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Gorman’s history bodes well for Sharks’ future

Gorman's history bodes well for Sharks' future

2 days ago

Lyall Gorman will immediately provide the Cronulla Sharks with a polished exterior, but the club will only begin shining from the inside if the other people there are smart enough to go with him. Some of them still have lessons to learn, judging by coach Shane Flanagan’s performance at a media conference on Monday. The […]

Kiwis take the Sheen off the Kangaroos’ past dominance

Kiwis take the Sheen off the Kangaroos' past dominance

17 Nov 2014

Losing to the same team twice in four matches in a tournament – including the final – should be enough to put the coach of Australia at grave risk of losing his job. Regardless of the fact he coached them to World Cup victory last year and also putting aside the fact there were a […]

Inconsistency, $50,000 fines and why the NRL paid Gallen’s legal fees

Inconsistency, $50,000 fines and why the NRL paid Gallen's legal fees

13 Nov 2014

There are many unanswered questions in rugby league. One that didn’t appear to be asked in all of the controversy over the NRL’s fining of Paul Gallen for his Twitter rant was why the league had paid the legal fees for him and other Cronulla players involved in the ASADA investigation. It wasn’t obliged to. […]

Off-field indiscretions are slowly killing the NRL

Off-field indiscretions are slowly killing the NRL

2 Nov 2014

What has happened since the enormous feel-good story of South Sydney winning the grand final? Granted, the media did its best to have its cake and eat it too on that front, at first lauding Sam Burgess for his effort in playing a starring role despite suffering a serious facial injury in the first minute […]

Hayne’s NFL move shows his courage and ambition

Hayne's NFL move shows his courage and ambition

16 Oct 2014

Yes, the odds are stacked high against Jarryd Hayne realising his dream, but that is not the point. The point is that he is prepared to take a chance. So what if he doesn’t succeed – at least he will have had a go. That is something for which he should be admired. The reaction […]

Burgess shows class on league’s biggest stage

Burgess shows class on league's biggest stage

6 Oct 2014

On a night when John Sattler was at the ground to cheer on South Sydney in their bid to break a 43-year premiership drought, it couldn’t have been more fitting that a Rabbitoh player should produce an heroic performance despite a painful injury and steer the team to victory. That player was, of course, Sam […]

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