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Well, the cap will prevent the Dragons from having both players on the roster; one will need to miss out. Yeah I think based on past experience, the signing is a huge risk and the only sensible thing to do is walk away… but just imagine if Hayne did get it together this season? I think that possibility has the Dragons in dreamland and that’s why it’s looking like he’ll be signed. Gee, I hope we get this right! If we don’t – Mary will have something in common with Henry

If Matt Dufty is the future, then why is Jarryd Hayne the answer?

Wait, it’s just 2 series losses in 13 years, no need to bang on the ‘suicide alert’ button just yet

Thurston, Slater among additions to Queensland coaching staff

yeah who you trying to kid here, mate? why don’t you grow a couple and say sorry; that would be a good starting point. Should’ve given him 6 weeks, it was horrendous and painful to watch

Burgess to miss start of NRL season after eye-gouging suspension

I wouldn’t say the right price but the ‘right arrangement’
It has to be performance based and we should drop kick him out if he is not living up to his end of the deal! And isn’t he supposed to be attending a court case in the US next year? That could prove to be disruptive

Dragons look at Hayne for 2019 NRL: Report

I thought the 2003 and 2004 jersey were great! Not as tight as the ones they’re making now but the color was spot on! Sky Blue! I think Wizard Home Loans was the official sponsor then.

The new NSW jersey is a cash grab, pure and simple

yeah any coach at any point in time has plans to win grand finals. so there are coaches out there that are hired solely to rebuild a club?

If Ivan Cleary fails, Phil Gould must be sacked

Yeah gypsy was quite fast, awkward but FAST!

The dazzle versus the grind

There is one solution: Make Fittler Australian coach – case closed!

Are the all-conquering Kangaroos on the decline?

hampered by mortals and NSWelshmen? Fittler seemed to get them working pretty well almost ran in a clean sweep. But agreed, Meninga was just a jockey sitting on the back of Makybe Diva in most of his years as a coach

Meninga begins new role as rugby league coach

yeah I did mention that Cherry Evans’ inclusion in the team was a joke and Hunt and Gagai selections were questionable. Meninga needs to pick guys who actually deserve to be there. Dale Finucane and Josh Addo-Carr I thought were automatic selections. That’s why Gagai couldn’t burn them in that play in the dying seconds, he’s just not quick enough. This will give the Tongans some added confidence and Australia could walk away from this tour without a win..

Kiwis pip Kangaroos 26-24 in Test thriller

Turbo started out as a winger, he knows how to play that position as good as any winger out there. And was rightly selected in the NSW team, they probably walked away with the series because he was there. But I’m not sure about playing him at centre though. He’s a champion player and will do well

This Kangaroos side was at 1 million to 1 of being selected

Instinct? Yes, which includes messing up in the most critical moments of a game. Interesting times ahead.

NB: This is directed at Hunt himself as a player, not the Dragons

Hunt given freedom to play to instinct for Kangaroos

Ok AJ. I thought he would at least get a small cameo in there but yes, he deserves to go out honorably I guess. The best fullback I’ve seen in my lifetime, no doubt!

Presenting the 2018 Crises awards

Gee, it’s amazing how Slater doesn’t appear anywhere in there. Can score tries from knock-ons, dive like an Olympian, win medals head and shoulders above everyone else even though he played less games than others and in the losing team, convince judiciary he didn’t perform a dead set shoulder charge. You can put that in this category – ABOVE THE GAME GRUB – automatic winner!

Presenting the 2018 Crises awards

Yeah just stick to the role you were brought to for the Dragons
Hooker at 1m per year over McInnes? God no

Ben Hunt considering permanent hooking move

except he did play in the 2014 soo series and got whacked hard in game 1 and left the field and only missed the 2nd game. came back in the 3rd and won the dead rubber

Did Robbo stuff up by playing Cronk?

He’s got off easy that Munster. It wasn’t the nicest of looks and let’s be honest, it was a spot on dog act! Bottom line – he kicked a defenseless player (on the deck) in the back of the head, pretty low level stuff. It’s was against the spirit of the game, against the spirit of the universe and against the spirit of life itself! He has to feel the pain of it both financially and professionally. 20K fine and no eligibility for Australia until next year. They’re doing things in a way that it seems like if you’re a first time offender, you’ll get off! They’ll wait until you think you’re above it and rip someone’s peanut sack from under him, by that time you’re no longer a cleanskin and then they’ll consider really punishing you

Strewth Todd! You’ve got to be suspended for kicking a bloke in the head

like I said mate, he brought that on himself. and you’re out of your mind to think it’s all about money. Word is they’re taking huge pay-cuts for these test matches so 40K is an inflated figure. But hey, it’s not like that amount of money would put a dent on his personal savings now would it? For GI, it is the honour of representing your country and that’s where they need to come down hard..

No restrictions of future Greg Inglis captaincy

yeah he brought the humiliation to himself, deprived himself of the highest honour, gave up the match payments himself. I’m not interested in penalties from outside the NRL. But inside the NRL, what have they done? Just suspended for 2 test matches? Seriously? That’s getting off scot-free if you ask me. He’s come out and said adamantly he refuses to give up the captaincy, that only reveals he has little integrity if any at all. The things Mal is saying from the article, gee you really start to wonder the captaincy gig was locked in a while back and it was like his birth right or something..

No restrictions of future Greg Inglis captaincy

So after being involved heavily in establishing those important values, shouldn’t that be enough reason to come down hard on him? Because he knew better? But it’s ok, anyone can do a DUI, all they’ll need to do is stand in front of a camera, say they were caught and that will make everything ok again and they won’t get the punishment they actually deserve.

No restrictions of future Greg Inglis captaincy

yeah like I have dreams to become a DUI statistic which is what we’re talking about, not how great a player he is. He owned up but get this – he still wants to be the captain! sounds to me like he thinks he is special and he’ll walk right back into the role on a rolled out red carpet when he’s ready. If he had some integrity, he’d take responsibility and step down. Nobody is above the game (except Slater) and Inglis is placing himself above it

UPDATE: Inglis suspended for two games by NRL

Nah can’t be trusted. You’re in for one great big freaking surprise if you put your trust in these suits. They’ll catch you off guard and hit you for six every single time

Cameron Munster fined not suspended: Can we trust the judiciary?

Brilliant according to you and Mal, not good enough for Fittler and the rest of the rugby league world and rightly so. NSW win series without the passenger and the Bulldogs and Sharks fail to make prelims. But there is something you guys are seeing that no one else is seeing, good on you!

Inglis to captain new-look Kangaroos squad

He should grow a pair and step down from all forms of representative duties himself until he gets himself sorted out, no one should have to take action to stand him down. Clearly, as a senior player, he is still not able to make the appropriate decisions that come with being a responsible adult and superstar of the game that many young citizens (especially indigenous citizens) look up to. Strip the captaincy from him and he’ll need to earn it from scratch again.

UPDATE: Inglis suspended for two games by NRL

yeah I don’t think so

The column you were never meant to read: What if Melbourne won?