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Favorite player: Trent Cotchen Best match Aus v Sth Africa 2nd test. Heals hits a 6 for us to win by 2 wickets



Warner, Kwahaja, S Marsh, Carey, would mean Berendorph would have to play or the dry pitches will scuff up too much outside off.
Finch should sneek a few overs in, taking pressure off Maxwell and M Marsh if he plays.
I don’t think there is any need for panic, although with Lyon in the squad the tail is long with 2 spinners.

So, which Marsh should replace the injured Marcus Stoinis?

Probably just a flesh wound Rowdy, fight on.

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

You do understand that the grand final will be played at the G while you are alive.
I don’t think you can pinpoint one reason the wheels have fallen off (still in the 8!), but more so celebrate how well they coped post Walsh.
17 teams don’t win every year

The pressure is now on Don Pyke

10 interchange per quarter max.
Most scoring is done late in games and quarters when players are tired.
Didn’t have it for over 100 years, and it has not improved the game

The easy fix to the AFL's scoring woes

We don’t need a magic round. Our stadiums fill up with just the two teams. Maybe a half magic round – Fairy Dust Round
The logic would be for Doggies V Freo, Saints v Eagles, Melb v Crows, North v Port to sell their home games to Qld govt once the Gabba is redeveloped. Have the Lions v Swans Friday night and Suns v Giants on the Saturday night.
Rich v Carl, Ess v Collingwood, Hawthorn v Geelong in Melbourne. Expat Vics would fly in for the Melbourne festival too!

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

Hear hear!
Sen slagging off umpires again – only weeks ago in Umpire Appreciation Round most were saying common sense is not used enough.

Nine talking points from AFL Round 8

Whitfield Grimes Sicily
Vlastuin Hurley Stewart
Pendlebury Cripps Kelly
Dangerfield Cameron McDonald -Tipunwuty
Ablett Kennedy Boak
Grundy Fyfe Neale

Sexton, OMeara, Witts, Cognilia

Doesn’t fit in the salary cap, but happy to have this mob play for me! ????

My All Australian side after Round 6

Tom seems to consistently annoy the players and coaches with his half truths and undermining. I would like to see him play on a Saturday afternoon

'I don't guess': AFL reporter Tom Browne fires back at Jack Riewoldt

Clarke etc killed Watto
He was expected to cover for failure of bowling or batting. Always a mystery why Clarke would not bowl a few overs to cover for him if hamstring tight etc

The joyous autumn of Shane Watson

Melbourne’s game style has limitations in the current environment. Hard ball winners that work the ball away from contests individually, rather than in waves of teammates. The result is hacked kicks forward that are turned over. Hence why personal is not the factor in performance.

I will concede that they need an injection of pure electric speed, but none of your list solves this – maybe Harmes.

Petracca could play like Degoey, Martin, Dangerfield etc – deep forward and on the ball. Starvation Corner is not working for him! That would leave McDonald deep also (although Smith was serviceable)

Melbourne's season is over. Here's what they should do now

Burns is the new Maxwell – terrible treatment. How does Burns missing a contract affect Qld cricket? I can’t see any positive of a test century being treated like this?

Australia A squads headlined by Test regulars and Ashes hopefuls

Failure nil? 3 wins in 36 games : 33 failures.
I doubt the players feel like success with the recent results. Until they play as a team for longer periods of the matches, the failures will mount up.
Bolton etc will have to overcome the culture of blaming that must still permeate at Carlton, so that draft picks don’t play for themselves to overcome the judgements written here

Brendon Bolton and Stephen Silvagni are dead men walking at Carlton

Yes! Maxwell’s team first attitude will not be rewarded ????

Australia's 2019 Cricket World Cup squad: Expert reaction


Are the AFL's new rules working?

Agree re George (unless a psych can overcome his yips) and Ellis should have gone to Gold Coast too
Would like to have seen Markov get an extended go and Townsend for grunt.
Looks like too many newbies for cohesion, as Lynch is still new.
Unsure what Balta’s role will be, especially if Westoff and Lycett start forward

Depleted Tigers see chance for rebound

Not sure what the point of the last few paragraphs. Highlight the disdain that journalist is held?
It was a pity the coach could not be positive in his presser – I don’t barrack for Essendon, but maybe journalist could ask about the game at hand and allow fans to celebrate.

Essendon ready after 'turning point' win

Gave 100% and became a very exciting player. Loved by Dogs fans and respected by all.

AFL top 100: Liam Picken, a true Bulldog

Let’s hope the obsession with an all-rounder is over. A good captain could get 10-12 overs out of the batsman – Burns, Warner, not Uzzi sorry, Smith, Head, Patterson (don’t know enough)
Maxwell has been dudded by selection and the fixture (would Patterson been picked in the test side on 25 not out in the white ball game if he played alongside Maxwell?)

Clarke did not manage Watson well. Smith has not been creative with his batsman who bowl – Marsh included. A bit like AFL, get rid of the formula and let the players play and the captain captain.

I hope Maxwell scores 1,000s of county runs and gets a go, but I doubt even then they would give him 4 tests at 6

Is Glenn Maxwell wasting his time in whites?

No way Jose!
Technically just can’t do it

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

Wade was not in South Africa! How can he be punished! If he mouths off (against the instructions from above), then send him.

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

DK then McGrath ….. Then our other fast bowlers.
If you really want to get picky choose Lillee on his 1975 form

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

M Waugh
S Waugh

Picked 5 bowlers, as surely we will get enough runs from the top 6.
No side that DK Lillee is eligible can he miss out
Mick Malone – odi freak (minus 1 ball ????)
Bevan the best finisher (CF Kholi & Dhoni)
Jones revolution in attack and running
Apologies G Chappell, D Martin, A Symonds, G Maxwell, M Hayden, A Border, B High,

Australia's all-time World Cup XI

And Agar? Travels with the team for 18 months, hardly playing – got injured, but was already on the outer. We don’t treat our spinners well – would SOK, Zampa etc be given the latitude that Hazelwood, Starc get?
Maxwell’s treatment is similar, although he is obviously a batsman first

Maxwell's bowling can shape Australia's World Cup campaign

Wade should definitely play. It would seem that he is being punished for the aggressive attitude the selectors picked him for last time, as they try to change the culture. When I would not have picked him on form! He is the form opener should Finch continue to fail.

Who keeps wicket for Australia in the World Cup?

Excellent article
The next step is the schedule, so we can pick a test team based on first class form, or the selections will continue to be based on good bloke, gut feel, 20/20 form etc

Defying the odds with Marnus and Marcus