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Seriously, did you wear your “I’m a victim” T-shirt while typing this out?
How about the recent FIFA and Australia’s bid fiasco?
More cheeky news editor hyperbole?

What happened in Port Said was not a football riot

Blaming what the newspapers report or don’t report according to your world view isn’t addressing the actual image problem that soccer just can’t seem to shake. But then what to do when you have a governing body FIFA in charge?

The fact is there was a massive loss of life at a soccer match… again.

What mindless hatred drives soccer people to such crazed lunacy?

What happened in Port Said was not a football riot

The sun will come up the next morning and life will go on in the shaky isles.

What if All Blacks don't win World Cup final?

The concept is sound in principle but I think it needs an out-of-the-box re-lift.

Bring in a team from the USA and make it a tri-nations series!

International Rules losing domestic, international appeal

You must be a real delight at dinner parties

Rugby World Cup live scores, blog: Wallabies vs Springboks

Not quite.

This is the second IC the Swedes have attended, with the first back in 2008.

New Zealand captain hopes for AFL team

Prior to the commencement of the tournament, the womens section was the toughest to tip. Only one ever women’s international had been played – a full length 9-a-side match between hosts Italy versus Ireland at the Milan Euro Cup last year. Ireland won 46-40. Unfortunately, Italy couldn’t make it to the IC this first time but plans are underway to get both Italy and Switzerland down in 2014-

I’m looking forward to the PNG v Ireland game and I think this will be the decider.

New Zealand captain hopes for AFL team

Not quite.

The Puffins are no more.

The Scots have named themselves the “Clansmen” from this point forward.

New Zealand captain hopes for AFL team

He was having a beer with Duncan, his mate.

Nothing to see here. Move along…

Why can’t Taylor Walker have a beer at the footy?

Already done.

A not so serious look at the code wars

GWS Sprawl

A not so serious look at the code wars

Why bother, seriously?

FIFA are a disgrace and should be disbanded post an independent commission.

Any further bid funding by the government should only take place with some serious strings and solid assurances attached.

That is all.

Australia may resubmit 2022 World Cup bid

Worst player? No.

Probably the best paid lower tier player though.

Is Karmichael Hunt the worst player in AFL?

Tiges to finish 9th, and I honestly believe that will be a good result for where they are. Definitely a top 4 side in 1-2 seasons.

It's Richmond Tigers' time to roar again

Will they ever allow the likes of Victoria, WA, SA, NT, TAS join in?

NRL's passionate State of Origin narrative envy of AFL

An overreaction. I think it looks great.

Are AFL clubs devaluing their jumpers too much?

So too with Europeans 🙂

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

Not sure about that, Republican.

The European 9-a-side standard match laws are 99% drawn the 2011 laws of Australian Football. They are being drafted in a way that the laws of Australian Football set by the AFL in Australia as the world governing body will always form the foundation for the 9-a-side game, no matter the changes the AFL makes in the future. We’ve been very careful about keeping to the true form of the 18s game as close as possible.

The 1% variation is primarily due to the reconfiguration of the playing fields and local regulations.

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

This years Euro Cup will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland on October 9th.

Will be interesting to see if Croatia can win it again, or if the Irish take it on home soil.

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

Close to 200+ 9-a-side internationals in Europe alone in the last 5 years.

Just saying.

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

Pike. World Domination? Not likely.

But then again, does it matter?

Is this always the yardstick to which sports need to be deemed successful?

But maybe this is the first step towards getting footy into larger events like the Commonwealth games in a decade or so. Plenty of Commonwealth countries are taking up the sport and playing it internationally.

Who knows where this road will lead us?

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

I think footy is also being mooted as a demonstration sport at the South Pacific games. Watch this space.

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

I hope the AFL will support the event in some capacity. The South African success story must be replicated elsewhere in Africa, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see more countries take up the sport to give them a little “local” international competition.

Despite all, I’m really hoping some serious ground will be broken out of this initiative and footy starts to make it’s mark on the African continent.

Aussie Rules included in Africa Games

Don’t fret Oikee. I heard the Sherrin is on its way OS anywhere where there is a green patch of grass.

I hear Antarctica is a nice in the summer.

AFL TV deal makes no difference up north

The local folk best remember the Storm for their recent efforts in creative accounting 101.

Remind me whose foot is getting shot here again?

AFL TV deal makes no difference up north