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This is in-line with Rugby League 9s or Rugby 7s – short games, but allows you to play a full tournament in a weekend. As such, the product isn’t each individual match, but the whole tournament.

AFL X-cess: That's too much, man

Queensland are taking their second game to Perth next year…

The NRL is delusional seeking expansion through Origin

Underrated comment

Wests Tigers take the totally serious option of naming five captains for 2018

It’s investment. SA pays to host the game and, in return, 20-30,000 tourists inject money into the local economy, their city gets promoted to the country and a contribution is made to their cultural capital.

NRL takes a game interstate, but gets money to invest in the grassroots.


The NRL is delusional seeking expansion through Origin

Yeah, but is that even the plan?

Stage 1: Origin in Adelaide
Stage 2: Team in Adelaide

It’s a tool to drum up in interest in the sport. If you get enough people watching on TV in Adelaide in Perth, even if they don’t have enough to justify their own team, it pushes the value of the TV contract up. That means more money for the grassroots, more money to secure the world’s best players and more money to grow the game further.

The NRL is delusional seeking expansion through Origin

“The Origin faithful who can’t afford the airfares and accommodation have been uppercutted.”

What about the 2.5 million Queenslanders who live outside of Brisbane? or the 3.5 million New South Welshmen who live outside of Sydney? They have to try and afford the airfares and accommodation every year.

What about the Queenslanders who wanted to watch three games of Origin in Brisbane last year? Why did the NRL selfishly take one game to Sydney?

What about the 2 million Brisbanites who are selfishly locked out of Suncorp Stadium because a short-sighted government built a Stadium that only holds 2.5% of the population.

What about all the heartland fans who want to see the game stay as a suburban east-coast-of-Australia curiosity, instead of a popular, modern, global sport some time in the future?

The NRL needs to stop selfishly trying to grow the game and need to hold it back for the true fans.

The NRL is delusional seeking expansion through Origin

It’s not about growing the game for growth’s sake, it’s about making sure the NRL has the support and the finance to continue to be an elite sport.

If the NRL are happy to just settle on Brisbane and Sydney suburbs while every other professional sport in the world is growing, we’ll need to accept that we won’t be watching the best product because the best players will be playing Rugby in France for a lot more money.

State of Origin heading to Adelaide in 2020

They have indeed successfully lobbied for new stadiums, meaning the current stadiums will need to be demolished, meaning the NRL need to find new grounds in which to play games…

State of Origin heading to Adelaide in 2020

Auckland 2021
London 2022
Honolulu 2023

I’d like to see the SpaceX 2024 State of Origin series played on the moon.


State of Origin heading to Adelaide in 2020

Refreshing to see the positive comments here. I can’t believe the amount of negativity being spewed on social media.

Why are people so against Origin games being moved interstate. It’s a 3 game series, so 1 neutral venue just makes sense. It’s not like Sydney or Brisbane are missing out, they will still get 1 game each and will continue to forever.

Haven’t we learned yet that this works? We see record crowds in Melbourne and a growing TV audience in Victoria. We see funds invested in the game from state governments. We see the NRL tryin to grow the game and yet all we hear is “it’s between NSW & QLD so it shouldn’t be played anywhere else!!!”

Such a small minded attitude. The only con of doing this is that NSW fans will only get to watch 1 game instead of 2, which isn’t that bad when you consider that this is the case every second year anyway. And yet, the pros are numerous. The worst thing that can happen is that the game has poor ticket sales and the experiment isn’t repeated. The best case scenario is that Adelaidians start enjoying the game, start watching it, start playing it an the game gets stronger.

Sorry for the rant. I just get incensed by the hypocrisy of wanting to grow the game and then complaining when they do.

State of Origin heading to Adelaide in 2020

“Anytime you knowingly allow your best players to be removed from competitive matches it reduces the integrity of the league.”

How? You can choose to rest a player regardless of their Origin duties. Players are subbed in and out all season based on evolving game plans.

The fact is, the NRL season is not just about finding the best squad of 17 players over 30 weeks, its about finding the club that is able to best manage their season, and that includes player management.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

Well if you make large-scale changes based on a perceived problem they can lead to a much bigger actual problem with serious consequences.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

Yeah but that’s the thing, believing it is a problem and it actually being a problem are not the same thing.

At the risk of sounding elitist, I’ve found that a lot of League fans will simply parrot what the media says. A lot out outlets will push this argument because the controversy drives up clicks. Coaches complain about scheduling because they are required to look after their club, not the fans or the game. Players complain because they want as much money for as little work as possible (as we all do).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the current solution is perfect, but it’s the best proposed economic solution that minimises opportunity cost. What we gain from Origin far outweighs what we lose by releasing players for 2 games.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

Given the bye schedule, players are likely only to miss 2 games. Tops.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

I like your St Patrick’s day idea. Could really take off!

In regards to opening the season in the US, I’d do it in Hawaii. They are positively starved for pro sport and have a good size stadium sitting there like a white elephant. They turn up in the tens of thousands for high school football because they don’t get much else and the rugby/league that’s been played there recently has had quite a bit of buzz. They’ve also got a big Polynesian population to tap into.

Not to mention their favourable timezone. An 8pm kickoff there is a 4pm kick off here – meaning their Monday Night Football is our Sunday match of the day.

Bring on a Kangaroo tour of the Pacific Islands

I think there’s this belief that booting Origin to the post-season will somehow result in this huge uplift in the club game.

Round 12, in which Origin players were missing and only 4 games were played, average attendance was the fifth best for the year. There is always going to be a midseason lull. Especially with a 30 week season.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

I’d like to see them take on USA.

Also, a bit off topic, but it would be cool to see a one-off game between the winners of the NRL State Championship match and the Wolfpack at the end of the year.

Bring on a Kangaroo tour of the Pacific Islands

Arguably, the draw disadvantages these teams and gives other clubs, like the New Zealand Warriors, an unfair advantage because of how little their roster is impacted by Origin.

This is a perceived problem, more than an actual problem. How many Premierships do the Warriors have? How many times have NZ even come close to winning the comp? Which three teams have been the most dominant over the last 30 years and which players were their dynasties built around.

With the bye scheduling, which is required by the RLPA if I’m not mistaken (regardless of Origin), you have 24 opportunities to watch your team play each year. More if they make the finals. Out of those 24 games, your club is only going to play without its Origin players for a maximum of 2 games. That leaves 22 opportunities for you to watch your team play at full strength, assuming there are no injuries.

Only around 16 games are affected by Origin each year. That’s 16 out of 201. A very small price to pay for all that Origin brings to the NRL.

Other big sporting competitions around the world are required to rest players or release them for international duty. I think it’s a poor advertisement for the game if we believe the sport is unwatchable if we take out 34 of the 350+ players in the league.

If we’re so worried about what the crowds etc for the club game during Origin, then I believe there is a simple solution. Next year the comp will stop for 1 week for a standalone Origin. Play the other two rounds as a split-round and take the games to regional areas.

Obligation to provide two byes = tick
Obligation to play games in regional areas = tick

Country fans who don’t get to see top level footy are going to care far less about whos in and out when they get to see the game played for points.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

I doubt they cared when they got to watch exciting players play exciting football.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

100% agree Jimmmy Origin scheduling is a mountain made out of a molehill.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

We get woeful games in other times during the year too.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

Coaches also seem to have no problem paying huge sums to get Origin players, even though they know they won’t have them for 2 games a year.

Origin scheduling lets the young guns shine

Spot on. Keyword: Perform.

It’s not a case of “win and the fans will come” because fans can handle their team losing with dignity. It’s when the team looks uninterested and the club is a basket case that the fans stay away.

Using the NRL as an example, the Knights are heading towards their third straight wooden spoon, but enjoy the sixth highest average home crowd. Conversely, Souths (the biggest club in the league) – a team that won the comp only 3 years ago – is languishing with the third lowest home crowd average, because they are playing with no ticker and no enthusiasm.

Wallabies fans must show up

Everyone keeps blaming the coach, but it genuinely looks like player error more than tactical error. Completion rates and missed tackles are hurting us.

Nine talking points from NRL Round 15

Totally get where you are coming from, but I don’t know if he could’ve been the leader that he was if he wasn’t captain. Being captain give him a voice that he probably wouldn’t have had otherwise and I think the trust it placed in him gave him the drive to succeed.

Celebrating Gallen and Farah before the state moves on drastically unaffected without them