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    2017 Brisbane International

    Men's Singles, 1st Round


    Jordan Thompson vs Jared Donaldson

      s1 s2 s3
    Jordan Thompson, AUS 2 4
    Jared Donaldson, USA 6 6

    With just two weeks to go until the Australian Open kicks off, arguably the country’s most popular male tennis player will be looking to get 2018 off to the brightest possible start when Jordan Thompson takes on American rising star Jared Donaldson at the Brisbane International. Join The Roar for live scores and minute-by-minute updates from 8pm (AEDT).

    While much of the media spotlight is drawn to Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic, and lately for all the wrong reasons, 24-year old Thompson quietly went about cementing his top-100 ranking in a career-best 2017.

    It was a year that started with a maiden ATP title in the doubles at last year’s Brisbane International with compatriot Thanasi Kokkinakis, peaked with a stunning win over then-World No.1 Andy Murray at Queen’s Club in the lead up to Wimbledon, and along the way saw him twice reach the second round in the Grand Slams, including at Melbourne Park.

    At 23, Thompson should be closing in on the peak of his tennis career, and while his current ATP ranking of No. 94 signifies a slide from his peak of 63rd in the world in February last year, he is primed and ready to take the Australian tennis season head-on.

    He’s got tennis royalty in his court as well, with Pat Rafter and Tony Roche among those who have worked extensively with Thompson in the last few years, and with Lleyton Hewitt set to partner him in the doubles in Brisbane, you couldn’t ask for a more impressive support group.

    Like Thompson, American opponent Jared Donaldson also enjoyed a career-best 2017, and while the 21-year old hasn’t yet saluted at a World Tour event just yet, he enjoys an impressive ranking of No. 54.

    That was made possible by an excellent run of form mid-year, during which he reached the third rounds at Wimbledon and the US Open, in the latter knocking out 16th seed Lucas Pouille, while making the quarter-finals as a wildcard at the Cincinnati Masters, with world No.20 Roberto Bautista Agut among his scalps.

    He might have won just 1 of his past 10 games, including three straight defeats at the Next Gen Finals in November against some of his fellow young stars, but his ranking alone shows that Donaldson is going to be a seriously good player in the years to come.

    Pretty much the definition of a coin-toss call, both these players will be looking to take the next step up in 2018, but as of January 1, whether they will attain those heights is anyone’s guess. In front of a home crowd, however, and with an excellent record in Australia, Thompson might just have his nose in front.

    Thompson to win 2 sets to 1 in a tight contest.

    Can Thompson get his 2018 off to the perfect start with a home win? Or will the young American Donaldson spoil the party and take the points for the stars and stripes?

    Tune into The Roar’s live coverage of the first round of the Brisbane International from 8pm (AEDT), and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 9:47pm | ! Report

      Real shame for Thommo. He has plenty to work on before the AO.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:44pm | ! Report

      Well, a disappointing result for the Australian Jordan Thompson. He was very ordinary tonight, looking lacklustre with his groundstrokes and sending plenty of balls into the net. Jared Donaldson, meanwhile, was very impressive, showing great power with his groundstrokes and not letting Thompson back into the match.

      Up next on this court is Ashleigh Barty and Lesia Tsurenko. Do stick around for that one- let’s see if we can have one Aussie victory tonight!

      Jared Donaldson defeats Jordan Thompson 6-2, 6-4.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:42pm | ! Report


      Jared Donaldson defeats Jordan Thompson 6-2, 6-4

      And that’s it!

      Donaldson just two points away as his lob gets just out of Thompson’s reach up to the net, he tries his best but it only catches the frame and sails wide. Just two points away now. 30-0

      Match point now for Donaldson as Thompson sends his forehand return well wide. 40-0

      A fault, and then the two trade baseline strokes before Donaldson cracks and sends his forehand well astray. Still two match points to work with for the American. 40-15

      And he does it now, a powerful groundstroke forcing Thompson wide on the backhand, and his shot sails out! An impressive win for the American.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:38pm | ! Report


      Donaldson 5-4 Thompson

      Thompson hangs on!

      Donaldson tries for the backhand winner cross-court, but nets the return. 15-0

      Thompson called for another foot-fault, his fourth of the night remarkably! Better on the second serve, and Donaldson completely misreads it as he’s forced to fly-swat it from a crouching position, and of course it sails wide. 30-0

      A good serve down the T from Thompson, but he ruins it by making a meal of his return by sending it very wide. Another unforced error. 30-15

      And another mistake, this time a forehand that sails long, brings Donaldson back to parity. 30-30

      Thompson drags himself up to the net, and nearly pays the price for it as Donaldson sends one low, a good volley keeps him in it, and Donaldson goes too wide with the attempted pass. 40-30

      And Thompson hangs on, another serve-volley attack catches Donaldson by surprise and he blasts his forehand wide.

      Donaldson now serving for the match.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:34pm | ! Report


      Donaldson 5-3 Thompson

      Donaldson’s just one game away now.

      Donaldson goes down the T with the first serve and Thompson can only backhand it long. 15-0

      Thompson bites back with a good return that forces Jared on the hop, and he nets his forehand. 15-15

      Now it’s Thompson’s turn to net one as he’s caught off balance by the Donaldson return and sends it too low. 21st unforced error of the night from the Aussie. 30-15

      Donaldson makes his own mistake as he sends a forehand long. 30-30

      Some powerful groundstrokes are traded before Thompson cracks first by sending an attempted ball to the baseline narrowly long. 40-30

      Donaldson will have to wait for the game, however, as a double fault brings it to deuce. 40-40

      Donaldson goes down the T with his second serve, Thompson sends a cross-court backhand right to the line, it’s called out and he challenges, and it proves to be about 5 millimetres wide! The crowd oohs. AD-40

      And a powerful serve down the T brings a lofted return from Thompson that sails long, and a call of “Come on” from Donaldson. He’s one game away.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:28pm | ! Report


      Donaldson 4-3 Thompson

      Donaldson breaks!

      Donaldson gets two early points on the Thompson serve before an Australian winner sees him peg one back. 15-30

      Brilliant from Donaldson! He gets Thompson wide on the backhand side, opening up half the court before pumping the backhand winner down the line! Two break points, and they might be match points really. 15-40

      Thompson saves one as good first serve forces the desperate lob, it lands just on Thompson’s side and he hammers the smash away. 30-40

      And again the winner down the line from Donaldson, and he roars in triumph once more! He’s got the break in the second, and that might be the game.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:24pm | ! Report


      Thompson 3-3 Donaldson

      A double fault brings Thompson back after his own error gave Donaldson the opening point. 15-15

      Donaldson gees himself up after a powerful forehand whizzes past Thompson. 30-15

      Again Donaldson’s extra strength tells as he hurries Thompson into a mistimed shot well wide. 40-15

      And an ace finishes the game off, straight down the T and it’s back to 3-all.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:19pm | ! Report


      Thompson 3-2 Donaldson

      Thompson starts with an unforced error, but he quickly turns things around with a great inside-out forehand into the far corner! 15-15

      But he bookmarks that winner with another unforced error as he sends the ball wide. 15-30

      A well-placed second serve from Thompson sees Donaldson parry it wide. 30-30

      Break point for Donaldson now as Thompson sends a backhand into the net. He’s done that far too much tonight. 30-40

      Thompson goes wide with the serve, it’s called out then quickly changed by the linesman, Donaldson challenges but to no avail! He was nowhere near it so it counts as an ace! 40-40

      Perfect wide serve as Thompson wrests back control, Donaldson sends an uncontrolled whippy forehand well long. AD-40

      And he gets it now- after a struggle- as Donaldson sends a forehand wide!

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:14pm | ! Report


      Thompson 2-2 Donaldson

      Thompson has an unfortunate trifecta as he gives up three straight points with errors into the net. 40-0

      And it turns out to be an easy hold for Donaldson as a crushing ace down the T gives him the game.

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:11pm | ! Report


      Thompson 2-1 Donaldson

      Donaldson and Thompson trade unforced errors to open the game. 15-15

      Now the pair trade groundstrokes again before Donaldson cracks as he sends his forehand just long of the baseline. 30-15

      Donaldson gives Thompson a game point with a forehand error, but the Aussie gifts it back up with a mistake of his own off the backhand side. 40-30

      Thompson tries for a serve-volley as he powers up to the net, but Donaldson sees it coming and fires in a low skimming winner right at Thompson’s feet, and he can’t get it up. 40-40

      Donaldson getting very angry with the chair umpire after wanting to challenge a let from Thompson that he felt went wide, but he’s put back in his place by the ump, and the crowd cheers as he lets his frustration out with a forehand that drifts long! AD-40

      And Thompson has the game as Donaldson sends his backhand down the line wide!

    • Roar Guru

      Tim Miller said | 9:04pm | ! Report


      Thompson 1-1 Donaldson

      Donaldson manages to hold on!

      Thompson gets Donaldson up to the net as the American tries a clunky lob that the Aussie puts away with ease. 0-15

      So close for Thompson! Donaldson does well with the sliced lob to get Thompson running up to the net, the Aussie tries an audacious sliced return right into the other service box with the backhand, but sends it just wide. 15-15

      Thompson just getting on top a little here as Donaldson sends a forehand long, an action met with cheers from the crowd. 15-30

      2 break points now for Thompson as Donaldson sends one into the net! This could be a game-changer. 15-40

      Donaldson saves the first one as he keeps Thompson on the back foot with some powerful strokes, Thompson goes for the attempted drop shot but it hits the net. 30-40

      And now a great serve down the T from Donaldson has Thompson on the hop, and his forehand at full stretch sails well wide. 40-40

      Donaldson takes the advantage as it’s Thompson’s turn to make the error, netting a ball on the forehand side. AD-40

      The pair trade groundstrokes in a long, running rally, before Thompson finally goes for it first with a powerful inside-out winner to the far corner! The crowd cheers for the point of the match! 40-40

      Donaldson immediately takes the advantage back, however, with a well-timed forehand winner. AD-40

      And Donaldson takes the game as a weak Thompson return crashes into the net. Could be a decisive hold there.

    • Roar Guru

      Scott Pryde said | 8:59pm | ! Report

      Jeez, Thommo struggling a bit here. Needs to break early in this second.

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