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Big fan of footy, the bulldogs, and sport. Also enjoys writing/talking about basketball, tennis, and soccer.



Bont needed to deliver and he did. Huge first half to put the dogs in a commanding position. Got their season well and truly back on track.

Lessons learned from Round 4

If he manages to break the tag, get a 4th consecutive BOG and lead the Suns to a win against the Cats in Geelong, the footy world could explode. Wouldn’t say it’s out of the question but we’ll have to wait and see.

Geelong wary of new gun Rowell

If Australians embrace the 2023 World Cup and make it the biggest women’s event in history, it would give a huge boost to our chances. An opportunity to improve our reputation globally and with FIFA. I believe our best bid for a men’s World Cup remains with New Zealand, rather than Indonesia or ASEAN. An South East Asia World Cup in 2034 would still be very good for Australians, with relatively easy access for those considering attending, and close to perfect timezones for Aussies at home. For an Aus/NZ bid, I think we should look towards 2042/2046. I know this means it would be more than 20 years away but I believe it would be the best chance at landing the event. It would also give us a couple of decades to consider building new stadiums/transport/infrastructure to maximize our chances of hosting. And possibly by then, the Socceroos might have a side capable of winning a World Cup. For now, we can look forward to 2023 and think about the men’s World Cup after that.

Now let's try to host the men's World Cup

Footy is in a fascinating place right now, on so many levels. In terms of the standard and appeal of the game, I believe the shorter, more boring game styles have resulted in closer games. 4 games decided by less than a goal over the weekend would sound very appealing on the face of it, however, it comes at a trade-off. Do we as fans want to see scrappy style matches that come right down to the wire or free-flowing goal fests that often result in blowouts. I would love to see the best of both, but I just don’t know if it is possible at the moment.

The death of the AFL

Like the list AD. Seems very accurate to me.
I still have my concerns over Gold Coast, and will be interested to see how they perform on the road against a side like Geelong. The other thing is West Coast is better than Freo, and I believe that will go out and prove that this weekend.

AFL Power Rankings 2020: Round 4

Some really good talking points here, Josh.
1 – I was not convinced about Port until Dixon’s performance on the weekend. No doubt he makes them a contender and if he can win the Coleman, Port will finish top 4. 2 – Over the past two seasons, Papley has established himself as a tier 1 small forward. He and Charlie Cameron seem to be in a class of their own. 3 – Tom Green looked very good, especially late in the game, but his influence over 4 quarters does not yet compare to Rowell’s. In a small sample space, Rowell will run away with the Rising Star and will give himself a shot at the Brownlow. 4 – It is somewhat disappointing to hear that the Richmond/West Coast has been called off. Despite neither team being in form, the match would have been a must-win for both sides and a heated Thursday night spectacle. 5 – St Kilda are a very exciting side to watch at the moment. All their recruits are flourishing in red, white, and black. Jones, Hill, and Butler have made the Saints a finals contender, and if not for their poor outing against the Pies, they would be sitting quite high in the finals race.

Six talking points from AFL Round 4

2023 will definitely boost our chances at a men’s World Cup. Still not for a while. I reckon our next bid will be about 15-25 years away.

World Cup win builds on Australia's wave of women's sport

Being a Victorian, I would love to see 100,000 pack out the MCG for the final, especially if Australia makes it, but there is no doubt it is not the best stadium for soccer. Just hope Victorians get to see a Matildas game at some point, despite Ammi Park/Melbourne Rectangular Stadium (30,000 capacity), being the only stadium in the state.

World Cup win builds on Australia's wave of women's sport

Had his breakout game on the best possible occasion in the 2018 prelim against Richmond. One of the best 2nd quarters you will see and in such a big game. It would be great to see him replicate that tonight, especially with the game being televised in the US and very little other sport going on over there.

Collingwood vs Greater Western Sydney: Friday night forecast

Mason Cox is far from the traditional key forward and is never going to be a 50-goal-a-season star for the pies… but wouldn’t it be good for him to go huge tonight, kick 3 or 4, take a few contested grabs, and make some news headlines over in the US.

Collingwood vs Greater Western Sydney: Friday night forecast

Good point Cugel. The support shown by Australians for AFLW and women’s sport in recent years has definitely helped us to win this bid.

World Cup win builds on Australia's wave of women's sport

Such a prestigious event… with that 2008 Final capitulating everything that is Wimbledon and Roger/Rafa’s rivalry. Definitely need to mention Doohan’s win over Becker in ’87 if you’re looking back at the greatest upsets.

From the vault: Classic Wimbledon moments (Part 1)

Better than could. It’s happening…The World Cup is coming to Australia

A FIFA World Cup in Australia: Could it happen?

100% agree Waz. Huge opportunity for FFA to put on a major event and boost our reputation globally.

World Cup win builds on Australia's wave of women's sport

Really good read Baseline.
His season is definitely going underrated. Who would’ve thought that OKC would be 5th in a stacked west at this point in the season? No doubt his leadership and usage have improved the likes of Shai and Schroder, and I was amazed at that +/- stat, being the highest in the league.
No chance his year will get the credit it deserves (same probably goes for his career), but if the season does resume, I would love to see the Thunder make a playoff run, especially if they come up against the Rockets.

Chris Paul is a top-five MVP candidate

Collingwood lost 8 grand finals in a row between 1964 and 1981 (excluding ’77 draw) and have won just 2 of their last 16, since 1958.

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

That 2017 elimination final definitely flies under the radar. Extra time and a goal after the siren. Won’t see that too often.

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

Definitely up there, and who doesn’t love seeing their team beat Essendon. Amazing to think they would have gone 25-0 in 2000 if not for that game.

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

You make a very good point. Most great games have either momentum swings throughout or a great comeback. None more so than the 1970 Grand Final

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

Definitely agree. Ranked in at #8 on Fox Footy’s list and could have been higher.

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

I like the article, David.
Definitely was the year of the underdog, and it is amazing to think that all five happened in 2016.
For me, being a bulldogs supporter, that one ranks the highest.
Though I find it very tough to split the Cavs’ 3-1 comeback finally bringing a chip to Cleveland, from Leicester’s incredible relegation escape to winning the league, and the Cubs’ ending a 100+ year drought.

2016: The year of the sporting miracle

I definitely agree that commentators play a role, Paul. There are some iconic commentary lines, like the ones you’ve listed, that could be recalled by many footy fans. There is no doubt that in many cases, the commentary makes great moments, legendary.

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

2016 prelim tops my list as well (though I may be biased). On the list, the 2018 Grand Final was ranked #1 (1999 prelim at #8, 2012 grand final at #11, 2009 grand final at #12).

Epics: Why some games are remembered for generations

Like the team Doran.
My only thought was that Josh Kelly’s a bit stiff to miss out. A classy midfielder, and won a b&f in a strong 2017 GWS side. Hs dropped off a little over the past couple of seasons due to injury, but I still couldn’t pass up on him. I’d have him over at least Ed Langdon, and a few more.

Picking a team of AFL players aged 24 to 26

I like the lineup Jakeb.
If Simmons does decide to play, I could see him and Patty being the two ball handlers and the shooting of Ingles, Landale and Baynes spacing the floor extremely well. I would love to see Simmons take on a Giannis-like role and be aggressive offensively, knowing he is surrounded by 4 guys who can all shoot (unlike with the 76ers). With the possible addition of Thybulle, along with Dellavedova and Cotton off the bench, this Australian side would be competitive against anyone (except a stacked US team).

Predicting the Boomers squad for the Tokyo Olympics