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Tristan, what address can I send some pics to?

Tour Down Under: Stage 1 live updates

Who are cousins of Brian Lara.

Brotherly love sets the 2011 World Cup alight

Very droll Jason.

Brotherly love sets the 2011 World Cup alight

I love the fact this story is a laugh at code wars, and very quickly, the thread has degenerated into a pis*ing contest.
Very funny.

Oh boy, let's start a real Australian Code War

At least she doesn’t have a nose like Babs!

Plenty of interest in A-League Grand Final

The Bush: “Have you seen the price of food and drink at Suncorp? Also the price of tickets for the Grand Final are not “cheap” by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually a little insulting, and I’ve paid for one.”

See, that’s how much Ian loves the game and wants to see it grow. He will actually spend his whole beer allowance on one frothy just to get AF to the game! 😉

Plenty of interest in A-League Grand Final

It is interesting that the match is being replayed so often…
I guess with England being the football centre of the world, maybe managers and agents from Pomgolia have lobbied hard for it to be shown so they can see what talent is out there in the wider world.
It’s all a scam, I tells ya, to pinch players from us.

Plenty of interest in A-League Grand Final

Um…yeah…I might have to read this one again.

Fostering dunces a big part of FFA's problem

Great piece, I loved it.

Could someone please explain to this poor southerner (oh dear, that looks bad in words, so many connotations) what a mungo is, please?

Oh boy, let's start a real Australian Code War

Those are very true words Jake.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

Is that the case involving Andrew Lovett?

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

Jake, I totally agree in regards to scepticism.
I think I addressed that in the intro to my story.
I found it weird that this whole thing has been strung out over nearly a year and 60 minutes were able to distill it all into one 15 minute piece, giving the young lady a soft touch as she admitted that she had lied with regularity about what had actually occurred.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

James, RedB has provided a list of the main points that have been proven as lies.
I figured most people, not all, who would read this story were aware of the allegations.
It is not a sweeping statement – as she told us in the 60 Minutes about the lies, which pretty much proved to be everything she had claimed.
I’m not saying anything which she hasn’t.

As for the moderated comments, I want to clarify that I haven’t made any reports against anyone.
Maybe the moderators could explain there reasoning, as happens at other sites…

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

I agree, while I have knocked her motivations and her status as a ‘Gen Z’ celebrity, I’m not totally heartless and hope that she wakes up one day and realises life can be a little different than this.
Attention seeking becomes wearisome after a while and eventually people will write her off if she doesn’t change her direction.
No one should be in that position at such a young age.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

There is that…but they’re hoping they can manage the story.
Unfortunately it hasn’t worked and if they kick her out, they’ve got no idea what she would say next.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

Anyone want to comment on the media’s handling of this story?

Or….I’ll throw one out there, who will be the next Gen Z media superstar?

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

It probably helped her name was not actually mentioned in the mainstream media until 60 Minutes did its expose.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

So much of what you say, Hoy, is in agreeance with my piece.
I feel that throughout this situation people have lied about their involvement in certain aspects of this case.
There will be a lot of people assessing this saga and working out what they could have done better.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

Brett, you are indeed very clever to have avoided this story.
I’m not sure where you’re based, but in SA, it has been hard to avoid, being an Aussie rules state.
I’d imagine it would be the same in Victoria.
Which, is a sad indication about the development of the media which is supposed to serve us.
I can pretend to be above it all and say the story is not worth my attention, but I still wrote about it didn’t I?
I will add, that I think it’s the first time I’ve commented about this saga on this site.

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

Adam, do you feel the means by which this girl ‘stood up’ to the AFL are how we as individuals should act as a society?
Take revenge by fabrication?
Maybe read the piece again, nowhere did I say that anyone involved in this was perfect.
I never defended Nixon.
As for the photos….

Is this the end of the St Kilda sex scandal?

These massive pre-season losses have been occurring for years.
Over the past decade, SANFL clubs have played both Port and Adelaide in trial games and been well hammered.
It hasn’t harmed the SANFL clubs, the SA based AFL teams or the AFL itself.
The opportunity for the players to see how far they actually need to progress and to experience a quicker match than they have experienced in the past would have been beneficial.
While, for the other clubs involved, they can work on their systems with a modicum of pressure being placed upon them.
Of course, people with other agendas could possibly look at it as a failure, not that I’m suggesting the author of this piece is among those.

Baby Giants were never ready for big boys

Mariners will challenge early but, as always, Roar will find a winner.

Broich best on pitch.
Nickolls to score one of the goals.

I usually don’t make predictions like this, I’m not a gambling man…but, what the hey?

Grand Final Preview: the cream to rise to the top

Ok, a considered response to Art’s piece, cleverly constructed around many of the same ol’ boring stereotypes.
I’m not going to complain about those, as Croweaters love to throw around stereotypes about the Big V and Victory supporters have been copping plenty of those in regards to their active support issues.
While Art is clearly taking the urine, I think in terms of discussing bad sports, he’s missed the bigger act of poor sportsmanship.
The issue wasn’t about Brucey boy being booed, an action I was disappointed with (and yes, you could see in the coverage that he was too), but it was the throwing of bottles on to the pitch at one stage late in the game.
I’ve seen it happen several times over the years at Hindmarsh and was disappointed it happened again.
It just gives people like Art more ammunition to throw at us.

Interestingly, I hate going to Footy Park to watch Adelaide Crows games, as over the years I’ve found their supporters to be one eyed and very myopic. Their club is always right, which is an issue Art brought up in his piece.
I think it comes from not having to regularly share the stadium with supporters of other clubs, unlike in Melbourne where the home ground advantage is heavily watered down when two Victorian clubs play each other.
I have discussed this issue with Crows supporters in the past and some have agreed with me, others not.

Also Art, I think you will have found that Adelaide has grown – it’s population is growing and the suburbs are sprawling further north and south. It’s just that, sadly, no one has shown the vision to take on the ACC and our State Government to redevelop our city. Lots of discussion and planning – but no action.

Adelaide: How to turn city of bad sports into great fans

“He’s an alien, he’s a legal alien, he’s an Englishman in The Cove.”

Apologies to Sting.

Thanks for the read.

An Englishman falls for Sydney FC, A-League

Sorry? What has that got to do with anything? I’m asking for clarification on your post, I couldn’t understand who you were saying was posting negative posts. I’m not sure who can’t express themselves.

What does who I support or work for have to do with this? I’m looking for clarification, so I can understand your post.

God hates Victory! Why? Why? Why?