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yeah that sexting scandal will have a detrimental effect on the wabbits, it’ll be worse if players are stood down. I think it is all coming together for the Dragons with Latrell getting banned as well. can’t wait for games to begin

Guilty! Latrell Mitchell to miss preliminary final

yeah they’re at the center of a sexting scandal, the Dragons odds just got even better! and I believed those odds were pretty good before this morning’s news

John Sutton: Peak Bunny

well, I think the rule they have in place is if that was done from a kick, it would have been at the least, a penalty. those events happened from a pass so no penalty was awarded; and I agree the tackle was indeed dangerous and could have gone horribly wrong resulting in permanent injury. At Lattrel Mitchell’s hearing, the panel mentioned something about him not showing ‘care’ for Dugan. Luke sure as hell didn’t show any mercy toward Jimmy

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Finals Week 2

I love that no one’s giving the Dragons a chance 🙂


The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Finals Week 2

Tim, you mentioned some of your personal experiences with him, at what time did those occur?
Have you had any recent interactions with him and have they been different? some improvement or did it almost end up becoming the 3rd ‘something you would scrape off your shoe’ experience?

I watched the interview and I thought he was genuinely affected by the impact of it
And I’ll say I almost felt sorry for him

But are we there, are we at a place where we’ll never get to hear a negative story about Dugan come out as a result of him making poor choices? I honestly think not!

Wish him the best

Josh, you want a fair go? Start by saying sorry

I wouldn’t go with Aitken, the way he succumbed to the injury against the Dogs, I think he’s a big chance of relapsing 10 minutes in, and something like that just throws the spanner into the works. I’ll stick with the big body young gun whose got goal kicking ability and can bend the defensive line relatively well. Aitken is a risk for mine

The Dragons are back and they’re a real chance

Great article Tim!


The Dragons are back and they’re a real chance

If they rule on it based on the evidence, he’ll miss a match. He applied downward force onto Dugan’s neck, that should be the deciding factor in their decision to hand down a 1 game ban. If they’re big on clamping down on this crusher tackle thing, they’ll suspend him. otherwise like most say, it’s a lottery

Latrell Mitchell pleads not guilty to crusher tackle

Good on ya Teddy!
Wally advised Slater to attend the event, said ‘you could get this you know. You got the Wally Lewis medal, Commonwealth Gold in the 10m platform dive, The Fifa world cup… it’s possible’. Slater says, I’m not sure about this one

Tedesco claims Blues' Brad Fittler Medal

Naah, he’d be crazy to do that. Aitken can’t kick conversions from the sideline so I’m hoping some common sense prevails and Lomax stays. Carted the ball up with venom and has a deft side step that almost got him over the try line

Six talking points from Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL elimination final

Great game! At last the Red-V have turned up! Wayne’s world went up in flames and it was evident watching him have a whinge at the post match interviews. And that Andrew Gee situation really got him fired up.. 🙂

Six talking points from Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL elimination final

Yeah it’s simple really. They’re just not up to it. They’ll need to be before things change for the better

The Dragons' disaster: It’s not something about Mary

RIP champ. Great player and person. Wore the Red-V with pride!

NRL mourns loss of former player Lance Thompson

Dugan is nursing some kind of injury; it’ll come of age in the next couple of games; he himself doesn’t know it

Will the actual NRL premiership favourite please stand up!

If he really wanted to test his ability, he’d join the wallabies! playing against the all blacks is the pinnacle, playing for them is not. nothing comes close to state of origin..

Kalyn Ponga talks possible code shift, wants to play for All Blacks

Agree with you Mordac!
The last thing the Dragons need is someone that doesn’t know when the appropriate time is to pass or kick and especially one that has a poor haircut that inexplicably is the thing that seems to have caused the slide in form when it came about. I think Kurt Mann on numerous occasions has played well at 5/8

Top four or not, the Sharks can win this

Kevin Walters in going to be the Broncos coach is what I’m hearing. Trent Barrett’s probably really is going to the Panthers.

‘Panthers boss Phil Gould has repeatedly denied Barrett is heading west’

Gus has on many occasions come out and tried to play something down only for it to be true!

Trent Barrett set to leave Sea Eagles at end of 2018: Updated

Yeah pretty much says where the Dragons really are; this team would struggle in the Intrust competition. I’m not sure how a number of these players are still playing the way the are without some kind of consequence, it’s unacceptable performance! Mary needs to run a fine tooth comb through this lot of slack bodies and bring in some boys from the Cutters, Lomax comes to mind. Pereira out, Dufty out, Aitken out, Widdop to bench (and have head shaved), and the forwards should be put on notice. Parra were ordinary against a crappy group of individuals. I AM JUST ABOUT SICK OF SEEING IT GO TO THE DOGS AFTER SUCH PROMISING STARTS. SICK TO THE BACK OF MY TEETH!!!

Parra-dise City: Eels demolish Dragons in massive upset

That’s what did Gela Mosby, he probably knew it was a knock-on and hesitated; still he should’ve been pinning the ears back regardless. But I thought it was a knock on as did most other viewers I saw the game with..

Cowboys rally late to deny Broncos

I noticed a circumstance identical to what happened between the Dragons and the Storm early this year where a try was scored but it got called back because a penalty had been awarded for infringement in the ruck. The Broncos really need to start closing off games when they get a head and improve their starts they let opposition get ahead too often..

Cowboys rally late to deny Broncos

No no no no no…Gus thinks Griffin shouldn’t have done the interview, but he’s done 4 about his own version of things including this lame effort of a response?! a journalist approaches Gus and you can bet he’ll be all over it with further justification for the sacking, he can’t stop, he can’t help himself but he’s Gus so no one can counsel him or control him! He was an incredible coach and is an excellent analyst of the game;

Aristotle once said, “no great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness,” in Gus’ case, a bit more than a touch

Gould again slams 'embarrassing' Griffin

but at ‘what time’ did they realize or find out he was all those things? surely, the honorable thing to do is let him know about it, you know give him a fighting chance of changing things up; or is it just ‘you don’t have this so you’re gone’ even though it’s really our (or Gould’s) that we initially failed to see that? Some time into the near future that immovable object is going to come along and fall into the path of the unstoppable force that is Gus and send the NRL into cosmic (no, no, no, no, no) oblivion..

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

well if getting paid out the remainder of your contract solely translates to landing on your feet pretty good then maybe you’re right. He’s out of a job indefinitely, no one in the NRL’s interested in old school coaches and it’ll take years before someone ‘decides’ to look at him seriously. he’ll probably take up a supporting role somewhere and settle for way way less than what he really wants. Effectively, he’s in a beggars can’t be choosers situation I’d say..

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

I hope everyone gets what they want from this and Griffin lands on his feet good somewhere. If the Panthers are bundled out of finals football; Gould should suffer badly for it, like utter badly! The way he is running things at the Panthers looks like he actually owns the club, is there someone above him that he ‘answers’ to? If they only found out recently Griffin was old school they should hold Gould and or their HR responsible, he was the one that made that recommendation to hire him in the first place; the recruitment methods failed to detect that or he was blatantly ‘walk in’ to the club as per Gould’s advice. The fact they want Cleary back only reveals they don’t know whether they’re going or coming…

Lies, corporate speak and audacious coach poaching

There was a moment in the game when Dufty threw that crisp cut-out pass to young Jordan Pereira; I had him crashing over the line in the corner, except it didn’t happen and it goes to show they must have a confidence problem because he didn’t back himself to go all the way…

Is Paul McGregor in danger?