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Definitely some quality players in there but most of them weren’t playing any form of domestic cricket after the first men’s international T20. Think many had established themselves anyway, but O’Donnell is definitely one who could’ve been a face of the format.

Australia's born-too-early T20 XII

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Harvey certainly was one of the original trailblazers but it all came in the backend of a career that could’ve been enormously successful if he had been able to play more of the format.

Bevan, an all-time great is under appreciated by an entire generation that would’ve had a greater love for his game in this more accessible format.

And MacGill could’ve been one of the early spinners to travel the world and make a lot of money, which may have afforded him more international opportunities in a different format.

Ultimately, I think the overall legacies of these players could’ve been boosted in the T20 format. Harvey is personally one of my all-time favourites!

Australia's born-too-early T20 XII

For what it’s worth, I’m in a constant state of feeling bullish about the Dockers and I see strong potential, but those key absences that have become apparent recently, particularly in defence has made me temper my expectations. Very much like a lot of the kids, Hayden Young is a star of the future and hopefully we can see McCarthy work well on the wing and an actual, full season from Mr Taberner.

Beware the sleeping Swans

I tend to agree with the overall sentiment regarding a potentially stagnance in the growth of the league with more list spots in more teams occurring too quickly while young players develop quicker, but ultimately, that has nothing to do with the opinion Bowers. The fact there is a large difference between the best players and the below average players doesn’t detract from the ability, determination and football smarts of a player like Bowers.

Bowers and Cripps aren’t comparable for me – Bowers is a key part in building a league and contributing heavily to the Dockers’ brand with her on-field game potentially having a societal impact.

These sorts of players are vital throughout history, assisting in the creation of a league’s and club’s legacy and it’s not being positive for the sake of being positive – Bowers is that good.

Kiara Bowers is a Dockers great

If an opinion piece about a player that is already having an incredible impact on the formative stages of a club and competition is turning people off AFLW, I’d argue that they’re searching for reasons to be negative and they certainly aren’t the target market.

Kiara Bowers is a Dockers great

Hi Francis, thanks for giving the piece a read!

I actually think the better and far more competitive conference is Conference B, and we’ll see some quality teams miss out as a result. North Melbourne is the tip many have and it’s completely justifiable, but I think the internal improvement is capped there, whereas a team like Carlton or Fremantle has a lot of room to move.

I place great value on a coach who can have the players playing for them, all committed to the cause. There are varying levels of buy-in, but Harford and Searle are the two coaches who are the best at that for mine. Don’t see any glaring issues with the Blues this season and that goes a long way.

Complete AFLW 2020 season preview

The young talent coming through the ranks is incredible, and the fact the likes of Parker, Prespakis, Huntington etc can act as inspirations is brilliant. Agree on her chances this season for the highest honours too!

The AFLW's breakout stars of 2020

Plenty of opportunities have opened up at the Dockers, and it’ll be exciting to see the swift development of some talented younger players, particularly draftees. Despite the loss of personnel, I’m still bullish on Fremantle’s chances this season, think the team is a genuine chance at being successful.

The AFLW's breakout stars of 2020

This is the downfall of any team in any sport. The moment the mindset is more about holding on or being competitive, the quicker the inevitable negative outcome arrives. Biting the bullet and going for it is the best way to approach this test, and Ferguson over Southee is exactly the right move.

Lockie Ferguson is New Zealand’s only chance to win the first Test

Thanks for reading Paul. NZ’s deep bowling attack means Ferguson can be used in short, sharp bursts and be more effective, as mentioned. His average of overs per innings is perfectly reasonable in first class cricket, although it has certainly increased in recent years.

Regarding the World Cup, Ferguson was the most impressive bowler. People expected Starc to rip through the opposition, particularly lesser nations, and if he didn’t, there’d have been more headlines questioning him.

Ferguson put his nation on his back, with many opposition fanbases not knowing much about him, and he nearly pulled them over the line. I think his ability is easily transferrable to this first Test and the rest of his career.

Lockie Ferguson is New Zealand’s only chance to win the first Test

Thanks for reading Dave. I certainly think NZ batsmen are susceptible to that short stuff, as written, they tend to enjoy playing that hook shot and it can get them in trouble with extra pace and bounce. Even worse, if they decide to put the shots away, they may get stuck.

I think 2019 has been a stunning year for NZ, as the overall progression of cricket in the country has certainly reached a height not seen in over a decade. Constantly putting together good performances in all forms of the game, nearly winning the WC and destroying England, this has been the best period of cricket we’ve seen in years.

Lockie Ferguson is New Zealand’s only chance to win the first Test

Thanks for reading Riccardo! Think the heat itself gives a big advantage to Australia, given the importance that has been placed on building a good fitness base. The likes of Warner won’t be affected by the Heat.

Hopefully NZ can get their players up and fit, short, sharp bursts from Ferguson could be destructive if used properly. I definitely think Ferguson is a must-play for NZ, not sure about the headline itself necessarily.

Lockie Ferguson is New Zealand’s only chance to win the first Test


The Melbourne Renegades announced two international signings this morning, affecting their early season XI.

Aaron Finch
Marcus Harris
Shaun Marsh
Tom Cooper
Sam Harper
Daniel Christian
Faheem Ashraf (first eight games before being replaced by Nabi)
Jack Wildermuth
Kane Richardson
Cameron Boyce
Usman Shinwari (first five games before being replaced by Gurney)

Mega BBL09 preview: Predicted XIs and how your team will go

Smith is criminally underrated in T20s, with his field manipulation the key reason for his ability to dominate. It’s harder for him in ODI cricket with the huge variety in game situations and the field restrictions tend to place more pressure on him, but having an average of over 30 and a reasonable strike rate around 125 is exceptional work.

Leaving Marcus Stoinis out of the Australian T20 side is a mistake

Thanks for reading Paul.

Stoinis finds himself in a unique situation for me, where I think he is purely a T20 player, and definitely a top order player at that. His World Cup performances only further solidified this pre-existing opinion I had in mind, but he is yet to really get his shot in a more natural situation on home soil in T20 cricket.

While batting at three isn’t necessarily the position for him to replicate the BBL form, I truly think it’s the best chance he’d get to show his worth.

This series would have been perfect to back Stoinis in – if he dominated as I’d expect, we’d have the top order settled for the World Cup and if he failed, he got his opportunity.

Again, I think Australia wins these games easily and all of this is swept under the carpet, but Stoinis certainly has that x-factor at the top of the order to be a key player.

Leaving Marcus Stoinis out of the Australian T20 side is a mistake

Richmond was hardly a top team at the time, their wins were completely unconvincing and that six-week period had everyone talking them down, given they were outside the top 8. The Cats have had good periods no doubt throughout game since then, but Round 6 was a complete domination against the reigning premiers.

The AFL stock market: Finals week 1

Thanks Neel, reckon we’re in for a treat this World Cup and a couple of surprises!

Five certainties for the Cricket World Cup

Many thanks!

Five certainties for the Cricket World Cup

It is reverse ladder order and given the close percentage between multiple teams in the bottom 10, it’ll be tight. I’d say Essendon’s interest in Gault will be high as of today with Draper’s injury, so if they finish below the Hawks, they’ll pounce.

The WAFL stars deserving of a mid-season opportunity

Typo related to Mayo, thanks. Always thought Deluca was unlucky not to play more, his size and the fact he’d probably be a small forward once again if re-drafted probably has him low on my mid-season rankings. Delahunty im a huge fan of, most Subiaco players chose not to nominate for the draft however which is unfortunate for the potential senior exposure, but great for the club!

The WAFL stars deserving of a mid-season opportunity

Appreciate the feedback Keith. My view is that if you aren’t a proven high performer in the last two years, you cannot be treated as such in the present. IPL runs are great in a different format of the game and it will likely give him confidence for the future. However, Australia has chosen to stick with a largely settled ODI series, and squeezing Warner in for the hope can recapture his form from when he wasn’t quite 30yo. The team is volatile enough as it is, not sure now, when there’s a semblance of stability, is the time for this selection.

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

Very keen to hear your thoughts on the issue!

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

Hey Ronan, love reading all your pieces.

Longer term yes, he was accepted to be one of the most damaging batsmen going around. In the ODI matches before the proverbial hit the fan, however, there were vocal critics due to his and the team’s failures, rightly or wrongly.

I disagree with the notion of many that citing his form from some 24 months ago and before then is the key reason behind his re-inclusion, when we’re talking about a 32-year-old who hasn’t played under the pressures of international cricket for a long time.

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

Warner is coming off a year where he hasn’t played any cricket, which followed a mediocre year where he was barely in Australia’s best handful of batsmen in the format. It’s naive and ultimately misguided to suggest a 32-year-old coming off his last two years is all of a sudden Australia’s best ODI batsman.

Why Warner cannot represent Australia at the World Cup

Needing to bat second is hardly a strong tactic, as it’s openly admitting that when Australia bats first, they’ll lose. Your point in mentality though, that’s where all this is at. Australia is too rigid, and the messaging is clearly inflexible. Let players be themselves and play how they want. It would change the entire perception of the team immediately.

As for the 5th bowler, sure Maxwell could get carted, but that’s where fluid captaincy is required. He bowls 3 overs and goes for 20, throw the ball to Stoinis. Stoinis goes for 20 off 3, throw the ball elsewhere. There are enough options to find 10 overs.

Overall, rigidity is the killer of freedom and creativity. It’s why Maxwell’s success in the T20 was so appreciated, he wasn’t hindered by constraints usually placed around him.

Australian cricket needs more flexibility