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I recall an article in recent times comparing modern Aus keepers, but I can’t track it down. Last month, statistician Charles Davis posted a ranking of all test keepers this century based on % of missed chances. As of the 2019 Ashes, Tim Paine ranks 2nd based on minimum 50 chances.

Travis Head and Tim Paine slam the door on critics

Pakistan would want to give their 16 year old quick a go, since he missed the 1st innings.

Australian Test candidates flop against Pakistan

First picked on current form, but I’m inclined to giving him a break since he’s had plenty to do and a strong injury history (touched on resting frontliners but ran out of time to go into detail). I’m not normally one for picking anything other than our best XI for any test match, but this series is a golden opportunity to try new combinations. Tremain + Hazlewood may not work, but at least we’ll know either way in case we’re forced to find out in the heat of an Ashes battle.

India debrief: What Australia's defeat means for the 2019 Ashes

Pre-season does not count towards suspensions. Supensions within pre-season used to be able to be served across competitions, but now they are served in the regular season (e.g. Robbie Gray this year).

Spoiling the spectacle: Why the AFL needs a send-off rule

There is nothing in the laws to say the ball is dead here. Fielding team still considers it in play and a ‘stopped ball’ means nothing. Correct decision according to the laws.

Having said that, to appeal for this is terrible sportsmanship.

KNOW YOUR LAWS: Cricket world in a spin after 'obstructing the field' dismissal

In a parallel universe, Zimbabwe’s team looks something like this:


A lot more competitive but still no world beaters, and a number of players nearing retirement. It’s a long way back for Zimbawe, if they ever get back.

England's bowling stocks are grim

Also averaging less than Maxwell

Australia's Ashes squad announced: Analysing every player picked

first and foremost I want a bloke who you know is going to take every chance he gets. carey might only average 25, but he has done enough to show he can hold a stick (can’t be any worse than Wade and Nevill anyway) and his glovework is exemplary. we’ve taken punts on keepers with much less experience in the past and come up trumps.

Stick with next Aussie keeper: Gilchrist

Some self interest from Dangerfield, but he cited Grundy as a specific example. That comes back to the MRP etc., and I completely agree with you that it needs to be looked at first.

No doubt Dangerfield plays incidents up. Whether it’s staging or gamesmanship is a matter of opinion. Does it sometimes cost him votes? Possibly.

Absolutely he’s paid to fill space, and by no means do I agree with him most of the time, but they certainly create discussion and, without going into specifics, he raised good points. My views are not just based on observation; I have umpired at various levels, in 1/2/3 man systems, for a number of years. Giving out votes in a 3 man system is without a doubt harder than anything else.

Is there anything really wrong with the Brownlow?

Khawaja has undoubtedly been treated harshly over the years, and you’ve made some excellent points. I don’t think he necessarily has a problem against spin, but his confidence in Asia is shot because he is always getting shunted over there. Unfortunately, he lacks a second string, so he’s always going to be on the chopping block after a poor performance. Doesn’t explain all of his omissions, but players like Warner, Renshaw, Maxwell and Mitch Marsh have something extra that they can bring to the table.

Are the selectors gaslighting Usman Khawaja?

Didn’t the AFL help prop some of the tenant clubs up? Why would they do that if they wanted them to fold or merge?

The last hurrah for the WACA

when the game was designed from scratch, bouncing the ball wasn’t a part of it. it was introduced in the late 1800’s to – wait for it – ease congestion; it was never supposed to be a fair contest. granted, this isn’t a factor for centre bounces, where associated rule changes have made it more and more obsolete. but perhaps a quickly implemented field bounce, without concerns over accuracy, could be introduced to address modern congestion problems. i personally would be more curious to see how zoning players at stoppages would work. this automatically takes players away from congested areas while still permitting traditional full ground access

Rule changes to improve the game

You mean only test defeat as captain. He led in 6 tests for 4 wins

The art of the declaration

You mean only test defeat as captain. He led in 6 tests for 4 wins

The art of the declaration

Was probably a bit harsh on White, but I can all but guarantee it’s what the selectors are thinking. The 2008 selection was ridiculous (for playing him as a spinner) although it’s beyond doubt that he didn’t do enough with bat or ball to stay in contention.

Several factors come into play when it comes to extra chances: timing is key for everyone, but for Rogers it was form combined with circumstance, Warner often goes back and makes runs (as well as his X-factor in all facets of the game – similar to White but overall more devastating), and Hughes and Khawaja have, to name two points, age and superior records to fall back on.

Who should bat at No. 6 for Australia?

Agree 100%. Easier to dispense with Haddin now that Bailey comes in as an extra leadership option. A strange scenario given he set an almost untouchable keeping mark in his last series, but he did drop the odd catch and his batting in recent years (save for Trent Bridge) has been frustrating to say the least.

Hartley on the other hand is safe as houses and his batting has got better with age. He also has big game runs to his name, in the form of the 2011/12 Shield final. It’s perhaps time that we preferred a grafter over a flyer, considering the flimsy state of our batting order and the propensity of our tail to make runs.

Who should bat at No. 6 for Australia?