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The decade that was: Carlton

Carlton entered the 2010 decade having finally broken a seven-year finals drought and, despite a disappointing loss to the Brisbane Lions after holding a five-goal lead in the final quarter, there was a lot of optimism surrounding the Blues as they embarked on their fourth year under coach Brett Ratten.

Hi Connor,

Thanks for your message. If you check my Round 2 team, you would see that Matt Rowell was picked as an on-baller.

It was very tight between Rowell and Miller, but I felt Touk gave the Suns a lot more drive and it didn’t feel right to not reward him for that.

AFL Team of the Week: Round 3

I’ll put my hand up and say that was a major error on my part leaving that out.

The decade that was: Melbourne

Those two were certainly considered, as was their win over Adelaide away from home in 2018.

The decade that was: Greater Western Sydney

Thanks for your comment Michael.

Firstly on White, as I said in the article, the Pies didn’t really have a wealth of key forward options during the 2010 decade apart from Cloke, so it was never going to be a well-known player selected. It was a choice out of Chris Dawes and White, and while Dawes is a premiership player, I chose White because he averaged more goals than Dawes and played during an unsuccessful period for the Pies. 75 goals from 56 matches in a team that lost more times than it won isn’t anything to sneeze at, so while you may not have enjoyed White, I think the facts back his selection in the team.

Re Blair and Fasolo in the 18 over Thomas, both Blair and Fasolo are forwards, so I picked them as such. I’m not going to put Thomas in as a half forward or a forward pocket given he played as a midfielder. I also don’t think Thomas performed better than the five midfielders I picked in starting 18 this decade, hence why he ended up on the bench. There’s nothing wrong with being on the bench these days.

The decade that was: Collingwood

That’s the plan Ben! Collingwood coming soon. Adelaide and Brisbane are already up.

The decade that was: Carlton

Not ‘tucking’ him away on a forward flank. He spent quite a bit time pushing forward, as seen by his three goals.

AFL Team of the Week: Round 1

Not sure what you’re talking about, he’s there 😉

Thanks for the pick up!

Greater Western Sydney 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Greater Western Sydney 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Excuse me? Check again thanks.

AFL Team of the Week: Round 18

Thanks Mastermind, that game was also considered but I left it out due to the lack of contest the Bombers gave for three quarters.

The ten best Round 11 games from the past ten years

So you’re suggesting I swap Lachie Neale into Cam Pedersen’s position in the ruck?

I appreciate your weekly feedback Don, but maybe take the purple glasses off once in a while.

AFL team of the week: Round 8