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Favorite player: Trent Cotchen Best match Aus v Sth Africa 2nd test. Heals hits a 6 for us to win by 2 wickets



Let’s hope the obsession with an all-rounder is over. A good captain could get 10-12 overs out of the batsman – Burns, Warner, not Uzzi sorry, Smith, Head, Patterson (don’t know enough)
Maxwell has been dudded by selection and the fixture (would Patterson been picked in the test side on 25 not out in the white ball game if he played alongside Maxwell?)

Clarke did not manage Watson well. Smith has not been creative with his batsman who bowl – Marsh included. A bit like AFL, get rid of the formula and let the players play and the captain captain.

I hope Maxwell scores 1,000s of county runs and gets a go, but I doubt even then they would give him 4 tests at 6

Is Glenn Maxwell wasting his time in whites?

No way Jose!
Technically just can’t do it

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

Wade was not in South Africa! How can he be punished! If he mouths off (against the instructions from above), then send him.

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

DK then McGrath ….. Then our other fast bowlers.
If you really want to get picky choose Lillee on his 1975 form

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

M Waugh
S Waugh

Picked 5 bowlers, as surely we will get enough runs from the top 6.
No side that DK Lillee is eligible can he miss out
Mick Malone – odi freak (minus 1 ball ????)
Bevan the best finisher (CF Kholi & Dhoni)
Jones revolution in attack and running
Apologies G Chappell, D Martin, A Symonds, G Maxwell, M Hayden, A Border, B High,

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

And Agar? Travels with the team for 18 months, hardly playing – got injured, but was already on the outer. We don’t treat our spinners well – would SOK, Zampa etc be given the latitude that Hazelwood, Starc get?
Maxwell’s treatment is similar, although he is obviously a batsman first

Maxwell's bowling can shape Australia's World Cup campaign

Wade should definitely play. It would seem that he is being punished for the aggressive attitude the selectors picked him for last time, as they try to change the culture. When I would not have picked him on form! He is the form opener should Finch continue to fail.

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

Excellent article
The next step is the schedule, so we can pick a test team based on first class form, or the selections will continue to be based on good bloke, gut feel, 20/20 form etc

Defying the odds with Marnus and Marcus

This is the article I can concur with!

Although I do not agree with the current political slant of aiming solely at the base, if CA continue to neglect and not engage with bolted on cricket lovers, the game will perish.
Yes please explain selection – great that Patterson added, but the schedule is a disaster. If Maxwell played in that game and scores 100, instead of batting down the order in odi, does he parachute in? Or Stoinis, Wade etc
I can’t support CA when they so obviously don’t support the players.
If this schedule is in place next year Australian cricket will struggle to recover.
Eg does Sanga progress his technique or confidence playing 20/20 when Pucuvski goes past him when playing grade cricket?

Now is the time for technique and patience from all

S Marsh
U Kawahja
G Maxwell
M Wade
P Handscombe
M Stoinis
A Agar
J Faulkner
P Cummins
J Richardson
A Zampa
M Starc if fit
7 bowlers for flexibility
Kawahja is currently out of form, but is still above Finch, in form scores effortlessly
If Agar is to be given a chance to play for Australia, he should bat at 5 for WA.
Wade or Handscombe to captain, but would not be unhappy if Bailey slotted in somewhere
Stanlake can’t bat or field at the level, so hope he gets a go in Test cricket

Faulkner is ready for an ODI return

Matthew Wade would not get picked in a game that less than a quarter of the population might see? If runs are currency, surely he bats in front of both Carey and Handscombe.
Why would Mitch Marsh get a go? Doesn’t bat like Stoinis or Maxwell. Doesn’t get big scores. Doesn’t bowl with variety etc
Finch has to have some time. The selectors picking him to open in the tests against a groundswell of public opinion, Vic coach, numbers has ruined his confidence. But even then, if he can’t score at home…… Gone!

The current test squad gives me hope, but a clean out of selectors would not disappoint. Langer has been poor at explaining selection. The bluster to avoid answering Maxwell treatment the low light. When a new coach comes in, he has a licence to shake things up. But to talk about the love of technique and pick Handscombe and Finch; weight of runs and pick M & S Marsh and Labuschnagne; and then crack a wobbly and not answer the question about managing players… Dear oh dear

By the way Dhoni not out lbw, if drs available…. we probably lose that game

Is there light at the end of Australia's ODI tunnel?

Try the logic – “We want Glenn to focus on white ball cricket and the World Cup ” – by facing 5 balls, bowling 2 overs and fielding!

Jhye Richardson and Jason Behrendorff paper over the Australian selection and tactical cracks

Why does Wade not get a game?

Jhye Richardson and Jason Behrendorff paper over the Australian selection and tactical cracks

With the exception of Boxing Day (that shield game, can start later)
BBL should run into Feb March – I love footy, but cricket will die out if it continues to run away from footy season – maybe more games on for TV over Xmas, but then slowly build(allowing space for shield games) to the finals. Bugger the overseas players.
I have optimism that CA will line things up now that Hohns has publicly dropped the schedule in it.
Cricket here is heading like soccer(which should p off to the winter months) – kids play 20/20 but lose interest and go to footy (the main game in every state) when adolescent.
Perhaps too many kids playing footy has robbed cricket of its sportsmen? Cricket take back the summer!

Fixing the Australian cricket schedule

Renshaw out of form? Since the last shield game he has been on fire! ????

Will Pucovski must be a two-year commitment, not a two-Test thought bubble

Marsh and Handscombe must go, however good blokes they are.

Pick and stick with the next 11. Sri Lanka not going well, so good for newbies to start with. Conversely Handscombe and Marsh could slaughter them and fail again in England. If Renshaw not picked, selectors fail on the hundreds measure : 6 last first class season (our shield season is 2 bits of nothing now)

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI to play Sri Lanka

Head (perhaps can tighten technically or go too)
Pattinson/Tremain (bowlers just going through the motions also!)

Langer has obviously not got his way with selection – previously talked about hundreds, technique and runs – then picks Finch, Handscombe and Labuschnagne!
Everyone would have picked S Marsh at the start of the series, but now time to give others a go.

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI to play Sri Lanka

I think you’re being a bit harsh on them. Expect big things from English.
Could be 6:2 after 8; we know momentum is a wonderful thing. Be hard to miss with their draw.
Schache & Boyd important. Play like men and could tear the comp apart – too nice and……

Western Bulldogs 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

The toss is an issue world wide. Perhaps if the visiting captain can choose, might change wickets.
Would roads be prepared if visiting team always bats first?

Is low and slow really a no-go?

I agree Alec
Previous selection panels have selected 3 specialist openers in times of distress to ensure we don’t get skittled.
Without Cummins and the other bowlers, we would have been beaten in 3 days in each test (3.5 in Melbourne)
And yet we now pick a bloke averaging 28 to bat at 3?!

As for boring cricket – our batting in Sydney last year was similar. Pitches do need to offer more, but batsman don’t really rip attacks apart when set, and captains put sweepers straight out. Each team now just tries to grind the opposition – except Aust this season! Pick some openers please!

Is low and slow really a no-go?

Did Warner scratch the ball?
Did Warner scratch the ball in previous tests?
Did Warner personally benefit from scratching the ball?
How could the other bowlers not notice?
Smith ignored, but why did no one else say “No, boys we can beat them without cheating like they do”
Why did the South African board OK zips designed into their whites to rub the ball on?
Why are mints and sandpaper explicitly not banned?
When Matt Wade was selected primarily to upset the opposition against the spirit of cricket, why did the CEO, not measure this as a breach?

Warner will reveal all as soon as he is dropped. CA would have been better to reveal all when suspending the 3 (should have sacked every coach and entourage).

I welcome Smith and Warner back. If they were bowlers who doctored the ball to improve their average and chase personal glory, different, but cricket is a team game.
And the board threw Warner under the bus when we took the field with Sonny Bill posters everywhere; they dragged him out just enough for each tyre to go over him!

It’s time for Warner to come out from the bus under which he was thrown

No conspiracy, just terrible management
Try to justify the treatment of Agar (tour for 18 months as second spinner without playing, then we pick 1, not him!), Maxwell, Finch, Renshaw, Burns, Neville, Bird, Maddinson (picked when out of form)

Put 1 selector in charge of batting – can contribute to bowling discussions, but the strategy, implementation and man management be in one man’s hands. So this disgrace does not continue!

Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh set to be dropped for Sydney Test

1 selector responsible for batting selections please!

Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh set to be dropped for Sydney Test

Can we please have 1 selector responsible for batting selections. At the moment our batting order is like a game of Yahtzee! Just keep rolling the dice. What happens if Labuschnagne fails with the bat? He has not been in shield form, and if he bowls to shield form – Kholi etc will smash him.
Or worse, he gets another go, and he and Handscombe get runs against a weak Sri Lankan team
Oh dear!

Aaron Finch, Mitchell Marsh set to be dropped for Sydney Test

Mitch bowled well. But really bowls the same as Hazelwood if no swing.
Maxwell can bowl like Jadaja – flat and economic. Maxwell can bowl seam up, again is he coached properly?
If it is a wicket that suits quick, do you need 4?
Clarke may have been inventive, but Smith is a boring captain and Paine constantly under pressure to try anything too funky

Another Test selection embarrassment after Australia's Melbourne meltdown