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    There’s been a lot written regarding the fall out from the first Australia vs South Africa Test.

    Most of it amounts to he said-he said. Both sides in their own minds will be adamant they are the more aggrieved party.

    It seems that both teams are releasing their version of events via their respective media outlets, so be sure to see the two sides of the story.

    I just find this stuff garbage. If your kids behaved like that in the schoolyard you’d be disappointed and yet these grown men carry on with threats and insults and hide behind this imaginary ‘line’ which apparently they push but never cross.

    Then at the end of every series we hear that they’ve all kissed and made up and had a beer in each other’s changing sheds.

    The thing is, what is the point of it? If his teammates don’t hold David Warner back does he really go up and hit Quinton de Kock?

    Or is it yet more remonstrating and words?

    The rest of it is akin to teasing a lion from the outside of the cage knowing it can’t get you. It’s gutless and the fans are sick and tired of watching it and reading about it.

    Where the hell are the umpires in all this? In among all this ‘he started it/no he started it’ rubbish, surely the umpire has the authority and the ability to step in and head this behaviour off at the pass.

    They have appeared remarkably anonymous throughout this and many other sledging sagas. They’re never any more than 22 yards away and yet apparently they hear nothing.

    The BCCI – sorry the ICC – should give them a mandate to stamp this behaviour out before it becomes shouting and pointing in a stairwell as it has this week.

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