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Olympics basketball schedule in Australian time - Tokyo 2021 Games

Joe Ingles (YE AUNG THU/AFP/Getty Images)

Basketball is one of the biggest sports at the Olympic Games, and once again took centre stage in Tokyo during the 2021 Games. The schedule for all basketball competitions has been completed.

Olympics basketball had both a men’s and women’s tournament, which are made up of 12 teams each, while the Tokyo Games will also had 3×3 basketball for the first time, which is a half-court variant of basketball with three players on the court instead of five at time.

The 3×3 tournaments only featured eight teams each and was played over five days.

All matches in the conventional basketball tournament were played at the Saitama Super Arena, while all 3×3 games were played at the Aomi Urban Sports Park.

All times on this page refer to AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time).

Basketball tournament structure

Both the men’s and women’s tournament were broken up into three groups of four teams, with each team playing three group matches, before the quarterfinals, semi-finals and a final, as well as the bronze medal match.

The top two teams from each group qualified for the quarterfinals, as well as the two best third-placed finishers. The games played by the final eight were drawn randomly, however, no group-topping team was able to play each other until the semi-finals.

2021 Tokyo Olympics basketball medal table

Medal Men’s nation Women’s nation
Silver France Japan
Bronze Australia France

Men’s tournament

The Boomers topped Group B with three wins from three in the group stage. They monstered Argentina in the quarterfinal but, despite holding a big first-half lead, went down to the USA in the semi-final.

They did, however, come away from the games with their first ever medal – a bronze medal – after defeating Slovenia in the third place game.

Schedule and results

All matches to be played at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo

Group stage

Sunday, July 25
Group A: Iran 78-84 Czech Republic 11am
Group B: Germany 82-92 Italy 2:40pm
Group B: Australia 84-67 Nigeria 6:20pm
Group A: France 83-76 USA 10pm
Monday, July 26
Group C: Argentina 100-118 Slovenia 2:40pm
Group C: Japan 77-88 Spain 10pm
Wednesday, July 28
Group B: Nigeria 92-99 Germany 11am
Group A: USA 120-66 Iran 2:40pm
Group B: Italy 83-86 Australia 6:20pm
Group A: Czech Republic 77-97 France 10pm
Thursday, July 29
Group C: Slovenia 116-81 Japan 2:40pm
Group C: Spain 81-71 Argentina 10pm
Saturday, July 31
Group A: Iran 62-79 France 11am
Group B: Italy 80-71 Nigeria 2:40pm
Group B: Australia 89-76 Germany 6:20pm
Group A: USA 119-84 Czech Republic 10pm
Sunday, August 1
Group C: Argentina 97-77 Japan 2:40pm
Group C: Spain 87-95 Slovenia 6:20pm

Knockout stage

Tuesday, August 3
Slovenia 94-70 Germany 11am
Spain 81-95 USA 2:40pm
Italy 75-84 France 6:20pm
Australia 97-59 Argentina 10pm
Thursday, August 5
USA 97-78 Australia 2:15pm
France 90-89 Slovenia 9pm
Saturday, August 7
Gold medal game:
USA 87-82 France
Bronze medal game:
Australia 107-93 Slovenia

Women’s tournament


The Opals had a rough time of it in the group stage, going down to Belgium and China in the group stage – the latter thanks to a controversial foul in the dying seconds.

They needed to defeat Puerto Rico by 25 or more in their final match to progress and, amazingly, they got up by 27 to do so. Unfortunately, their ‘reward’ was a quarterfinal against the USA, which they lost.

Schedule and fixtures

All matches to be played at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo.

Group stage

Monday, July 26
Group A: South Korea 69-73 Spain 11am
Group A: Serbia 72-68 Canada 6:20pm
Tuesday, July 27
Group B: Japan 74-70 France 11am
Group B: Nigeria 72-81 USA 2:40pm
Group C: Australia 70-85 Belgium 6:20pm
Group C: Puerto Rico 55-97 China 10pm
Thursday, July 29
Group A: Canada 74-53 South Korea 11am
Group A: Spain 85-70 Serbia 6:20pm
Friday, July 30
Group C: Belgium 87-52 Puerto Rico 11am
Group B: USA 86-69 Japan 2:40pm
Group B: France 87-62 Nigeria 6:20pm
Group C: China 76-74 Australia 10pm
Sunday, August 1
Group A: Canada 66-76 Spain 11am
Group A: South Korea 61-65 Serbia 10pm
Monday, August 2
Group B: Nigeria 83-102 Japan 11am
Group B: France 82-93 USA 2:40pm
Group C: China 74-62 Belgium 6:20pm
Group C: Australia 96-69 Puerto Rico 10pm

Knockout stage

Wednesday, August 4
China 70-77 Serbia 11am
Australia 55-79 USA 2:40pm
Japan 86-85 Belgium 6:20pm
Spain 64-67 France 10pm
Friday, August 6
USA 79-59 Serbia 2:40pm
Japan 87-71 France 9pm
Saturday, August 7
Bronze medal game:
Serbia 76-91 France
Sunday, August 8
Gold medal game:
USA 90-75 Japan

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