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SA state guernsey should be sacrosanct

6 Feb 2014

Yesterday, the Adelaide Crows announced to the football world that they will be wearing a replica South Australian state guernsey in the Round 2 Showdown against Port Adelaide.

AFL on the borderline of disaster

AFL on the borderline of disaster

27 Jul 2013

I’m not all that sure what I’m supposed to make of the AFL’s current predicament.

Melbourne Football Club is a disgrace

13 May 2013

I’ve said it time and time again over the past few years: Melbourne is in trouble. It’s sad that I’ve been saying it for so long.

Time for the AFL to bring back State of Origin

1 Feb 2013

This week, the AFL website ran a piece about State of Origin and how players really like the idea of representative footy.

Giants are miles behind Wanderers for support

9 Jan 2013

Everybody knew from the outset that the AFL’s push into the Western Sydney region was going to be a tough one.

The Kurt Tippett saga: Adelaide’s reputation is at risk

The Kurt Tippett saga: Adelaide's reputation is at risk

15 Nov 2012

The Adelaide Crows were once seen as the pin up club of the AFL. They have a large supporter base, good attendances, fantastic administration, a safe future in an AFL heartland, no player scandals, and they always adhere to the AFL’s rules.