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Born in Highlanders country, but now living in far north tropical realm of the Reds, where the cult of Thurston is king!



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Sarah Goss > Caslick
In my humble opinion bro…
Similar all round skills plus big physical strength when needed ?.

Pity NZ has decided to rest all their WC-winning sevens stars in this match… So Goss and Portia Woodman will be watching on the television. But should make for a more even contest.
Hope Fox Sports have chosen knowledgeable female or male commentators…. The women’s 15s WC coverage from BBC in Northern Ireland was pretty good.

Wallabies and Wallaroos in a Bledisloe double header


Quade's not the Wallabies' Messiah. He's not even a naughty boy

Thanks for the chuckles, much needed, but you’ve been shaded by the WBs own standup comedy team with their classic lines:
” No we don’t have a line out problem, we have worked on that”
” These defensive problems can be easily fixed”
Comedy gold.

Kiwi-Nobbling: The only way forward for the Wallabies