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The winners and losers from the 2020 NRL fixture

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30th October, 2019

The NRL revealed their 2020 fixture two days ago and, of course, fans have been scrambling to complain about how unfair their club’s fixture is, while also noting how easy other teams have it.

The 25-round fixture will never please absolutely everybody, but it’s fair to say some clubs have made out like bandits here, while others have copped a raw deal.

So, who are the real winners and who are the real losers?

We were joined on the Game of Codes podcast by Roar rugby league expert AJ Mithen to comb through the fixture and see which clubs got dudded and which ones got a good deal.

Listen to the discussion:

One big source of controversy that remains for all clubs is Thursday night football staying on the menu for another year. The incredibly unpopular timeslot draws ordinary crowds, poor TV ratings and – crucially – creates dreaded five-day turnarounds for several clubs.

If you were in charge of the NRL fixtures, would you scrap Thursday night football? What timeslot would you replace it with?

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