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A-League: The interminable wait

There's something special happening on the field and in the stands in Newcastle. (AAP Image/Darren Pateman)
Roar Rookie
1st September, 2018

Sorry Greenday, but ‘Wake me up, when September comes’ is all wrong. It should be October, when the A League finally finishes the long hibernation and joins in with the rest of the planet and plays league football once more.

September just drags by, with our local competition completed and we still await and countdown to a new season.

It is worse than a child’s advent; exciting to open the calendar each day during December but 24 days until Christmas and the days just drag by.

So, what are we collectively looking forward to this coming season?

I will stick to matters on the field rather than focus on the politics of governance and expansion etc.

In no particular order then here are just a few questions I am looking forward to being answered during the coming months.

1. Will John Aloisi endear himself to Brisbane Roar fans this year? Will the club shake off the ‘dad’s army’ tag and be a force to be reckoned with and not just fall into the top six and quickly disappear.

2. Just how competitive will the Jets be? Last year was a transformational season that shot them up the table to the dizzy heights of second place and a grand final appearance that was only sullied by our old friend ‘the offside interpretation’ (however you want to describe it).


3. Will Sydney FC be able to dominate the landscape for a third year running or will the upheaval of coach, ground and player movements be all too much and see the club back in the pack?

4. A German influence at Western Sydney Wanderers – is this the answer to the club’s instability since TP left?

Will the crowd come back and will the club make peace with the active support or are the fans planning on becoming part of the Southwest bids if they find a place in the competition when the decision is made.

5. Will Tony Popovic enjoy success in the west and help reignite the interest and passion of the fans that at times have come along in droves to see the Perth team play. Will the alleged strength on paper translate to grass this year?

There are still plenty of questions on my lips so perhaps a part two is called for. In the meantime, wake me up, when September ends.