaps that they attempted to fill with Quiney, Bailey and Doolan in particular come to mind. Yet the selectors would’ve had their strong reasons and as others have said here, their intel and understanding is infinitely more than us on this site combined.

For that matter too, it’s always worth looking at the flip – even if there are more misses overall – and they’re your obvious ones in Smith, Marnus, Head (likely, anyway)

Who is selecting the selectors?

Yeah cannot understand why it was deemed a priority for this test! Perhaps one raw quick but including Archer & Wood both was very bold

'Angry' Stuart Broad shocked by Test omission

The raw pace yeah seems to be strongly desired, even at home where it’s arguably not essential.

Hardly the beginning of the end for Broad (or is it?) but there seems already a huge emphasis on the tour to Australia in 18 months time where that pace will be vital

'Angry' Stuart Broad shocked by Test omission

Great call on Harmison and perhaps his wide to open the following series was equally a tone-setter!

Other honourables to mind were Johnson striking Trott in a 2013 ODI, Lyon’s incredible run out of Vince late on the first day in Brisbane of 2017-18.

The balls that changed it all

Probably does need Pucovski in this conversation though, too.

A full season in the right personal space could amount to anything, as the potential seems limitless.

Five players from Victoria you should watch this summer

Yes I would imagine so?

The lack of crowds might be just as eerie for viewers as it would be the players!

England vs West Indies preview: Part 1 - England

I think it’s made trickier as ideally a captain to be a ‘Long-termer’ – such as McCullum – in that, establishing bonds with players, understanding strengths/weaknesses etc. will take plenty more than a single season. The increasing rate of player movement in the BBL, local or import, makes it challenging.

How many current BBL players have been a one-club story since inception? Probably less than you’d like to see. Finch, Lynn, M.Marsh, Head, Henriques, Smith, Khawaja; probably more but struggling to find them.

Why does the Big Bash League only have Aussie captains?

Yeah great shout Micko, you’d think on a typical Day 4-5 cracking WACA minefield, chases of any substance become extremely difficult and RSA were fortunate not to face such

Random rewind: Travelling Proteas reign supreme in breathtaking series