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Vale Barry. What a champion. Thank you Ken for also posting the article. Whilst anyone’s passing is a sad occasion Barry’s family can be immensely proud of him. The measure of a man is not what he says but what he does. To give up the chance of playing for your country on principle is an example to all of us.

Former Wallabies flanker Barry McDonald passes away

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I appreciate it greatly and it is nice to be able to relate what actually happened way back when to people that love this great game that belongs to everyone.

Go the Wallabies!

Beware the Bajada

That is absolutely true Felix. This is why it shapes as such a great contest.

Stormers to teach the Brumbies a lesson in South African resilience

Hi Johnno, thanks for your comments – food for thought.

CHRIS ROCHE: No Wallaby is indispensable

Hi John, I also have no issue with players who leave to play overseas to earn extra for their families or if they feel they cannot crack the national team. I think that aspiring wallabies may be more inclined to persist at home though, if they can see that the long entrenched incumbent is off to the northern hemisphere and given up his international career.

Your question about attitude/humility iis an interesting one. In an ideal world I think it is a combination of the two. However, we don’t live in an ideal world so if the player has not grown up with it then in my view it needs to be taught.

I haven’t read Robbie Dean’s book but he has been at the coalface of both All Black and Wallaby rugby so whatever comments he made need to be considered carefully. I agree that administration and standards must come from the top and that everyone has to buy in. I do not know JOC but if he had to choose between giving up the chance to ever play for the wallabies again and going to Europe, his approach to rugby at that point in his life may have been different. And as for the Mackenzie saga – that is a story for another day!

CHRIS ROCHE: No Wallaby is indispensable

Hi Niwdeyaj,

Thank you for your comment. I am not pointing fingers at players but simply making observations based on experience about what it takes to achieve sustained success.

CHRIS ROCHE: No Wallaby is indispensable