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Great news if it comes to pass.

Jets set to announce new owner, coach and hope

Thanks Nick – good analysis. I thought Baumjohann had a big impact in attack when he came on. For all the good stuff Caceres does he too often runs into dead-ends in attack and can’t find the right pass to get out of trouble. But it was definitely better to start him than Baumjohann.

A-League grand final analysis: Sydney FC 1, Melbourne City 0

Maybe – but I reckon Corica would kill to have Devlin instead of Retre and Burgess instead of Caceres.

Are Western United a Cinderella story or the A-League's ugly sibling?

Roar were good to watch last night – I never thought I’d say that this season. They should be good value next season.

Are Western United a Cinderella story or the A-League's ugly sibling?

It’s pretty subjective I know, but I’ve really enjoyed watching WUN this season. Their attacking play has been excellent to watch. Risdon, Pain and Imai have all been regularly good, on top of Diamanti, Burgess and Berisha. Lustica has been surprisingly good too. Kone and Jertec were both good value while they were here as well.

I think the team struggled during the heat – lots of old guys meant Rudan had to find ways of slowing the game at times. But even that was interesting from a tactical perspective.

I’m hoping for a Sydney vs WUN final – if Sydney score early it could be a humdinger.

Are Western United a Cinderella story or the A-League's ugly sibling?

WUN won one none. What more could you want?

And they played some great football. And they rid us of the Fowler curse.

My only question is how Sydney FC did not notice how good Max Burgess could be?

Are Western United a Cinderella story or the A-League's ugly sibling?

Berisha looks shot.

Tactical analysis: Melbourne Victory 1, Western United 2

Excellent article Nick. Sadly, ‘run around like a headless chook’ is the go-to tactic for some of the Fox commentators. Closely followed by ‘pump it into the stands’.

Commentary in the A-League: A look at Central Coast Mariners vs Newcastle Jets

Great stuff Nick. More articles like this please.

Brisbane Roar 0, Adelaide United 1: Tactical analysis

Welcome back Mike.

Regarding the struggling A-League, the recent shenanigans with Fox Sports highlighted one thing for me…

If the A-League was actually the top tier of Australian football, with pro-rel connecting it directly and indirectly to all the levels below, it couldn’t not exist, even without a broadcast deal.

But the A-League in its current standalone form is like a shag on a rock and every twitch in broadcast deal negotiations is an existential threat. A bad deal or no deal likely means no A-League. No club or player below A-League level has much reason to care, except for those who are fans of an A-League club.

James Johnson is on the right track trying to line up the A-League with the rest of Football.

The A-League's fan-base could use an attitude adjustment

Now let’s win it.

Women's World Cup hosting win exactly what football in Australia needs

Fox back with A-League for 1 season more:

How much would you pay to watch the A-League on an app?

Imagine what would have happened if this guy had been black…

As America burns, sport reminds us of its social responsibility

It looks more and more like Covid-19 is seasonal, the key factors being temperature and humidity. Hooter and wetter is better.

So, the best way to minimise the risk of the hub shutting down due to a spate of viral infections would be to head for the hottest, most humid location. That would be Queensland, who apparently offer the added bonus of $2 mill gov funding.

Is it any surprise that New South Wales will host the rest of the A-League season?

Waz – good comment. Organic is good.

On that point, do any stats exist that show numbers of registered players by age, gender and suburb or postcode or town?

Where should the A-League expand to next?

Harry Souttar?

Where is Milos Degenek?

Is this Graham Arnold's 2021 Socceroo squad?

Excellent article. Liverpool’s recent success is based on the work of people like Ian Graham applying science to football. He is just a football fan who happens to have academic qualifications that are really useful for analysing football.

If Graham’s work had failed he would have been dismissed as a typical academic with no feel for the game i.e. not a footballing person. As it is, I think a lot of people are still sceptical, but certainly not Jurgen Klopp.

Bitter legends have no right to dictate their codes

Most of us, ex-footballers included, form our opinions by extrapolating from a sample of one – ourselves. So, mostly, any individual’s particular opinions are pretty suspect – it’s the personal history behind the opinion that is really useful.

Some personal experiences have more value and weight than others. So, just using Viduka as an example, his opinions about sporting things like the AIS, skill development etc are far more valuable and weighty than someone without Viduka’s history and achievements in the game.

But even then, Viduka is only a useful guide if others with similar experiences achieved similar results to him. So, just using the AIS as an example, if there were 100 AIS failures for every Viduka the AIS produced, the value of the 100 failures’ experiences (assuming they had talent to get in) would probably outweigh the value of Viduka’s experience.

As an outlier, Viduka’s case is very interesting, but the 100 failures probably tell administrators more about what things they need to improve to get better results. That is, where are we going wrong with all of those failed could-have-beens?

On commercial matters affecting football, Viduka’s personal experience – given he runs a cafe – is probably of very little value at all. As far as I know he has never ran a club, or an association, or a sport, or even a business of any size. Has he even coached a team?

So, for some things, like sporting success, Viduka’s experiences are of interest, but that’s all. And, as for his opinions – well, as far as I can tell, Viduka doesn’t have any educational qualifications that would give us confidence that his opinions are well-formulated. I’m not sure why his opinions are of much interest at all, except as a by-product of his experiences.

The people who run a sport have to pay attention to the aggregate of experiences – both sporting and commercial. It’s a good look for them to pay respect to famous ex-players like Viduka, but when they make decisions affecting the whole sport they need to pay attention to a whole range of experiences, not just the success stories, and certainly not just the success stories’ opinions.

Bitter legends have no right to dictate their codes

If the plague causes a depression then all around the world there will be footballers – millions of them – scrambling for jobs. It’s hard to predict, but the A-League could end up with a glut of high quality footballers willing to come here for smallish amounts.

The whole world is in dire straits, not just the A-League. The A-League’s advantage is that it is in a country with the good fortune of having state premiers and medical experts who have led our Trump wannabe leader to a safe place (for the moment). Australia will quite likely look very inviting to a lot of foreign footballers in the coming year.

Goodbye A-League. It was fun while it lasted

Through good fortune, I’ve been on the Champs-Élysées 3 times for the last day of a Tour.

Personal favourite was being in Paris for the whole of the 91 tour and watching the live coverage on French TV. They took every opportunity to interview ‘Le Skippy’ Phil Anderson, perhaps because he answered in French (tick) with an outrageous Ocker-flavoured accent (tick).

But Indurain was the highlight…a machine on a machine.

What events are on your sporting bucket list?

El Guerrouj! Brilliant athlete…Athens 1500 was great:

But the 5000 was even better:

What events are on your sporting bucket list?

The problem with Qatar is the exploitation is so obvious. They have no shame – it’s so unsophisticated.

On the other hand, we sophisticated self-righteous westerners don’t mind ruthless exploitation as long as:

– individually, we are sufficiently morally distanced from the exploitation to not feel culpable,


– we’re the ones making money from it.

The Qataris mistake is to not adequately hide their exploitative practices behind murky supply chains, corrupt foreign governments, and secretive multinational companies.

Why Qatar shouldn’t host the 2022 World Cup

It’s hard to predict but I reckon you might be right Ben.

This is not how the A-League was supposed to die

Not one mention of Tickled.

My ten greatest sporting documentaries

Micko – it’s capped and every employee who is stood down gets it. Footballers are just employees too…

Feeling sorry for out of work A-League players? Don’t