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I’m a massive football fan and only watch Union when it’s the Rugby Championship/World Cup. However, there’s just something about this Japanese team that has got me really hooked onto them. Controversial but I’d say what Japan have done this RWC is bigger than what Russia did at last year’s FIFA World Cup.
1. Russia got the easy draw whereas Japan had to face two strong sides in Ireland and Scotland while Samoa are no pushovers. Russia played Saudi Arabia and Egypt, both sides who were in dissaray at that time and Uruguay who thrashed them.
2. Japan are actually undefeated this World Cup so far and they’ve been performing well prior to the RWC while Russia just suddenly turned up during the World Cup. The Russian fans expectations were low whereas the Japanese fans have been expecting at least a quarter final spot

The belief from that day in Brighton will be massive for Japan. Self belief is a massive trait when the underdog plays the favourite. If Japan can start well and their crowd can create noise to disrupt the South Africans, this could be a really special night for them. C’mon the Nippon

Japan vs Springboks Rugby World Cup quarter-final preview and prediction

We start our world test championship with a 2 test series in India in November. Expecting nothing less than a 2-0 India win but we have sent an u23 team to tour India right now to prepare for the series. Fingers crossed that works a little bit in our favour

Australia are slowly improving overseas

I probably worded it wrong. Dominate isn’t the right one but we were on top for longer periods in the first test. Even when Australia were cruising I had a feeling that we were one wicket away from a collapse as the Dhaka pitch gets really unpredictable for new batsmen from day 3 onward. The series was a bloody good one and it’s a shame of the current situation in Bangladesh Cricket right now. A better analysis on BD cricket right now can be seen in Mohammad Isam’s thread on Bangladesh cricket on twitter (Isam is the ESPN Cricinfo Bangladesh correspondent). Never seen the bloke rant so hard

Australia are slowly improving overseas

Close to winning 2-0 in Bangladesh? Bangladesh literally dominated the 1st test. Yes Warner scored a wonderful ton but the rest of the batting had practically failed. Cummins gave us a last minute scare but we had the match in the bag. First three days of the second test were pretty even. But we ran out of steam when it mattered. I think 1 all was a fair result. Australia was never close to winning 2-0 if you really watched the series you would know.

Australia are slowly improving overseas

I’m still sceptical about Joe Denly opening. He gave up opening in county cricket a few years ago and then gets pushed to do this

It's time for England to prioritise Test cricket again

So who plays RB now? Trippier gone in the window so I’m personally thinking it’s sessegnon (who has never played right back) or an academy player

Arsenal versus Tottenham preview

Maria and Israel will be fuming. Surprised at how much ball we had tonight. Next week will be seriously tough though with our record at Eden Park. But being a sports fan you can always dare to dream. Lets end their run for once boys

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

He’ll retire at our next home ODI series seeing as he’s an MP as well now. If we want a senior member then make Shakib captain since he’s the test and t20 captain. But I would make Mehedi Hasan our captain. Captain of the 2016 u19 squad and he’s captained at the Bangladesh Premier League for his franchise. That way we can have a long term captain while he has the help and support of the senior members.

Bangladesh down and out but want to end World Cup on a high against rivals

Used pitch so it will get slower as the game goes on. Whoever bats first will most likely win especially if they score 270+

Tigers' slim semi-final chances on the line against India

The only reason we have a chance tomorrow at Birmingham is if it’s a used pitch. If not geez we are in for a hammering from India. Bring it on

The Roar's Cricket World Cup expert tips and predictions: Week 6

We are close to India in terms of batting but way behind in bowling and fielding. Fingers crossed they have an off day that day

Must-win game looms for Tigers as they face depleted Afghans

Saifuddin was sorely missed. 9 wickets in 4 games so far. Bowlers got spanked overs 39-47 which changed the game for Bangladesh. 350 would’ve given us a chance. Hopefully England channel their good old choking self and win one of their next 4 while we somehow go on a 3 match winning streak to the semis. Afghanistan and Pakistan are winnable games where we’ll be the favourites but bloody hell India will be tough.

Enormous batting effort blasts Australia past Bangladesh

Haha yup I am. The players won’t publicly say it but they will use that as motivation to beat Australia

Australia vs Bangladesh: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

It’s AFL and NRL season right now in Australia. How’s this game financially viable then I wonder?

Australia vs Bangladesh: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

We’ve improved so much against the short ball thanks to this current coaching staff. Head coach Steve Rhodes and batting coach Neil McKenzie have worked so hard to ensure teams wouldn’t be trying to bounce us and we’d fall for their trap.

Bangladesh issue a stern warning to Australia

Don’t f around with Soumya Sarkar. If Behrendorff opens to him he will smash him around Trent Bridge. But then again as a Bangladesh fan I wouldn’t mind that

Forgotten Aussie quicks ready to press for World Cup contention

Mate I’m a diehard Bangaldesh fan and this won’t even happen in my dreams.

Nottingham beckons as confident Tigers face Aaron Finch and co.

Hopefully Starc and co dish out the garbage the Windies bowled and you’ll see another high scoring affair on a relatively small ground

Nottingham beckons as confident Tigers face Aaron Finch and co.

People forget him because he’s from Bangladesh. Had he been from one of the big three nations, everyone would speak of him so much higher. Will go down as the greatest white ball all rounder I’ve ever seen (I’m only 17 I haven’t seen the likes of Botham, Imran Khan and Dev play). The bloke has done so much to raise the profile of Bangladesh not only as a cricketing nation, but in international society. When he retires, I hope he plays a role within the BCB but it’s likely he’ll be going into politics. But then again the BCB president is a politician as well so can’t rule a BCB role for Shak. Bring on tomorrow. We’ve faced teams with 140+ bowlers in all games but the threat Starc brings is his ability to swing it late and Cummins is deadly accurate.

Nottingham beckons as confident Tigers face Aaron Finch and co.

I wonder if the game is financially viable to CA for tomorrow? Ultimately that’s the real question 🙂

Nottingham beckons as confident Tigers face Aaron Finch and co.

Take the risk Windies don’t play spin that well but then again it’s a short ground so it could backfire. We gotta bat first and put runs on the board or else it’s curtains to our slim semis hopes

Can the Windies win do-or-die Tigers Taunton clash?

Before the WC started I felt we can beat the sides ranked lower than us which would = 3 wins. Out of the other sides ranked higher than us, I was confident vs Saffas and Pakistan. If we beat England that’s a bonus win and a better chance of making the semis. Don’t get me wrong Windies and Afghan could beat us but we’ve beaten them recently in a tri series final and Asia Cup when it mattered.

The Tigers force the Poms to confront the ghosts of Adelaide 2015

Yeah that’s why I said most likely. I don’t think the players will have the last game against England in WC 2015 or the match against the kiwis a few days ago. Fingers crossed they push the Poms right till the end which we’re capable of

The Tigers force the Poms to confront the ghosts of Adelaide 2015

Yep Soumya Sarkar. Averaging high 30s at strike rate of over 100. Just needs to be a bit more consistent. Mortaza is an MP now and will likely retire after the WC. He needs to imrpove his bowling ASAP. Need Rubel Hossain (the man who bowled Anderson at Adelaide 2015) to come in with a bit more extra pace on a juicy Cardiff pitch

Tigers, Blackcaps lock horns looking to build momentum

If one of our openers can convert their starts, that would make our total a lot higher. England next and after this performance and willingness to fight till the last ball, I feel we can take on the Poms. But like I said openers need to convert their starts. Mushy will be looking to make up for that mistake and will be charged up – England will feel his wrath

Tigers, Blackcaps lock horns looking to build momentum