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How can the Waratahs improve?

Get your questions in for Coach's Corner issue 2

I wonder if mick fuller & PVL realise SEQ is not in NSW

NRL probes Titans over possible David Fifita salary cap breach

An absorbing article, Nick. Perhaps a Friday question/issue is what can the Wallabies do about the shortage of Wallaby available locks with ‘tahs locks and Seru being imported players?

Why Jim McKay is the best attack coach in Australian rugby

Sometimes terms are capitalised when defined in legal documents. this practice merely hinders reading and is unnecessary.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

I worked in NSW public education for 25 plus years. The spelling, syntax, grammar and punctuation was terrible amongst the staff, many of whom are now principals.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

“They’ve repeated the first paragraph twice, and the second paragraph three times.”

Sorry to be a pedant but, they’ve repeated the first paragraph once, and the second paragraph twice.

The other irritating issue is the random use of capital letters for common nouns.

The NRL needs to sort out its M&Ms instead of worrying about getting Fuller

As Geoff Lawson points out in another paper, Australia has selected 5 openers with an injury cloud over Turner and possibly Agar. Unjustified hubris from the selectors.

Australia's middle order stands between them and T20 World Cup glory


Australia confirm their two squads for tours of New Zealand and South Africa

Maxwell should be in test squad

Australia confirm their two squads for tours of New Zealand and South Africa

Allowing the SA tour to occur would be reckless at this time. The Corona virus is out of control in SA.

Tanveer Sangha and Wes Agar are in my Aussie T20I squad for NZ tour

hi Joel and Barry, perhaps the solution to the Holmes fullback/ wing is to adopt the hybrid wing/fullback from the All Blacks that sees two fullbacks and one wing. otherwise give Holmes a roving commission in attack.

I agree that the Cowboy’s season relies upon Morgan’s fitness

2021 Cowboys analysis, Part 2: On the field

Funbus, your comment contributes nothing and is cheap shot from a cowardl entitled keyboard troll.

Will the Lions actually tour South Africa in 2021?

Jacko, I respect your point of view. These are not normal times. The “UK” and the “African” strains of Covid are especially virulent and have our state premiers extremely concerned.

The “current cricket tours of Aus and in NZ” are not a fair comparison to a rugby tour. Cricket is a non contact sport. Rugby thrives on contact. Effective field placing in cricket demands social distancing on a much larger playing area.

Blithely ignoring Covid 19 and organising sporting tours may accentuate the pandemic and delay economic recovery possibly leading to a greater impact on player earnings. Maintaining player (and bureaucrat) wages are insignificant when battling this pandemic

Will the Lions actually tour South Africa in 2021?

“‘the fact that no one is safe may well be the extra motivation that is needed for the quicks to fire”

This statement is no more than a furphy with no evidentiary support. The opposite is often suggested as a reason for non-performance.

Australia's fourth Test selection headaches

Breathtaking arrogance. self interest and entitlement from the upper class.

Pound: Give Olympians coronavirus vaccine priority

Sporting tours are irrelevant during a global pandemic. Covid 19 is out of control in South Africa, the UK and Ireland. A Lions tour epitomises the buffoonery of the UK upper classes.

Will the Lions actually tour South Africa in 2021?

Thanks AH, I didn’t know about the logo.

Exeter: From rugby obscurity to kings of Europe

Tribal and clan chiefs exist in British history so no change is needed.

Exeter: From rugby obscurity to kings of Europe

Berrick Barnes was outstanding whose potential was affected by concussions. A timely reminder of sport’s duty of care.

The forgotten players: Brisbane Broncos

Grade F: Decision to hold 3rd Test in Sydney.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, second Test

He can walk to Wentworthville Leagues from Greystanes

Sign me up: The five most astute signings of 2021

Great article Inside Edge.
Excellent reply Sheek.
I still remember Greig and Knott batting in white full face (motorcycle?) helmets in WSC after helmets were first adopted after Rick McCosker’s jaw was smashed in the centenary test. The height difference was staggering.

Barrington and Boycott together. both notorious stonewallers…impossible to get out and oblivious to the scoring rate.

Tony Greig: The forgotten great all-rounder


The bowling of Australia and India is joyful

Boris’ buffoonery and sheer inability to lead may accelerate moves to greater autonomy.

I was fascinated by Owain ap Gruffydd when studying Henry IV Part 1 at school. There should be a Welsh whiskey in his name…a wild and spicy spirit

Why Matt Philip is upwardly mobile in the second row

Rowan O’Connell addresses many of your concerns about Wade opening today in the Roar:

Matthew Wade opening against India isn’t as mad as it sounds

Selection risks and injuries heap pressure on Smith and Labuschagne in Adelaide