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What Newcastle need to break their finals drought

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Roar Guru
1st January, 2020

Newcastle needs a lot of things to come together if they’re to finally end their finals drought once and for all.

Phil Gardner has said that the Knights can make the eight this year. In all honesty, we could have done so last year but we choked big time.

So here are seven things the Newcastle Knights need go finally break that drought.

1. A winning attitude
Last year we had the whole wait-and-see attitude, and that attitude gets you nowhere. It’s a passive mindset, and being passive hardly ever works. Having a winning and determined attitude really can push you far.

David Klemmer of the Newcastle Knights

(Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

2. Ignore the media
Why do I say this? You have all the naysayers and negative critics having their say to put them down. The players do find out about who thinks they’re overrated and should be dropped. The pressure seems to get to most of them.

3. Simply don’t care
This is more so an adaption from the previous point. No matter what they achieve on the field, they’ll be judged anyway. Even if, let’s say, the Knights win their first five games next year, they’ll have those who say negative crap about them. The best response is to not care what the others say.

4. Consistency
The spine is the most important part of a team. They’re the main characters among the troops. The halfback is the general, the five-eighth is the admiral, the fullback is the sergeant and the hooker is the corporal. Newcastle had ten different spines last year, which means the army roles were changing. When that happens it really makes things difficult.

5. Talk is cheap
Instead of talking about what they can deliver, they should actually do it. There was a lot of experts and fans saying we could make the eight last year. They were wrong and, well, so was I. I’ve admitted it enough times.


6. No more excuses
Adam O’Brien said it himself. This isn’t a rebuilding stage. He had come from one of the best-run football clubs in Australia with Melbourne and Sydney. He’s got more than a wealth of knowledge, which he can use to deliver for the Newcastle Knights. I even believed that last year wasn’t a rebuilding stage; it was more so to set the platform. I said before and will do so again. No more excuses, no more rebuilding.

7. Back our team
Last year there was so much online bashing of our players that a lot of other Knights were pretty pissed off. Think of why you’re a Knights supporter. Some may say it’s their local team and others may say it’s because of the players. I’m from Penrith and Andrew Johns was my favourite footballer – and he still is now. Win, lose or draw, our team need us now, just as they did during the rebuilding stage, which is now over. Why? Because they play for us.

Now, Roarers, I’ve had my say. What points would you like to add or subtract?