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I enjoy watching Sodhi, but hard too see how there is room for him ATM. If they were going to play Sodhi it would have to beat expense of one of the all-rounders. Black Caps have lots of new ball bowlers. They need Satner to contain in middle overs. Dropping Neesham would be a big call, because he’s adding value with bat and ball and in field. CDG doing less, but can be useful if swinging or seaming, and adds balance if Southee not playing, plus can bang a quick 20 or 30.
The change I would like to see is CDG opening batting as a pinch hitter, to take some pressure off Guptill until he’s got his eye in, with Nicholls dropping to 5.

The risky team change New Zealand must make to achieve World Cup glory

Awesome game. Second half frenetic. Last 15 minutes of the game ref out of puff and struggling.

Crusaders hold off Hurricanes in thrilling Super Rugby semi-final

Expect the unexpected

Four very deserving winners to lift the Super Rugby cup from here

The ignorance and arrogance of assuming a Japanese team will be at home and supported in Singapore and Hong Kong just beggars belief. The team had a PI players, and Japanese players etc. Fiji would have been a far better second home for them (eg they could have had 2 or 3 home games in Suva per season).

SANZAAR should not force the Sunwolves to play out another year

It’s his new justification for picking his Tahs favourites, regardless of form or ability. Supposedly team dynamics demand the same old failed selections.

Team is king: Deciphering the new prose of Michael Cheika

There is a legit debate about how much you pick based on form. Firm is temporary, but class (or lack of) is permanent. The one and only good thing IMO about clown as a coach is that there have been occasions when he has motivated a lift in form. With Foley, it’s not about form, he just isn’t international class. Same with Phipps and Hannigan (Although Hannigan might get there as he matures and muscles up more). Some of the Rebs boys have blotted their copybook for sure, but IMO is a firm issue that could be fixed, and guys like Jones, Meakes, Hodge, Cottrell, Rangi and Coleman could still make a contribution WC time.

Why this Super Rugby season will see a huge shake-up at the Wallabies

I checked out this religious website and the punters were having a debate about why the Tahs had a bad season.

The Waratahs' leaders, not Israel Folau, have led to this disastrous season

Hamilton is the diary farming capital of NZ after all

Seven talking points from Super Rugby Round 18

A big advantage union has over league is that union players can have an oversea experience, take in a different culture and earn some big $ doing it. No use crying into our beer when some of them take the opportunity.

Samu Kerevi confirms he's on his way out of Australian rugby

Of course it’s true

Wallabies tried to keep Kerevi: Johnson

Be a great job being a professional sportsman on big money. If I had a job like that (in my dreams), I would laugh it off if opposition fans wanted to boo. The fans $ pays the players wages. So, even though I think booing QC is a bit sad and old, who cares? I’ve seen Quade taunt crowds, so he probably doesn’t give two hoots.

Quade Cooper booed as he enters the cauldron as Rebels lose spectacularly


Quade Cooper booed as he enters the cauldron as Rebels lose spectacularly

I really liked what I saw of Lucus at 10. Don’t know why we haven’t seen more.

Reds down Blues in last-gasp win

Nice fightback Reds. The Blues are no easy beats. What did people think of McGahn? Potential?

Reds down Blues in last-gasp win

Meakes played 13 when he was overseas I think (I read somewhere it was his preferred position). I’m not sure if he has played there in Super rugby. He seems to have more awareness of what’s happening around him than SK, so IMO better suited to move out a place.

To play-make or distribute, that is the question: Part deux

Meakes at 13

To play-make or distribute, that is the question: Part deux

He went pretty well for Northland too. Maybe he’s found something in kiwi rugby than gave him what he needed to lift his game. Personally, I’d like to see more players from both countries getting experience on both sides of the ditch.

Super Rugby Team of the Week: Round 16

Ironic isn’t it. Finally playing well enough, but presumably not available for Wallabies.

Super Rugby Team of the Week: Round 16

Argentina is in South America. Zorro is from Mexico. Mexico is in Central America.

The Reds taste Zorro’s blade at Suncorp

Twiggy’s 50 mil would be handy about now

'Almost insolvent' Rebels may be unable to afford Super Rugby final

You’ve cracked it mate! Eureka, pure genius! Of course, it’s testosterone that makes a bloke’s hair fail out, and that’s probably what the Wallabies need to select a bit more of.

The Bald and the Beautiful: The case for Meakes and McCaffrey

Genia is entitled to his view, and I thought he was fair and upfront about it. I can understand that Genia likes the person (Folau) but doesn’t like the behaviour. That doesn’t make him a snake or whatever other names you wanted to call him. And there are plenty of other players in Aust and other countries who said they thought Folau’s post was unacceptable.

Folau losing a game he loves: Genia

He scored two impressive tries, and generally had a good game. Some of the kicks he was missing weren’t hard, so maybe he choked, but he hit the posts a couple of times so a bit unlucky too. I think he’s a good honest player, and he knows how to spot a gap and run into it, but I like him more as a full-back. For me, he doesn’t seem to quite have the time and composure or the game management that top fly-halves (Larkem, Lyner, Carter) have. But nor do some of the other fly-halves playing super rugby I suppose. Maybe with more time in the position?

'Tahs secure tight win over brave Reds

Actually, that’s sort of a fair call Paul, he was kicking pretty well until last night. But I actually didn’t mean Lucas or MCGahn better kickers. I meant I wondered if they might have more potential as fly half’s. don’t think I was “crucifying” Hegarty, I said he’s playing well.

'Tahs secure tight win over brave Reds

Hegerty is playing well (apart from being way too unreliable with goal kicking). Can’t help wondering if Lucas or McGahn would be better.

'Tahs secure tight win over brave Reds