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Favorite player: Trent Cotchen
Best match Aus v Sth Africa 2nd test. Heals hits a 6 for us to win by 2 wickets

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Aussie bowlers to turn the Ashes into the Bashes

8 Jul 2013

The recent State of Origin clash between Gallen and Miles reminded me of a tactic that has been used in Test cricket in the past: unprovoked violence on an unsuspecting player.

Righties vs lefties: 1980 - 2013

1 Feb 2013

The last few years have seen the Australian Test batting order heavily dominated by left handers.

Australia has bowlers, now can we find the batsmen?

30 Jan 2013

A few years ago we were lamenting our bowling stocks, and now we seem to have too many! So how can we revitalise our batting stocks to give us too many talents to choose from?