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Mourinho will not be Manchester United's manager by Christmas

Jose Mourinho (Supplied)
Roy Skillen new author
Roar Rookie
10th August, 2018

What is it with Jose? On one hand, there is no doubting his obvious football genius.

The guy wins trophies wherever he decides to plonk his hat and many of his former players praise him and worship the ground he walks on.

But it seems there is another side to him. A whinging, whining side that he can never keep under wraps long enough to spend more than three years in any one spot. Many people have called it arrogance.

Apparently, he never takes on any blame in the changing room. It’s always somebody else’s fault when things go wrong and his own genius when things go right. It’s this attitude that has seen him leave almost every club he’s been at on bad terms and players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah struggle under his dictatorship.

Many people thought that landing the Manchester Utd job would put an end to this. Jose had never been shy about his desire to take over at Old Trafford and for many the fact that David Moyes and Louis van Gaal got their opportunity in the hottest seat in football before the self-proclaimed “special one” was something of a shock.

His ultimate arrival in Manchester was met with the usual fervour with fans sure he would bring back the glory days of Sir Alex Ferguson.

As usual with Mourinho stints in management, the early signs were good. Four trophies within 12 months were backed up with the big money signings of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku and Utd started the 2017/18 season as well as anybody. But something happened after a particularly negative performance against Liverpool.

United copped a lot of criticism for the way they set out and the Jose dark side began to slip in. They still finished second in the league, but it was a long way behind local rivals Manchester City.

If people thought Jose would regroup and put together another decent challenge it seems they are wrong and the cracks that appeared during his stints with Madrid and Chelsea are again starting to crop up. He has spent most of the preseason complaining about injuries and being forced to play kids all the while watching his team take some heavy beatings.


Bar the signing of Brazilian midfielder Fred, he has failed to acquire the players he felt he needed and it seems that star midfielder Paul Pogba could want out. There are definitely issues at the club and whether Mourinho is the cause I really don’t know, but it’s obvious he isn’t happy.

And when The Special One isn’t happy, it’s usually a sign that he needs a change of scenery.