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Unfortunately this Terry scenario takes away from what the main issue at hand here is. The FA acted without consultation of their manager. The manager calls the shots in their football team , not that pompous guy Bernstein. Redknapp would be ill-advised to take the job, given the magnificent progress is making with spurs. The England job remains a poisoned challace, and will be that way whilst the FA continue to play into the media’s hands.

Heavy-handed Bernstein the trouble for English football

I just don’t buy this thing about him being a ‘nasty peice of work’, I feel that his position as such a prominant figure in one of the most hated clubs in football in recent times sees him often labelled as things he is not. Everyone who has ever worked with Terry knows he is an amicable guy and leader.

This, for me, is a telling account of his character which I came across the other day:

Terry is the undisputed captain and leader of perhaps the most multicultural dressing room in the premier league. Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda have all passionately defended their captain in recent weeks, while Carlo Ancelotti and Frank Lampard will give evidence at his trial that he is as far away from a racist as possible. Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers are just two of numerous Premier League managers, the latter having previously worked with him at Chelsea, to defend Terry.

Terry always play’s his absolute heart out for club and country, yet there are those in the media who seek to continually vilify him. As Chelsea’s defence goes, Terry was caught defending himself in the onfield allegations against Ferdinand, and has now faced such level of criticism that one would think he has already been found guilty.

Whatever the British media campaigns for, it gets. They wanted Terry out, he was ousted. They wanted Capello out, so the FA saw to it. They want Redknapp in, and so he will. They seem to want Gerrard as captain, so be it.

I will defend John Terry to the absolute hilt. Everyone who has associated themselves with him at Chelsea has nothing but absolute praise for the guy. The only people in England who seem to respect him are Chelsea fans, because they know how much the club means to him, and he never faults the fans for effort or leadership.

Heavy-handed Bernstein the trouble for English football

A nice write up mate. A was afraid this was gonna be another fergie love-fest after the start but it was actually quite well balanced. As a Chelsea fan, Im actually not too dissappointed with the performance. Stoke were brilliant and although its tough to drop points this early there was one MASSIVE positive from this game. MOTM Fernando El Nino Torres!!!! the guy is back to his best.
This season will be dominated by Rooney, Aguero and Torres for their respective teams and its sure to be a cracking three horse race. Chelsea still do need a playmaker I feel though, unless AVB puts heaps of faith in the underrated benayoun.

EPL breakdown: Week one summary

A nice read mate, as a pre-Abramovich Chelsea fan I symthathise a lot with your situation. My dad picked up Chelsea as his club in his time in England in the 80s, and took me to a game at the Bridge in 2002. From that moment the blue blood of West London ran through my veins. I loved the culture, the fans and the atmousphere. I loved the guys of that team: Zola, Petit, Gronkjaer, Hasselbaink ect and I enjoyed being a good club challenging for top 6 and occassionally top 4, but yearned for greatness.

However, I embraced the Abramovich years, and Ive enjoyed every minute of it. From the high’s of the Mourinho years, to the lows of Moscow 08, its sure been a ride.

I personally think its great city now have a chance to turn the tables on united. I see at as similar to how Chelsea turned things on Arsenal, who dominated London.

Just embrace the new found hope at city, here’s just hoping JT and Frank get that elusive Champions league before your guys do!

Manchester City: The future is now

Did you catch the Villas-Boas interview last night? He spoke very well and seems an intelligent choice. Most interesting for me was that it seems he has taken a managers role, as apposed to the first team coach job his predecessors held. He speaks with authority over his role in the transfer market, and he has been allowed to build his own backroom staff, including Chelsea legend Roberto Di Matteo
AVB was also certain that this Chelsea team were good enough to win the league last season, but just had a few too many slip-ups, something I agree with. Chelsea do not need wholesale changes, they have already got long term replacements for Lampard, Terry and Drogba. Chelsea need a winger and and a playmaker, that is it….and patience.

Five things Chelsea can do to win the League

mate you just said that Clapham replaced Boyens.

Live scores, blog: Socceroos v New Zealand

You are far too critical of the all whites. Apart from the mistake, they controlled the first half hour of the match far better than Australia. Unlucky to be down.

Live scores, blog: Socceroos v New Zealand

That was the worst refereeing performance since 07. Complete incompetance from Dickenson, he honestly had only one eye at the breakdown, and missed several knock ons and forward passes. What about the knock on 1 minute from the end!!! where was the touchjudge.

Its a shame this great spectacle was marred by the referee. Carter and McCaw were at their brilliant best and the Reds did well to compete.

Live scores, blog: Reds vs Crusaders

Its called the English Premier League for a reason and I want it to stay that way. Cardiff and Swansea are Welsh teams who provide little interest to English fans and have no space in our competition. I want Reading to get through as, being a Leicester City fan, I hold a strong hatrid towards Forest. Reading are a strong, respectable English club who are worthy of their spot. But please, no Welsh teams!

Championship play-offs: who'll win EPL ticket?

A nice write-up mate, but I tend to disagree on many of your points.

Firstly, united this season have been playing hernandez and rooney up front, with Rooney tracking back as a midfielder most of the time. They lost the midfield battle because of Andersons shortcomings and also Jisung Park’s poor positioning in his unfamiliar central role when the goal was scored. Ryan Giggs was also really missed out wide, as Nani seems to go missing in big games like this.

Arsenal were fantastic, but their fans should just hope Wenger takes this for what it was, a one-off game with the pressure off. Arsenal possess perhaps the best young talent in the country, but weve been saying that for five years. Arsenal need to invest in players such as Gary Cahill or Phil Jones to strengthen the side defensively. On a cold monday night at Stoke is where this side struggles. Arsenal will not win anything next year without investment. I respect what Wenger is trying to do with his youth policy, but its time for them to win something.

Wow, what a result for us blues! Chelsea have got 25 of a possible 27 points in the wake of that Champions League exit. The confidence is high, and players like Frank, Malouda and Drogba are really finding form. Im proud of what the lads have done to give themselves a shot at the title after being 15 points behind. Its a tough ask to win at Old Trafford, but Chelsea will give it a red hot crack and you never know. KTBFFH!

Young Gunners shine as title race blows open

great story. Was in Cambodia last year and the poverty is horrendous, thanks for the article.

From a life in rubbish to a life in rugby

Mate im not trying to claim a conspiracy for Barcelona but Chelsea have a horrible history of refs against them in the UCL. I simply cant be bothered filing through these games picking out incorrect decisions, but it happened again with Evra’s tackle on Ramires in the first leg this season. Chelsea would have made it 1-1, keeping the tie alive. United’s dependable right back would have been red carded and suspended for the second leg, and the outcome would probably have been much different.

Pique, Abidal and Toure were obvious penalties. Whilst Dani Alves and Eto’o were decisions which are given more often than not. Anyone could see how Ovrebo couldnt handle the pressure, he was in a strange frame of mind where he was determined to not award any penalties.

I dont think there is a conspiracy against Barcelona, but like Manchester United, there is this subconcious aspect where referees are reluctant to penalise clubs of such an aura.

Debunking the Barcelona conspiracy

This is the most biased commentary on the Chelsea game I have ever heard. Chelsea had three obvious penalties and two 50/50s. decide for yourself roarers:

Debunking the Barcelona conspiracy

This is a simply pathetic. What an original concept to come up with that the All Blacks havent done well in world cups. Seriously, why bother with this stuff. If you are going to make bold statements such as the title of this argument, then at least do the reader the service of a reasonable argument with genuine reasoning.

Why the All Blacks will not win the RWC

yea Itll take some real upsets for NZ to not meet the Boks in the semis. While Australia have a fairly easy run to the final, where they should meet England in the semi – not saying an Aus win is a foregone conclusion there. \

The competition for spots in the backline, aside from number 10, is immense. I like the idea of SBW linking up with Smith, meaning no room for the like of Nonu, Fruen, Toeava or McAlister, thats some serious depth.

With Dagg and Jane in brilliant form, Im liking the idea of three fullbacks in the back three. Their kicking, passing and tackling skills could be invaluable in a world cup.

At this stage, this is the backline in looking at, praying that DC can stay fit:

9. Cowan
10. Carter
11. Dagg
12. Williams
13. Smith
14. Jane
15. Muliaina

Kiwis on the All Blacks' RWC chances

haha well written mate, I’m a Chelsea fan and still chuckled a few times.

What has really dissappointed me is how Liverpool fans have reacted to his exit. The words ‘Judas’ were being chanted and ‘Traitor’ banners were all around the Northern End of Stamford Bridge, that made me sick. Torres made a career choice, a very wise one at that. Ive no doubt that Liverpool will be a footballing power once more, but it is probably still 3-4 years away, and by that age Torres could be the wrong side of 30. Despite Chelea’s horrid run, they still have the opportunity to win silverware over the coming years and Torres could be an integral part to that.

Liverpool managed the situation very well. Torres wanted to leave so they let him leave, selling him at a massively inflated figure. But in signing Suarez and Carrol you have two quality strikers (despite their personalities).

btw, do not lose the Anfield history by relocating. Similar plans to move away from Stamford Bridge make me upset, its a spiritual home.

The five stages of Fernando Torres grief

The way Chelsea set out this morning gives a great indication of where they are heading tactically with the aquisation of Torres. The feeling that Torres and Drogba are too similar and they can both only play in one striker systems is a common one, and a fairly valid argument, given their history.

This morning, Chelsea played a 4-3-2-1, a slight variation from the 4-3-3 which they usually employ. The 4-3-3 which has become so typical of the side under Ancelotti sees Anelka play wide down the right and Malouda down the left, obviously with Drogba in the centre. Today, Anelka and Kalou (in for Malouda) played more centrally, running direct at the defenders, looking for Drogba. I have been one of Nicolas Anelka’s harshest critics but todays game was perhaps his best in a Chelsea shirt. The feeling seems to be that Torres will line up alongside Anelka in that role just behind the front man of Drobga. Its not a position Torres will be used to, but given his fast footwork and skills, I am a strong believer that he is good enough to adapt.
This formation is one which will put fear into the any defence. The width will continued to be provided by Ashley Cole and Jose Bosingwa (or perhaps Ivanovic may move out wide). Chelsea reallty dont possess any natural wingers, florent Malouda aside. Reverting to a 4-4-2 would probably throw someone like Essien or Ramires out of position. This way, Chelsea can maintain the three men in the centre of midfield, with Mikel playing the holding role.

Expected line up for Sunday:


Ivanovic – Luiz – Terry – Cole

Mikel (Ramires)
Essien – Lampard

Anelka – Torres

now that is a fearsome line-up, Champions League glory beckons.

Torres and Carroll's deals don't make sense

yea Wilkin’s exit certainly played a role. He seemed to be a constant at the club, a link between Ancelotti at the squad which is hard to replace. I think that problems off the pitch are overhyped. Drogba is a colourful character who will always have outbursts like he did against villa but the rest of the squad seems united behing Carlo. Sacking Wilkins was a bemusing decision by Abramovich though…

Serious problems emerge for Chelsea

I would hope you knew football before you started writing articles on the topic. Football is a game of many intricacies in the functioning of the game and your lack of knowledge was evident.

Elaborating on what others have said, Hodgson crirticised the kop for their lack of suppurt – a big mistake. But overall, his unwillingness to play attacking football made him unpopular at Anfield so his fate was inevitable.

Roy Hodgson's sacking a sign of the times

yea very pleased with the 7-0, a real confidence boost for the team. Great to see the fans getting in behind Carlo aswell. Young McEachran had another good game in his midfield role and Sturridge seems to be making a bigger impact up front.

Serious problems emerge for Chelsea

this is why the rest of England thinks Arsenal are deluded pricks. Oh, so whats the last trophey you won?

To establish a big club, big money is needed to be spent – and it was.
However, Ancelotti is working on developing a self sufficient football club, which would be a remarkable acheivement. Chelsea havent spend over 20 million on a player in the last 5 years. This season, Josh McEachran, Gael Kakuta, Fabio Borini, Jeffery Bruma and Patrick van Aanholt have all been promoted to the first team squad – all products of the Chelsea youth academy.

If thats not developing a football club then I dont know what is.

All I can say is…its people like you that make Arsenal the laughing stock of England.

Serious problems emerge for Chelsea

Oram – injured but was horribly out of form anyway
Southee – still around the scene but plauged by inconsistancies, does possess talent however
Tuffey – Still aroundbut seemingly lacking pace and aggression
O’Brien – retired to English county cricket, big loss as he could genuinely take big wickets

New Zealand cricket is at its lowest point

Whilst there is no doubt joining the Aussie comp would benefit NZ, the kiwi domestic scene has IMO been the best its been for a long time.

Also, whilst there isnt an abundance of talent in NZ, the core group of players all have what it takes to perform internationally. McCullum, Ryder, Guptil, Watling, Taylor, Williamson, Styris, Vettori, Mills, Oram, Southee and maybe even Hamish Bennett have enough raw talent. The problem is applying that to the mental aspect of game which is where coaching and management becomes prevalent.From that group I would say only Styris and Vettori have the mental game.

New Zealand cricket is at its lowest point

I think its easy to say a lot of this as under 21 level is so different to full internationals, and many of them dont carry the ego or publicity that surrounds those in the England side.

I agree in that the side needs refreshing. Guys like Joe Hart, Wilshere and Johnson should now be regular starters whilst Sturridge, Carrol, Rodwell ect should be emergin into the squad.

Its too early to say whether the likes of Lampard, Gerrard and Terry will be around in Brazil 2014, so they should be playing only ocassionally to bring fresh blood through. However, Cappello’s focus seems to be more around Euro 2012 in which I would expect most of the current crop to be around. Its hard to differentiate between a 2 year and 4 year plan.

btw, what happened to your facebook?

Success of England under-21's is a catalyst for change

yea some good points raised. I dont want to get aggressive over this as its great that there is someone else on here into the EPL. Fair point on Malouda, he does often cut inside when Ashley Cole makes his overlapping runs down the left side. Kakuta is certainly a tremendous talent and its also worth noting that Ancelotti is never sold on the same system. Last year Chelsea switched from 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield to the 4-3-3 that he currently employs.

I see kakuta as playing a second striker role, almost an Anelka plays at the moment. For France u19 in which he was player of the euro tournament, he played very centrally aswell. Certainly much potential is the young Frenchman…

You do know that SAF bought Bebe without him or any of his scouts having seen him play. He was just taken after Carlos Quiros recommended him. From what Ive seen he seems well below his depth and SAF himself seems rather unimpressed. Given Fergies’ history of talent spotting, he was a strange player to spend 8 million pounds on and I think will be the biggest flop of the season.

Happy to talk on facebook, add me:!/profile.php?id=598302938

Man United's away hoodoo continues