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An aspiring Rugby League journalist and former Digital Content Producer at the South Sydney Rabbitohs.



Hey mate, sure is. That’d be my uncle. Small world it is and good to see more Rabbitohs around. Glory Glory.

Defeat to Tonga proves the Kangaroos need more Tests

As a Rabbitohs supporter I wouldn’t be pleased at all MAX haha.

Honestly the whole divide between Wests and Balmain is part of the reason why the club isn’t going forward, they’re too busy looking back into the past.

The venture is now Wests Tigers and they need their own identity. Honestly I’d consider moving them to Perth just to start afresh and keep the name; I’ve written more about this on another one of my articles if you care to read.

I think Roberts would be a great signing and is coming of age and ready to lead a team around. He’s being pushed out of the Titans with Elgey and Taylor and he would be crazy not to sign with a side that will guarantee him a starting spot.

The most frustrating team in the NRL

Great article Stuart.

As a Greek I’d love to see the sport explode there. The people of Greece definitely have the temperament and heart for it, plus we’ve seen numerous Greeks in the NRL from Braith Anasta to John Skandalis all the way back to Dr George Peponis in the 70s and 80s.

I’ll die a happy man if I get to see Greece in the RLWC one day.

Johny be good: Athens' rugby league 'ambassador' returns

Gotta give it to the Roosters management for announcing the signings while the Grand Final hype was around. Absolutely no media fish were biting at this bait.

The Roosters have a habit of making massive purchases, having a premiership window for 2-3 years and then just copping poor performances for a further few years before restarting the cycle. It’s almost revolting the way they just expose the salary cap like that, but in another way it’s beautiful in a sense. It’s like they’ve figured out the system.

Very interesting read also. I think the Roosters are the biggest signing gamblers in the NRL, this sure isn’t the first time they’ve made signings like this. I can’t see things going well for them in the future though with these guys.

Should the Roosters re-think their 'Dickheads Policy'?

Didn’t mean to twist facts, just wasn’t aware of the situation. Surely you can’t argue with my general reasons though.

Rugby Championship a blueprint for international league

I think with the reduced interchange there has been less wrestling in the game which is great.

Even as a Rabbitohs fan, seeing the team dominate the competition when they did with a gameplan based off slowing down the ruck was kind of boring and off-putting. It’s much better when teams are running around with the ball and actually playing footy.

Onto this weekend, I have a bad feeling that the refs will let the Storm run amock with their usual bending of the rules. It’s been happening since Bellamy’s tenure started at the club and Cameron Smiths’ golden child status as well as the 300th game for Cooper Cronk will only allow them to get away with more unfortunately.

Cheering on the Green Machine and the Sharkies this weekend.

Why have we forgotten about the wrestling debate?

As a neutral fan I definitely like seeing what the Raiders have done. It adds a little bit of spice to the pre game and revs up both the players and fans.

It’d be hard for all 16 clubs to do something similar, but it would be awesome if they could. Kudos to the Ricky Stuart for completely turning things around in the ACT.

Canberra fans should be applauded

It’s a good point you make there, but I think it could be exactly what the Panthers need to go up that extra gear. In the end you’re putting 3 players in their natural positions and I think it could be a gamechanger. No one would expect what to come from them and they could all produce some awesome footy. The time is now mate. I’d love to see a NSW spine of Tedesco, Moylan, Reynolds and Peats for the future.

The time is right for a Matt Moylan move

Really nicely written Pat. I do agree with your points about player loans and an international period; definitely things we need to adopt.

However, I don’t think relegation could work with the NRL. The competition is so tight and close that in a 5 year period nearly every team would be in danger or relegation and it would just throw the whole competition out of whack. Good insight though and I know where you’re coming from.

Keep up the good work.

Rugby league can learn from the English Premier League

There is a little bit of doubt but it’s the perfect opportunity for him to really grow as a player; which is the exact premise of my article.

Sure, he could end up being a flop, I’m not discounting that at all, but realistically Tamou has all the assets to become a top line front rower for the Panthers for the back end of his career.

Tamou has the chance to be a leader among Mountain Men

I can understand why you think he’d be good in the centres but main argument i have against that is that his defence is needed at the back, not to mention involvement. Centre is probably the position you get the ball the least, where with GI you need his hands on the ball as much as possible. And let’s not forget Bryson Goodwin who has the left centre spot sewn up (barring his injury at the moment).

Inglis needs to go back if the Bunnies want to bounce

I definitely think that the utility position has to go to someone that can play nearly everywhere on the pitch, which is exactly why I disagreed with Walker being selected. He could definitely become a great centre for NSW in the future, but a utility he is not.

It was just one of the things the Blues could have done better which definitely could have been the difference between a win and a lost. Had they utilised an X-factor player on the bench and used him wisely, perhaps the scores would have been reversed.

I think the fact that NSW have so many players to choose from is a double-edged sword; while there is plenty of depth, there isn’t much quality in certain positions. No one really stands out from the rest of the competition and because of that they have a tendency to keep chopping and changing. I definitely hope that we stick with our young guns though, particularly Adam Reynolds and Matt Moylan.

Politics giving NSW the Blues

As a Souths player I believe Brown should have been charged. No place for that in our game.

In regards to touching the ref, it’s just another black and white blotch on our game that we didn’t need.

We really need to remind players not to touch the ref, however common sense really needs to be incurred, not to mention treating every player equally i.e. Cam Smith and Johnathan Thurston not getting charged for touching the ref but the likes of Sam McKendry getting suspended.

How is touching a referee worse than stomping a player?