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I’d love to see the corner make the stoppages more often. I know occasionally fighters pull off a miracle come back when they look totally out of it but at what cost? I guess there is just so much more money on offer as you move up the ranks. The disparity is enormous

Daniel Cormier slams ref's failure to intervene in fight earlier

4-6 weeks is the initial report which is pretty standard for a broken arm

BBL|08 season preview: Melbourne Stars

Yeah hes generally a slow starter and just blitzes people sort of 8-10 minutes onward but he was on point from the beginning. Perhaps this was to catch Ortega off guard? Either way, unbelievable performance. I’m not a fan of Conor at all anymore. I couldn’t care less if he never fights again.

Jones wasn’t at his best for the OSP fight after a bit of a lay off and I think he needs to be at his best, but should get the job done. At his best hes a straight up killer, arguably the best of all time, but always going to have a few things held against him. I think we still have his best years to come at 31 years old which is the most exciting part.

Bones and Cyborg. Nunes is probably the best of the challengers to dethrone her but how could you bet against her? Shes an animal in the cage. I’ll say TKO round 3 to Cyborg and decision for Bones

It's time to talk about Max Holloway

I haven’t read a tonne about it and dont know the area as well as west Melbourne but what is your question in relation to in particular?

More A-League teams for Sydney and Melbourne: Did the FFA get their A-League expansion decision right?

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More A-League teams for Sydney and Melbourne: Did the FFA get their A-League expansion decision right?

I’d be happy if I thought this was the end we’d hear about mundine but unfortunately it won’t be. He’s never too far from saying something idiotic

A fitting final chapter in the career of Anthony Mundine

I’ve quite often been found wanting more from Mooy in the national team. He is slow in transition and that isn’t going to change. He plays a role with Huddersfield which is evident by the £20 million they forked out for him and his name regularly being in discussions for best on ground for them. But is he what we need? Does he have a positive contribution within our system? It’s a collective effort but I do wonder if we could be better off without him.

Aaron Mooy might not have what the Socceroos need

Actions speak louder than words

FFA AGM prompts a rare mix of conflicting sentiments

Add the gear and 10kgs to his frame and he’d be doing very well to be putting down the same numbers

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports

If you really want the test team to blossom you’d do the opposite and ban emerging talent from T20’s.

T20 internationals: The gateway to Australia's Test future

Haynes 2.0? Hopefully the upgraded version has a little more control over sexual urges

Valentine Holmes eyes playing NFL: reports

Cahill deserves every bit of praise that comes his way. An absolute pleasure to watch him over the years. Agree it’s a shame it’s not going to be a bigger crowd and against a bigger side but would love to see him score one last time.

Tim Cahill is our greatest Socceroo, and he deserves a fitting farewell

This is nothing new. Fighters should be fighting at healthier weights. State Athletic Commissions could introduce rules regarding weigh in the day prior and again before you step in the cage to stop it.

'This is not ok': UFC fighter's stomach-turning weigh-in

If you haven’t got anything of value to say, simply dont write for the sake of it.

Cricket has only just published an independent review that came as a consequence of the infamous ball tampering. We’ve lost our captain and vice captain who are easily the best and most consistent players we’ve had across the last 5 years, as well as Bancroft. Langer is still working through culture issues and personnel as they look towards the world cup.

Wallabies have been churning out garbage for how long now? Rugby in Australia is dwindling in every aspect.

Why is Michael Cheika constantly hammered, while Justin Langer is blameless?

Plenty of rain about today so that’s irrelevant! You’d be better chalking off the horses that need a hard track

Melbourne Cup 2018: Exotic bet help – quinellas, trifectas, first fours and more!

City should flog United if they dont significantly step up their defense. They’ve conceded the 6th most goals with 18 and only scored 19. The goal on the weekend was absolutely poor.

I’m expecting a much closer season with the top 5 all vying for the top 4 places and hopefully some of those can stick with city for a lot longer this time around but its definitely citys title to lose.

With 8 games to play we really get a good idea of who’s desperate to stay up. Those teams seem to nab the odd much needed upset but they’re gonna need to be within striking distance.

For seven teams, the Premier League survival race is on: EPL Matchday 11 wrap

McDonalds were giving out free family passes for the game with a large meal. Very desperate to get people through the gates

City's insipid 3-0 defeat to Sydney does not bode well

Rubbish news at such a vital time in his career. Fingers crossed it’s not as bad as first feared and we can see him back shortly.

Cruel blow for Socceroos as Arzani suffers suspected ACL tear in Celtic debut

Yes but in those games we had both Warner and Smith and you have to take into account who we played and where.

We’ve got the talent but selections and tactics are hampering the side in a big way

Australia's bizarre tactics see them lose to Pakistan. Again

This season is looking super competitive which is great for the A League and all the supporters. There’s reason for optimism for just about every club (meaning every club except Wellington). A lot playing for potential Asian Cup spots too.
Fingers crossed that the football dominates the headlines rather than anything else.

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

A lot of the new layout is atrocious. I only post on mobile and it’s so difficult to figure out who is replying to what

It’s time for A-League fireworks, and I don’t mean flares

Very capable or the best to ever stop inside the octagon? IMO this solidifies Khabib in discussions as the best lightweight ever and in pound for pound discussions. He’s still got to take Ferguson but apart from that I don’t know who’s left to challenge him.

Nurmagomedov versus McGregor: The downside of a UFC blood feud

Conor took things way too far in the build up to this fight. So insanely disrespectful that I am in no way surprised about the outcome. It would have been great if Khabib had stayed in the octagon but he’s snapped after being so calm all week. Conor isn’t as innocent as they’re all making out. Once Khabib had jumped the cage, Conor threw a few punches at Khabib’s coach, which I believe stated it all inside the octagon when it could have been relatively calm.

Surely Khabib gets off without any trouble from the UFC after Conor did for New York. The NSAC, that’s a different story.

Rumour had it that Khabib was planning to retire after this unless a GSP like fight came along which Dana wouldn’t do.

A massive shame that we aren’t talking about how utterly dominant Khabib was on the ground and his feet.

Nurmagomedov versus McGregor: The downside of a UFC blood feud

Jon Jones’ career is well and truly alive. You’ll see him back in 6 months. And absolutely no chance Khabib gets stripped. Conor attacked the bus and caused 3 fights to be cancelled and the ufc did nothing.

Things get ugly at UFC 229 after Khabib crushes Conor

McGregor is an embarasssment. Very good striker. Rubbish bloke

The best (and worst) quotes from the latest Khabib vs McGregor press conference