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His mother came out and discussed a few of the issues that he’s facing. It’s no surprise that he was dropped considering everything

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

Well looks like that big issue which was obviously there has become public knowledge

Mitchell axed, seven changes for NSW Blues Origin 2 team

With a limited amount of time, it’s really not Fitlers job to get him in the right frame of mind. He may have decided that its too big of a task in the time frame given.

Mitchell axed, seven changes for NSW Blues Origin 2 team

Australia were paying $1.07. Not sure anyone actually thought it would be harder than a stroll in the park.

David Warner, Aaron Finch lead Australia through demolition job of Afghanistan

Everyone’s been banging on about us turning into a threat at the right time but fact is we don’t have the strike rate to match it with the best.

Australia's Cricket World Cup squad is too conservative

Gutted for Whittaker, particularly after being forced out of Perth last year.

Emergency surgery sees Whittaker cancel title defence

Fedora is 42 now. Time to hang up the gloves before destroying his legacy

UFC veteran makes Bellator history with 35-second TKO

No problem! I was genuinely interested from the headline but didn’t learn as much as I’d have liked. Keep writing though!

The star-studded T20 teams that never fail to disappoint

Article is probably a little thin on content. A bit more depth about each team, their players, examples of best performances and biggest collapses etc.

The star-studded T20 teams that never fail to disappoint

I support the sixers, but they’re the worst team to have ever been standing second but they do keep surprising me…

A clear favourite has emerged in the BBL, and we’re close to knowing the challengers too

If you’re going to cut Maxwell down for his lack of runs, you should be looking a lot deeper; what over he came in, the position the team found themselves at the time he came to the crease etc.

At least he bats quickly. We aren’t going to trouble anyone of note at the world cup with sub 300 scores.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

I love Whittaker and hes probably my favourite fighter but i dont see any real big challenges for him besides Adesanya, who I’m not entirely sold on yet but i almost included him on this list.

As for Nunes, i dont think anyone will pose any threat to her devastating hands.

And as for Silva, Adesanya is a very similar striker but a lot quicker and I’m sure a lot stronger. Silva will have to fight a very smart fight to get it done.

My most anticipated fighters of 2019

Yeah this has been confirmed for a little while now. I expect an easy win for Whittaker, and Adesanya should get it done against a 43y/o version of himself but I would never underestimate Silva. The winner is likely to get the next title shot and I dont see either being competitive for Whittaker. Not quite sure I see the Adesanya hype. The rest of the card is weak as water. 235 is a stacked card!

Revisiting my 2018 UFC predictions

It was a better performance but not enough to worry anyone at the world cup. We are going to head in with a squad who’ve barely played together. Not ideal.

Stoinis flattered himself with the last few overs but was well below what we needed. It was a very conservative (or selfish) performance with the bat. If we are going to tick along at 5 an over, we need to explode in the last 10, not the last 3.

Should be an interesting series.

Richardson and Handscomb star in ODI win over India

Its cheap enough to access for those with a half decent internet connection.
Streaming is the future and FTA dont do sport justice unless it’s a big ratings event.

Richardson and Handscomb star in ODI win over India

Check out the UFC womens featherweight rankings; you’ll soon realise they dont exist. She fights women who step up in weight every single time. Holm, Evinger , Kunitskaya – all ranked bantamweights. That division is as good as dead IMO. Absolutely no chance Nunes vacates just to reclaim a belt in her optimal division, when theres nothing at featherweight besides a rematch with Cyborg which she has shot down.

He doesnt sell fights, seems like he would rather rematch the same people he has defeated over and over rather than accept a fight with TJ/Cody etc. Getting Ben Askren is huge, though a few years late.

Revisiting my 2018 UFC predictions

Mighty Mouse was traded to One in return for Funky Ben Askren.

Womens featherweight has no fighters. It was basically for the UFC to make some money off Cyborg. Nunes has finished that and will defend at 135. Cyborg also has one fight on her contract and if there is no rematch guaranteed either next or as a carrot to sign another deal, she will walk away.

Revisiting my 2018 UFC predictions

Absolutely wouldnt go with Pucovski until hes had a full shield season and piled on runs, but more importantly until his mental health is well and truly up to it. Not sure how a few failures will sit with him.

Reports: Will Pucovski set to be selected against Sri Lanka, both Marsh brothers dropped

Yeah but it’s all about the TV and their TV money!

Justin Langer should stand down as a national selector

Yes but also making a massive resurgence. I meant it more in the sense that you know most teams, especially those generally considered inferior, will play this way in current tournaments. If you cant break it down then thats a managers personnel/tactical/technical issue.

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start

Why not flip the script and have only the coach as the selector and if the team is consistently under performing, sack him? I think the coach should have the biggest say as it’s his reputation on the line.

Justin Langer should stand down as a national selector

News this morning suggests Rogic broke his hand in the 25th minute and is seeking a specialist opinion regarding it.

Sometimes watching the Socceroos is like licking an ashtray

Jordan’s tactics were very modern tournament football. A lot of very good sides are playing the same; keep narrow and defend deep, and hopefully score off a set piece.

We do not possess the technical qualities to break this down, regardless of possession.

Rogic has been awful for the national team for too long. While mass changes are unlikely, we definitely need to add some creativity up front and hope Nabbout is ready to start up front or it could be a disappointing campaign.

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start

I wonder how the repeated failures of our top order will impact on the public’s thoughts about Smith and Warner slotting back into the team.

It’s hard because the longer you stick with someone, the more time you have invested, and at some point you expect a return but at what point do you start the process over?

Khawaja has failed Australia when they needed him most

Errr no. Nunes wouldn’t stand a chance against any top 15 at the same weight. Male and female bodies are put together very differently.

Amanda Nunes absolutely obliterates Cris Cyborg in 51 seconds