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Hi my name is Adam, I love to write about sports and am lucky enough to have it as a career. Sharing my thoughts and opinions on everything Port Adelaide, Arsenal and the NFL.



I can resign from writing yes lol

Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal: Kane and Son down miserable Gunners

Ah possibly, but Port would not be using that as an excuse.

Final-quarter blitz sees Saints home against Port

Do not let Eddie see this lol

How far can Port Adelaide go in 2020?

Thanks Pete, much appreciated

Prescott's unsigned contract could be a bad sign

Just the AFL Era Harry, too many names to put on there if i included the Maggies aswell.

My top five Port Adelaide players

As well as the Vikings.

Dallas Cowboys season preview


Dallas Cowboys season preview

Bills and packers games both at home.

Dallas Cowboys season preview

The early games were ridiculous, I did feel for the lions having that TD overruled. Dez showed fight and heart on his Td, loved it.

Around the NFL: Week 3 best and worst

Yes it did. In my mind it wasn’t the worst performance of the week end

Around the NFL: Week 2 best and worst

Yes Chris it is a tough division, I still see it coming down to Dallas and the Giants for winning it. Philly aren’t there yet and the Redskins are the Jekyll and Hyde of the NFC East.

Sophomore slump for Dak?

With news now coming out that he will be playing sunday night(Monday aus time) and the potential to not miss any games at all once it goes through court. Going to be a good season for my Cowboys.

Can the Cowboys cope without Zeke?