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The case for Wade

When Tim Paine was unexpectedly thrust into Australia’s XI for the ultimately successful Ashes series almost 12 months ago, many felt it may have all but closed future Test ambitions for Tasmanian teammate Matthew Wade.

Siddle continuing his relentless ways no matter the kit he wears! Not that this should surprise, though

Long-time Ferg fans can rejoice – he is back.
Like the look of young Hunt also, building from last season – just dismissed by Siddle – but appears a proper opener that can bat long and grind.

Less than ideal first outings for D.Hughes and Patterson

Lyon, understudy Agar square off in Shield

Yeah unsure, I may have got that horribly wrong

Four takeaways from Round 1 of the Sheffield Shield

Did he take a 10-for against NSW last season if I recall?
Although may have been the one prior, 18-19.

Four takeaways from Round 1 of the Sheffield Shield

Great comment – I find it a little overblown too.
It’s undoubtedly far less dynamic than the young Paine many will remember, but can only imagine (many) finger injuries have affected that, while also approaching 36 now.

The side has still benefitted from a stack of useful contributions in the last two years, even if larger scores often evade him. As you say, the reliance should be minimal, given it is the primary job of the top six. In Paine’s case, batting is the third priority behind leading and keeping.

Can India take down the Aussies with Steve Smith and David Warner involved?

The stream does a terrific job it seems!

Imagine an alternate world where Channel 10 have complete access and matches (yes, even Shield ones) are televised free to all…..

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

Nice to have a piece on this opening round, and a place to discuss it.

A sign of strength that quality players – even some with test caps – like Ferguson, Lehmann and Cartwright are left out of their sides.

Seriously feel Inglis can play test cricket and will be as strong a chance as any come the post-Paine era. I recall reading somewhere that his pure keeping might be the best in the country, but no idea how accurate that may be.

Eight early takes from the Sheffield Shield

I’d just love to see him afforded a better opportunity than in previous instances.
Clearly wants to open, I agree. No idea if he is the longer term answer, but this season will reveal plenty, whether he can secure the place or another candidate leapfrogs him.

Can Bancroft bounce back?

Still worried about how loose Burns can appear defensively; dismissals through the gate seem common.

Interestingly, where is Ferguson for the Redbacks? Simply not selected?
I also had no idea Webster bowls some medium pace, too!

Can Bancroft bounce back?

That’s right, as far as I recall. Bancroft outperformed all others, surviving and finding his way to a score when basically all others crumbled – it was ideal timing.

The County performances are worth noting too and as the article describes superbly. On one hand some may have been quick to jump at the fact it was Division 2 yet you need only look at the calibre of some of those attacks he withstood.

Can Bancroft bounce back?

Good call on Street. He’s definitely in the mix if the start to his career continues.

Can Bancroft bounce back?

The technical weaknesses are the most obvious hurdle for him. The one you have mentioned has been exposed at test level so far, and you wonder if that weird leg-side mode of dismissal from last season might be targeted again. Perhaps that was more consistent bad luck than anything else?

With Burns the incumbent in the opening slot, I’d argue it’s still very open, depending on who grabs it and/or if Burns doesn’t nail it down. I’d have Bancroft in the same ‘Maybe’ category as Harris, D.Hughes, Khawaja, Weatherald or Maddinson.

Can Bancroft bounce back?

Yeah you worry that’s for sure.

As others may have touched on, sometimes the relentless desire to earn a test cap representing your country requires players to think beyond dollars. But there are many considerations here too.

What can we read into the ECB player contracts?

You have to wonder. Top-shelf test/FC players of the pre-T20 era(s) may have fared much differently if the format existed.

I’d also seriously question how common Shield averages of circa 50-55 would have been. As we know well, each team often had 2-3 of these types. Anything north of 40 is now rare enough, and 30-35 even throws players into contention these days.

What can we read into the ECB player contracts?

Probably likewise – can only imagine CA are pinning many hopes on him too.
We know the desire for a leg-spinner is perhaps as strong as that of a seam-bowling all rounder!

Will surely get an uninterrupted chance now with Zampa to NSW and Andrews to TAS? If I recall, there have been some on here and in the media identifying his need to develop a true leg-break?

What can we read into the ECB player contracts?

Significant concern isn’t it.

I feel they are praying Swepson is that player, and one they had identified some time ago.

What can we read into the ECB player contracts?


Too sensible though

Australia-Afghanistan Test postponed

Well it’s something, I guess.

Gee wouldn’t FTA coverage of these be just magic…maybe in an alternate world where a few little things did or didn’t happen – but I won’t go there!

At least the live stream commentary usually do a wonderful job

South Australia to host Sheffield Shield hub

Agree haha…replied to spruce but same can be said for both!

Seven refuse to pay full broadcast price to CA

May have been said already but another pretty obvious hole in the Ch 7 standpoint being their willingness to sign onto this same deal ahead of a home season without Smith and Warner in the Australian side – talk about poorer quality!

I dunno, but I doubt the desired quality of this product can ever be guaranteed – when you consider injuries (physical and mental too, at that), the scheduling overflow that dominates modern cricket, lack of opposition competitiveness – struggling to adapt to Australian conditions – is seen often enough – I instantly think of Sri Lanka’s last couple of test series visits, the Windies in 2015/16 and even last season’s test series’ failed to produce the contests anticipated and were enjoyed only by ardent Australian fans. As for the BBL, many might argue the quality has deteriorated steeply since that 2016-17 season.

Seven refuse to pay full broadcast price to CA

Thanks for that – sure does include ODIs and T20Is. Wow yes – no wonder the justifiable frustration

Seven refuse to pay full broadcast price to CA

Great stuff

Eight youngsters to watch out for this IPL

And poor Watto hated being dismissed in general – I have never known someone to appear so genuinely mystified at getting out! Haha…think there is even a snippet of Griegy’s commentary once which says it

Australia’s 'winningest' Test cricketers

True although the way I read it, the laws allow FTA with the first choice to broadcast, if they want to – in the instance of Seven, I think they may have been reluctant to take the entire season onboard (which in hindsight may have been smarter,) and so were happy to forego the limited-overs internationals and a chunk of the BBL to Fox.

Was there something regarding events of national public significance, too? Can’t recall 100%; but for memory, the limited overs matches and BBL weren’t on this exclusive list, even though many of us would seriously argue that.

Seven refuse to pay full broadcast price to CA

Nice piece Arnab. Do you see RCB employing Patel much this season, or is there any chance ABDV takes the gloves?

Eight youngsters to watch out for this IPL

I can only imagine many many fans echo your sentiments, even the most hardened ones.

Can’t help wonder if it’s the blatant cash grabbing that irks people most. You need only look at the broadcast deal secured two years ago to see where the priorities sit. For a slight hit to CA’s over-flowing pockets at the time, all cricket – including domestic, (Yes – that includes Shield & OD Cup matches!) could have benefited from FTA exposure. Wow – imagine what that might have done for domestic cricket.

As a not-for-profit entity exempt from tax, the large tax-paying fan base is supposed to be represented by the organisation, and yet already a majority are blocked from limited-overs internationals and a chunk of BBL matches. Critically, a worst-case scenario from the broadcast fiasco sees all home cricket locked behind pay-tv, not just some.

I think the key point you identify is the target audiences, and Australia is definitely not alone. One major purpose of The Hundred was to attract new sets of eyes to the sport, regardless of the potential impact on the existing ones.

How Cricket Australia killed my interest in the professional game