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Big problem is media coverage. No sport tears at itself like Rugby League. Fox will put an ad on for the weekends round that leaves you fired up and counting the days until the weekend and then it goes back to NRL 360 and Paul Kent finds some issue he can put a negative spin on and the fire goes out. The way the media jump on refereeing issues is so self destructive. A few 50 50 calls in a game equals a losing coach blowing up to deflect the blame from where it really lies equals media running with the “refereeing in crisis ” stories for a week. If you watched the Superbowl you would have seen the game decided on a 50 50 call but that decision was hardly mentioned in the post match. Can you imagine if that was Rugby League media in a similar situation.

State of the not-union 2020

What has this got to do with anything on this site. Does it really matter what code or sport this bloke played? There are forums that this tragic turn of events does belong on but it’s not this one.

State of the not-union 2020

Flanagan to make Roosters debut in WCC

A question I have is why aren’t Tonga, Samoa and Fiji playing matches at home? The Kangaroos have been playing games in PNG for 20 or 30 years.

State of the not-union 2020

Whilst I don’t disagree with you on a lot of that I think his comment on the fishing trip was a response to the Cowboys using him as a fallback option. They wanted VH and Latrell was himself being played. I believe Latrell had made the decision to go to Souths in May if not earlier.

Latrell: I only visited Cowboys to go fishing

Rugby League puts more focus on officiating and decisions than any other sport. The Superbowl was decided with a 50 50 call but the subject did not really rate a mention after the game. If that was Rugby League it would have dominated the post match with the losing coach and supporters claiming how they were robbed.

Major controversy as Dragons seal Nines quarterfinal win after refereeing howler

There are journalists on this site who seem to have a genuine dislike of rugby league. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

Roosters should derail plans to face Folau

The problem we have here is typical of kids sport. It is the adults who are outraged not the kids. It’s the adults who want competitions and trophies. Having been involved with a coupe of junior sports for a number of years it has become obvious to me that your average 9 year old could
not care less about winning grand finals, it’s not them that need the counselling after a loss or spend the afternoon at the pub talking about how great a win that was this morning it’s not them who cause the arguments and fights at presentation day because they didn’t get as big a trophy as another kid. We can all have a laugh when we slice into the trees on the par 5 in the social club 4 ball but don’t let that 11 year old fall off that tackle. The main reason kids stop playing is the pressure they feel they are under to perform. The problem is adults and coaches not the kids not the rule makers.

Outrage over new rules for junior rugby league players

I still think that being an international sport is overrated. I don’t think it’s insignificant that the two most popular sports in the Australian winter have little to zero international footprint. Rugby internationals here rate well and are well attended but underneath that level i.e. SR and down is struggling and unlike cricket it’s not able to base it’s whole season on international fixtures. It’s like having a season of Shield matches. You also have the problem of overseas clubs luring best players away. Soccer without doubt is the biggest international sport. There are thousands of dedicated fans in Australia but 80% of them have anything bordering from indifference to outright contempt for the A League.
The majority of RL fans would much rather watch their club play than the Kangaroos and AFL can’t even get a successful interstate game going. The two big sports in Australia are based on club support. There maybe some advantages to having a larger global presence but NRL and AFL seem to be doing ok without it.

The NRL can’t stand idle while the AFL takes America

If he was in the news because he was smashing it on the field I reckon he would be claimed as a Souths junior.

Ex-Rabbitoh slapped with two-year drugs ban

Ricky Stuart! I’ve seen him get blamed for a lot of things but I’m not sure you can hang Thurston leaving the dogs on him.

Mark Geyer is wrong about Kurt Capewell

Without seeing numbers it seems to me that test cricket results are heavily weighted to the home country and rankings rise and fall depending on what time of year it is. Australia could have let Pakistan have 3 innings and still would’ve beaten them however if the series was in the middle East or perhaps even Pakistan itself I’m not so sure of the result.

Australia steal New Zealand's No. 2 Test ranking

Contracts can only be terminated if both parties agree. A club can’t force a player to leave if he doesn’t want to. They don’t have to pick him in first grade but they still have to pay him. Likewise a player cannot leave unless the club agrees to allow him.

The rarely discussed issue about Latrell Mitchell’s contract situation

Join a fantasy league or start your own. It works better than supercoach and the amount of info is overwhelming. The only problem with NFL is that unless you have Fridays Mondays and Tuesdays off you rarely get to watch a live game.

Try the NFL for your footy fix

So 2000 was part of the 90s? And if we are in the 21st century how come the years start with 20?
When you count time you need to count the zero. First hour of the day 00:00 to 1:00. First year AD was 0 to 1, second year AD was 1 to 2 if you do that ten times the tenth year AD will be 9 to 10 and if you keep doing it the 2020th year begins Jan 1 2019 and concludes Dec 31 2019.

A look back at a decade of NRL football

Pretty sure when the clock struck midnight on 31st of December 1999 we were celebrating the start of the new millennium. Century and decade and in two weeks time that will be 20 years ago.

A look back at a decade of NRL football

Cos we never had any problems when there was only 1 ref.

The NRL’s rule changes are a mixed bag

A club wins 3 premierships in 7 years and don’t get anyone really. I’m saying RTS and Cronk didn’t get in for their work at the Roosters. JWH definitely should be in there and Toupu doesn’t get mentioned anywhere. Is he the top try scorer of the decade? Not sure but he’d be close. Cordner anyone?

Revealing The Roar's NRL team of the decade for the 2010s

I think he had a chicken chilli role from Hong Ha bakery in Mascot once. That makes him a Souths junior.

Gold Coast emerge as shock favourites to sign Latrell Mitchell as Tigers drop out

AJ is a reserve grade fullback. In the top 4 last year. Tedesco, CNK, PAPHSN and Alex Johnson. Pick the odd one out. I think Latrell will end up at Souths.

Gold Coast emerge as shock favourites to sign Latrell Mitchell as Tigers drop out

Not really a like for like comparison. The clubs do see Origin as an unwanted distraction but there are two teams in Origin the winner is the winner no question same as Roosters vs St Helens but what is on offer for Souths paying Wigan or Penrith playing Hull? Plus in Origin there are no other trophies to be won. There is no way winning a pre season round robin will go close to a Premiership.

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

The two winning teams playing has great appeal and is embraced by both clubs and their supporters. However as soon as you expand it to include teams who run 5th 6th or even 2nd it ceases to be anything more than a glorified trial match. Throw in the disruption to the traveling team and it becomes a totally unwanted distraction.

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

Anzac day, Grand Finals, Prelim Finals, Qualifying Finals AND World Club Challenges.

Should eligibility for the World Club Championship be based on nationality?

What happens to the Roosters supporters who forked out for Mitchell #23? Do they put it with their Pearce#57?

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?


Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?