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Michael is a presenter/producer of ABC Grandstand's national F1 programme Box of Neutrals, but his most significant claim to fame came during the 2013 Australian Grand Prix when he angered the French contingent of the paddock by accidentally opening an umbrella indoors. He's also done some other things, none of which are particularly interesting. You can find him every Friday at 10:30AM (AET) on ABC Grandstand, or talking largely to himself at any time on Twitter: @MichaelLamonato.

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Can 2017 end Formula One’s sliding doors rivalry?

Can 2017 end Formula One's sliding doors rivalry?

18 hours ago

Ferrari may have set the fastest lap of the preseason, but it was the team’s slower laps that caught the eye.

McLaren’s slump could be the new normal

McLaren's slump could be the new normal

4 days ago

The McLaren-Honda project is on the cusp of learning the difference between ‘if’ and ‘when’.

Who won Formula One’s ‘winter world championship’?

Who won Formula One's 'winter world championship'?

14 Mar 2017

If there’s one thing more simultaneously engrossing and frustrating than trying to understand Formula One’s driver market silly season, it’s attempting to decipher Formula One preseason testing.

Why 2017 could break McLaren-Honda

Why 2017 could break McLaren-Honda

7 Mar 2017

The new-look Formula One finally roared into life last week at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for 2017’s first preseason test.

Hamilton’s data ban: Is Lewis onto something?

Hamilton's data ban: Is Lewis onto something?

28 Feb 2017

Formula One is no stranger to Lewis Hamilton’s outspokenness on the state of the sport.

Launch week: Pressure builds on Formula One to deliver

Launch week: Pressure builds on Formula One to deliver

21 Feb 2017

The 2017 season is dawning on Formula One, and as the sport transitions from its barren off-season to an optimistic pre-season, the first pieces of the year’s puzzle begin presenting themselves.