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Thanks Nick. That clears my confusion…

Has South African rugby let the genie out of the bottle?

Interesting article Nick.

In the clips you used, Eben Etzebeth was also often in the frame. I wonder who is quicker, PSDT or Etzebeth who is said to be a former wing three quarter. Given their size it’s a moot point.

PSTD (200cm, 120kg), and Etzebeth (203cm,123kg) along with the even bigger Lood de Jager (206,127) are a terrifying combination. It’s interesting that PSDT wears #7.

England used similarly sized players in Lawes( 201,115), Itoje (195,115) and Kruis (198,123) at 4,5&6 in 2017-18 but abandoned this in 2019 for the twin openside model (Underhill and Curry). I wonder what effect this had on the RWC final result.

Has South African rugby let the genie out of the bottle?

One win in eight weeks will allow the Dragons board to resign the “blessed” Mary as that win indicates that the Dragons have turned around. In the mean time if any clubs want to offload players who are past it or cheaply sign talented young players please contact Dragons management

Your club's key takeaway from the revised NRL draw

The parlous state of RA and Super franchise finances suggest that player pay-cuts may be ongoing. Rodda et al maybe trying to get ahead of the curve by negotiating long contracts before inevitable decline in salaries.

On another issue, does anyone else find it morally reprehensible that the RQ suggests that a player on $12,500 per week ($5000 p.w. when stood down) should also claim Jobkeeper. This may epitomise RQ’s “new kulcha”

Reds trio terminate contracts with Reds and Rugby AU

They could investigate the Police Minister for 2 counts of road rage, illegal use of a restricted firearm, online bullying amongst other things. Oh but the Commissioner just received an $87 000 pay rise…nothing to see here

UPDATE: Cleary set to be fined by police over social distancing breach

The four criteria of leadership help understand RA’s current plight
Background: RA ran by privileged, entitled, inward looking private schoolboys
Toughness: forged in the cloistered furnace of prep, GPS and university residential colleges
Communication: Used to network one’s way through life proving the adage that it’s not what you know but who you know.
Decision-making: Best to stick with the herd. Innovation, originality and logical thinking cannot possibly usurp tradition or upset existing social networks…you scratch my back etc

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

Nick’s article suggests that there is great reason for optimacy with the Wallabies.

The large exodus of WBs provides the incoming David Rennie a clean slate from which to fashion a fresh squad untrammelled by past playing and coaching philosophies.

The lauded 2019 WBs under 20s provide emerging talent. RA could consider temporarily relaxing the Giteau Rule early in Rennie’s tenure to allow him to identify and select his core of WBs.

Unfortunately RA’s fiscal ineptitude will undermine player retention, and recruitment from overseas WBs and WB qualified players.

Why Nic White should be the next Wallabies captain

Great article Nick. Quade’s mercurial talents often reminded me of football’s Matt Le Tissier insofar as you need to to build a team and its tactics around him rather than slot him into an established team and pattern.

Bobby writes “Lucas’ s chances have been destroyed by Thorn.” How is Thorn doing this? It’s a genuine enquiry not rhetoric.

When we were kings: Is there still room for rugby’s Quade Coopers?

Interesting to compare how the complexion of the WBs has changed in 20 years. Perhaps this may give consideration to weight based competitions to help retain players who physically develop later in life.

'Test of the Century' showed Wallabies greatness, says Mortlock

Hi Scott,
Korbin Simms qualifies for Qld City not NSW Country due to the logic of the NRL/ARL eligibility rules.
If it wasn’t illogical it wouldn’t be NRL.

How to play rugby league in 2020 without the NRL

Hi PP,
Nick was referring to matches played that the WBs played against the ABs at home (Aus).

Why defence will be the best form of attack for Dave Rennie’s new Wallabies

Malo, surely you jest. Rugby NSW has had a successful rugby development strategy that involves allowing cashed up inner-city, eastern and northern suburbs clubs poach players from the western suburbs to amplify the concentration of talent in a few clubs and ensure the Emu’s demise. This inspired forward thinking lifts the calibre and character of rugby players by encouraging the unwashed hoi polloi to play football, rugby league or AFL.

Why defence will be the best form of attack for Dave Rennie’s new Wallabies

Sacking Cheika could have potentially lead to significant compensation placing more pressure on RA finances.

11 former Wallaby captains sign letter calling for Rugby AU leadership resignations

As a naive eternal optimist I see many positives with the lauded recent WBs u/20 side. I would like to see greater emphasis in coach development at all levels.

Why defence will be the best form of attack for Dave Rennie’s new Wallabies

Great article thanks Nick. RHP’s “feint” is hilarious.

You suggest 4 changes to the backs that may improve WBs defence and explicitly criticise the forwards generally for ineffective tackling and chasing as well as implicitly for not recharging quickly enough between involvements.
Michael Hooper is WBs best defending and chasing forward as well as the quickest to recharge. An anathema to many Roarers hehe. Who are the other Aus forwards in SR that should be selected using this criteria?
The other question is how much do the conditions of contracts such as KPIs affect playing style?
So called player incentives such as payments for games played become incentives to reduce the risk of injuries from getting involved. Are contract KPIs biased to attacking performance? I hope that as someone who may be involved in player retention and recruitment you may have insight.

Why defence will be the best form of attack for Dave Rennie’s new Wallabies

SJ coached the Emus which is relevant because he won’t be beholden to those responsible for failing to support the club in Sydney’s largest and fastest growing area.

Will Australia leave New Zealand out in the cold?

Doherty Xavier deserves a mention 😛

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letters Q, U, X and Z

Graeme Wood replaced Weiner in a one off Test at Lords. GW scored 112 and 8

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter W

Julien Weiner as 12th man? Or at least a dishonourable mention or several.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter W

Weiner and Wang must both be selected for the Ws.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter V

Vlandys’ lack of leadership is incomprehensible. He needs to resign or be shown the door.
There should be no bail out for any professional sport.

D-Day arrives as NRL and A-League to make coronavirus postponement decisions

Local businesses tend to sponsor junior RL and AFL

This is how a 32-team A-League could work

My misplaced belief in the Waratahs

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

My mistake lol

What's wrong with Eddie's England?

Good point.
Payroll tac reductions (NSW government) will NOT stimulate the economy.
My son finishes his apprenticeship this year. He is then at risk of being replaced by a 50% gov’t funded 4th year apprentice.

What's wrong with Eddie's England?