PRICHARD: My amusing first encounter with Rupert Murdoch

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    There are some legendary anecdotes about dealing with media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and the late Kerry Packer.

    Both Packer and Murdoch were known for their hands-on approach to business and keeping their employees on their toes.

    It wasn’t uncommon for Murdoch to appear without warning at one of his many publications in either the United States, England or Australia and there are stories of him peering over the shoulders of his journalists to see what they were working on and pointing out any mistakes.

    Roar expert Greg Prichard’s first interaction with Murdoch was very much a surprise.

    Prichard was a copy boy at The Australian newspaper and while waiting for his next assignment, Prichard stood watching the cricket in the office.

    “Someone’s walked alongside and said ‘what’s the score and how are they going?’

    “Without even looking (at who it was) I said Australia’s 2 for 126 or whatever it was,” Prichard said.

    “Then I looked and saw it was Rupert Murdoch!”

    “I’m glad I wasn’t in a bad mood at the time and said ‘why don’t you have a look yourself, you blind?’ Might have been the last day I worked there.”

    Prichard said it’s incredible how the now 86-year-old has managed to stay at the top of the media game considering how much change has occurred in the industry.

    “He’s obviously still going. That’s the amazing thing about someone like that. Of course, he’s got his critics and there are other people who swear by him but no one can criticise him about longevity can they?”

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