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I expected Liverpool and City to slug it out for the title and early form hasn’t changed that perception yet. Chelsea seem to be lacking a big 25+ goal a season forward – I thought Morata could well be that person but it seems unlikely. Either way, theres always so much to play for to keep it interesting for everyone

The Premier League already looks like a two-horse race: EPL Matchday 6 wrap

1. Its like saying 20kms over is not as bad as doing 60kms over. Billys is 20kms over the limit and should be fined (punished) accordingly. Someone doing 60kms over would have a larger fine (punishment).
2. I’m surprised friend wasn’t charged. Still, irrelevant to Billy.
4. We can’t have seperate suspensions depending on the next game. Is a team sitting 9th in round 25 worth a lesser punishment than during round 15?
5. It sets a precedent.

Why Billy Slater isn't entitled to his fairytale ending

Finally someone talking sense. Yes he’s arguably the greatest fullback of all time but that doesn’t mean anything. A grand final isn’t worth 10 games to the tribunal. The number of games doesn’t give him a deduction. He’s guilty as if it had happened in week 1 or a preliminary.

Why Billy Slater isn't entitled to his fairytale ending

Fact- crowds and tv viewers are decreasing.

At least they’re acknowledging this and talking about how to rectify it. The issue becomes are fans who are already turning up to games going to be put off by it? And if so, will it attract more new spectators to the grounds to counteract the loss?

Yeah its gimmicky and they’re clearly turning to the BBL model to engage families.

Personally, it wouldn’t stop me attending a game

Music during play at A-League games is the FFA's worst idea yet

Great to see the Dragons hit back in such stunning fashion having been written off by just about everyone. The pack stood tall and ran hard all game, even when down to just one on the bench. Broncos threatened to storm home after their two tries in quick succession in the second half but the dragons hit back and all but ended it.

Poor handling at key moments but that was due to the dragons pressure on the field and the scoreboard. Widdop is an enormous loss. Hunt has some form back but next week is an entirely different beast for him. Time to earn those dollars! The 40/20 was as good as you’ll ever see.

Six talking points from Brisbane Broncos vs St George Illawarra Dragons NRL elimination final

His technique is almost that of a shoulder charge. He makes little to no effort to wrap the player up.

Having said that, surely he gets off with the precedent having been set? The rules need to address this for it to ever be a stint on the sidelines, right?

I think its awful technique at best. Should have been two weeks the first time around.

Dylan Napa’s recklessness must be punished, accident or not

Had a horrible run with injurjes. Hopefully he turns a corner and deliver with Sydney

Sydney announce impressive marquee signing of former Dutch international

Collingwood could well have three or 4 of Darcy Moore, Tyson Goldsack, Jordan De Goey, Jeremy Howe by the time it becomes sudden death if all goes smoothly. They’re certainly not out of it and having matched Richmond for 3/4’s a few key additions will be immense.

Will Richmond's challenger please stand up?

I dont know why they dont simplify forward passes to “was the ball caught in front of the player who passed it”. none of this momentum, back out of the hands but floated rubbish.

Dragons seemed to have peaked too early. Their race is run as far as im concerned. Rosters putting it together when it counts. Storm doing as stom does.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 20

The nrl would lose too much money without the top 8 finals. The bottom teams have nothing to play for unless you introduce promotion/relegation. But once a team is relegated theyd go under.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 19

Im pretty sure a prerequisite for the marquee is having played professional football!

Iniesta and Torres were never realistic imo so I’d be hesitant to suggest we “missed out on them”. No interest in Crouch either. Especially not in my sky blue!

Why the marquee fund is the best thing for the A-League

Define “deep into the tournament” because the core of our squad does not resemble anything more than possibly scraping through an average group.

It's time to welcome the Arnold wonder years

Well the standard looks great because theres nothing to compare to. AFL fans seem to be happy in their own little bubble. Mind you, the crowds kill the NRL and A League. Every sport has its strengths and weaknesses

We can't demand more A-League marketing then complain when we get it

I really don’t see the issue with offering a trial. I also think it would be a different conversation if it was Sydney FC who were involved and not CCM.
We do an awful job of promoting the league, particularly for a season launch. Now the majority of people at least roughly know when it’ll start.

We can't demand more A-League marketing then complain when we get it

You don’t take it seriously and if you dont then we don’t want your input in how to run a circus

It's so crazy it just might work: Why Usain Bolt to the A-League might be worth it

A few points;
1. I’d refrain from commenting on Bolt’s footballing ability as no one has even seen him kick a ball. He’s a phenomenal sportsman and incredible off the track with his personality.
2. Eyes on the A-League is great- regardless of who we are talking about. If an enormous, internationally recognised athlete wants to trial (that being the key word) let them! Bring them all.
3. If he gets a contract it’ll be because he does have some footballing ability. This alone may not be enough but you can bet he brings a lot of dollars through crowds and sponsors. If that pushes him over the line, great but i can guarantee CCM aren’t playing with 10 men for some extra seats filled.
4. Yes more casuals are a good thing; more dollars as you alluded to but we also need to focus on the players in junior ranks getting involved. Expansion is a key area here. More pathways etc.

It's so crazy it just might work: Why Usain Bolt to the A-League might be worth it

But these are players the A league cannot get because financially we can’t offer the likes of USA and China can. Just because they’re available doesn’t mean we could get them.

It's so crazy it just might work: Why Usain Bolt to the A-League might be worth it

Cahill will forever be held in high regard. His contributions have been immense since his debut.

Tim Cahill retires from international football

If he’s good enough, then great! If not then there’s no harm done.

Usain Bolt on the verge of joining the A-League - no, seriously!

And now you’re bringing more subjectivity into it by allowing the bunker to determine the best angle based on their opinion. LESS subjectivity is required not more

Ten talking points from the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final

If you’ve ever played football or any sport, when you’re in one motion; ie jumping, side stepping – its hard to alter your body for an object coming towards you. It wasn’t hand to ball, it wasn’t deliberate, it was 50/50 and I’m happy either way the ref calls it prior to VAR intervention.

Ten talking points from the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final

I’ve been very happy with the commentary and panel provided by optus. It’s been great throughout

France are world champions, but all the headlines are about VAR

Because if you’ve read any comments over the last 64 days after a country with a relatively small population beats a country with a large population, this equates to Australia should beat all teams with a smaller population.

Therefore we can safely assume the following:
Size of population is relative to footballing success, regardless of any and all other factors.

France are world champions, but all the headlines are about VAR

The issue is around the wording “clear and obvious error”
Its subjective. Get 5 people in a room and rarely will they agree on anything, let alone a football refereeing decision.
Referees are seemingly viewing it as if its a penalty on replay its clear and obvious; and perhaps this is down to the public backlash knowing they too have viewed it. There is no winning for a 50/50 decision. In saying that I’d rather see them not given, than given.

France are world champions, but all the headlines are about VAR

A young English team that was always going to do well to make it this far, let alone go any further. they’ve exceeded pre tournament expactations.

I wonder how much they were mentally up for it and if any of them got carried away with the “its coming home” nonsense. Anyone would’ve thought they’d already won the way the media carried on.

Well done to Croatia. Well deserved. Hope they can go one further but France will be a mighty test.

The homecoming cancelled as Croatia beat England 2-1 in extra time