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    Sunwolves vs Blues

    Super Rugby, 14 April, 2018

    Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium
    Fulltime - Sunwolves 10, Blues 24
    Sunwolves   Blues
    10 FINAL SCORE 24
    1 TRIES 4
    0 DROP GOALS 0
    Referee: Nick Briant
    Touch judges: Shuhei Kubo & Tasuku Kawahara

    The Sunwolves will continue searching for their first win of the season when they host the Blues during Round 9. Be sure to join The Roar for live scores of the match from 1:05pm (AEST).

    In truth, the Sunwolves have played better than their zero and six record to start 2018 suggests.

    While they do have an average losing margin of more than 21 points per game, they have suffered a handful of blowouts and been close to picking up their first win a few other times.

    Last week, they hosted the Waratahs and while their offensive work looked good at times, running up 29 points, their defence, which has let them down all season, was poor.

    They conceded 50 points against the New South Wales-based outfit. The week before that, they let in a staggering 61 points against the Chiefs, although their offence also failed them on that occasion, scoring just ten.

    While the Sunwolves have shown some positive signs in elements of their game, they are far from good enough at this stage of the season to challenge against any of the top teams whether playing at home or away.

    The Blues haven’t been a great deal better than the Sunwolves though, winning just one of their first seven games to this point in the season.

    They have had some close, frustrating losses though, including a two-point one to the Chiefs a fortnight ago. They will come into this game somewhat refreshed though after a bye last week.

    Like the Sunwolves, their defence has been awful. They conceded 63 points at home against the Sharks in Round 7 and another 37 against the Stormers two weeks before that.

    One would expect, based on that, for this to be a free-flowing, high-scoring sort of game, but with the Blues only win five weeks ago, it’s unpredictable at best.

    The Blues have been anything but good this season, but they should have enough to tackle the Sunwolves away from home. Given the Sunowlves attack, this could be a lose, high-scoring game.

    Blues by 5.

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    • 5:55am
      Aucklandlaurie said | 5:55am | ! Report

      We’re back..

    • 5:39am
      Taylorman said | 5:39am | ! Report

      Awful result but credit to the Sunwolves who smelt a win here. Perofeta show glimpses of how he could make a very good 10 but got undone on several occasions. You just get the feeling he’d thrive elsewhere.

      Interesting article which now has the senior cub sides at 65% Polynesian in a city where theyve 15% of the population.

      I saw it at school and to an extent club level in South Auckland in the 80’s so I think this is an area the citys rugby needs to address.

      Around 13-15 Polynesian boys do tend to mature more physically and that may be a point at which non Pl kids get put off. They catch up at a later stage but Id be interrsted in the non PI take up of the game around that age group.

      Its the bigest demographical change in the last twenty years in Auck rugby and simply put it might just be that we need more ‘white’ guys playing in Auckland. For me they contribute more to the structure than the athleticism, the graft than the big moments. They could provide more of the consistency Auckland rugby badly needs.

      For me Pacific Island rugby has its place across the 15 man game but not necessarily across every position in every side. For me they were the icing for the Blues earlier sides, not the whole cake. Lomu, Joeli, Rupeni all great finishers but for me it just feels we are putting the same type of player in other positions, and that doesnt necessarily work. The hardest workers for example are always your McCaws, Canes, Whitelicks and Retallicks, the foundation players.

      More Retallicks are required than Tuipulotus, more Crottys than Moalas, the Whetton types more than the Luatuas. PI players are power and speed contributers, not endurance and patience… grafters.

      You dont see many long distance runners from the PI population, nor many cricketers. Mainly Field and short track, and all contact sports.

      Hopefully Henry might look at than when he puts his feet back in the water Mitre cup time, bless him.

      • 6:00am
        Aucklandlaurie said | 6:00am | ! Report

        T/Man. If I was a coach of any team, I would always find a place for a Michael Jones.

        • 7:10am
          Taylorman said | 7:10am | ! Report

          So would I, but not really the point I’m making.

          There’s clearly a trend towards less Europeans playing the game in Auckland, and for my mind its possible that is seriously behind the Blues sides in the last ten-fifteen years.

          For me the Maori and PI style add to the NZ structure of the game, they don’t provide it in its entirety, we need whatever it is that ‘European kiwi’s’ have bring to our game. Looking at the other four franchises they have a much better balance of ethnic diversity and I say that’s the beauty of NZ rugby, its best when its represented across the board.

          Regardless of the coach in the last ten years theres largely been one gameplan, run everything at all costs. And I say that because its what Auckland based, largely PI and Maori based players are best at, and that becomes the default regardless of what the coach at the time tries to do. And with less non PI players to select from we arent getting the right mixture of players in there.

          Remember for the first seventy years there were no PI’s in NZ rugby and it was predominantly Euro based kiwis. You cant just remove that factor from the equation at this, in my opinion.

          When was the last truly great Auckland based non PI All Black?

          I would have to go back to Fitzy and from there its the JK’s, Whettons, Foxes etc. Forgive me if I’ve missed any but none jump out at the moment.

          Yet look at the other Franchises…Ben Smith, McCaw, Retallick, Whitelock, the Barretts, Same Cane, and several more. All recent, all greats of the game.

          These are the players Aucklands not producing anymore. Some of them stand in for those roles…Jones as you mention, Kaino another, an inspiring leader.

          When I watched our Otahuhu side win the Gallagher shield in I think it was 83, nearly all non PI’s and they had a prop playing halfback to keep the ball in the pack.

          Now the side is choccka with PI’s and nowhere near looking at winning the title in the last 20 years from what I have seen.

    • Roar Guru

      Machpants said | 3:13pm | ! Report

      Blues win 24-10

    • 2:59pm
      Andy said | 2:59pm | ! Report

      what a surprise that drongo believes the referee is supporting the new zealand side!

    • 2:38pm
      Daveski said | 2:38pm | ! Report

      Yep he’s killed the Sunwolves this half

    • 2:34pm
      Drongo said | 2:34pm | ! Report

      Shocking refereeing display in this match. Not their fault but totally favouring the Blues.

    • 2:23pm
      KiwiHaydn said | 2:23pm | ! Report

      Any further score updates?

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