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Rugby Tragic, love all facets of the sport.



The other thing I would add is that perhaps some of the rising stars of the lower tier nations could be offered “scholarships” or even contracts with clubs in Aus and NZ, or potentially academy spots as long as they are not keeping Aussie kids out.
I agree with the sentiment that you don’t send tier one teams to tier two or three countries just to give them a flogging, but maybe in off RWC years Australia and NZ could consider sending non-capped Super Rugby teams, or NRC/ NPC teams on tours to some of these places.
Maybe our Shute Shield or Hospital Cup teams, etc could get some funding from above to embark on an annual tour – say, the Championship teams from NSE, Qld, ACT, Vic and Perth, even SA and the Darwin Mozzies.
I know that there is a lot of activity on the Sevens scene, but we are trying to raise the level of 15’s.

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations

Agree entirely, and I concede that, as an armchair fan, with no knowledge of how a Union allocates its hard won resources, I am out of order, but the principle is sound.
You need look no further than the inclusion of the Fiji Ndrua in our National Rugby Championship. How many of their first and second year players played in the first test against Australia at RWC?

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations

Coupla things – I still don’t understand why Pete Samu was left out
Pocock, himself, foreshadowed that he would have a quiet game. He said,,Ï’ll just slot in and be a link man..” what else would you do if you were coming back after such a long wait?
Cheika has picked his 1st XV and that is that.
We are in a relatively easy pool.
Let’s do what we always do and that is to sneak up and bight our opposition on the bum!!

What did we really learn from the Samoa warm-up Test?

You must be a prop?!

Early days, but some of these NRC Law Variations have merit

Where can the drop-kick be taken? I heard it was anywhere on the tryline – is that right?

Early days, but some of these NRC Law Variations have merit

I just got the Wallabies at $5.50 on the betting market for next week. I got them at $4.50 last night – did well, but bet conservatively – get on them at $5.50 lads.
I reckon that the Wallabies are now on track.

Wallabies beat All Blacks after dominant second half in Bledisloe 1

JAPANZAR sounds good to me. I think we should stop thining about the competitions in terms of hemispheres and think in terms of time zones – Argentina will always be the odd man out unless you have a purely Americas comp.

New Japanese league could save the Sunwolves

Perfectly timed his run to disrupt our focus on the RWC.
He was sacked for a breach of his employment conditions, simple as that – he broke a solid undertaking.
Go go, gonzo!!

Israel Folau begins court action against Rugby AU and Waratahs

Didn’t Rassie already say he was sending some of his best players straight through to NZ?

Nic White and Tom Banks to give Wallabies a post-Folau kickstart

There are almost as many backs worthy of selection as their are Roarers commenting on them, and I do not want to comment on it.

Great that there is now a selection panel, and predictably, it has had some influence, and we’d be pretty unimpressed if they didn’t have an influence.

I believe that we will get it right, but we should not be trying to get ahead of ourselves in picking backlines for certain scenarios. Let’s just get the most powerful, in-form backline that we can, then work, work, work, and get the combinations right.

In years past, you got a settled combination a year or so out – that is how we won in 91 and 99 – now with more players to choose from it doesn’t happen, but it sure as hell needs to happen now. The team that plays SA should be the nucleus of the team that starts the RWC

Has the latest Wallabies squad heralded the end of a selection era?

Amazed McCaffery is not in there somewhere!

Returning veterans headline the first Wallabies squad of 2019

Succinctly put FK – you nailed it in one sentence

The thing no one wants to say about Israel Folau

Finals footy – anything can happen. That’s the difference when you are a Brumbies fan – you get the privilege of actually believing in your boys!

The Brumbies can go all the way in Super Rugby

What a tosser!

"It's about you and your greed": Drew Mitchell slams Folau's fundraiser

Yeah, good one Izzy – stay as strong as you like, you will never again represent the Wallabies, you tosser!

Folau thanks crowd-funders after raising more than half a million for legal case

Bottom line – no person is bigger than the game – simples!!

How would a Folau legal challenge affect RA?

You forgot to ask Alan one important question. Did he ever get his trousers back?

How would a Folau legal challenge affect RA?

Great to see him back. Would have preferred he came back to the Brums, but we seem to be doing it pretty well with the current cattle. Interesting competition for spots in the midfield coming up.

Toomua makes early move to Rebels

The trick is not to be a Christian, but an atheist..
seen today on a headstone: ..”here lies an atheist, all dressed up and nowhere to go..”

Israel Folau found guilty of code of conduct breach, sanction undecided

Hopefully, as Author, I am going to get the right of final reply.
if you don’t want to burn in hell, consider this..

Today I saw a headstone – it said:..”

“here lies the body of an atheist..
all dressed up in his best suit,
and nowhere to go…”

Therein lies the answer.

No one person is bigger than the game

Thanks, Riddler.

No one person is bigger than the game

Wow, never thought I’d see a post of that majesty on the Roar! We really are an interesting bunch!

No one person is bigger than the game

If he wants to put himself about as a radical preacher, then in my book, he can scream his beliefs from the rooftops, but as a role model for kids, and under a remit to RA, he should temper his words, and let’s face it where is the Christian value in breaking a solemn undertaking? Like I said, no player is bigger than the game.
Yes, his views are to be respected, but so are those of his employer – “etiquette” was the word in a post higher up, and I think that that hits the nail on head.

No one person is bigger than the game

No, I don’t – one of the contributors above, referred to “etiquette” – an excellent description and encapsulation of what we are all circling around.

No one person is bigger than the game

Sounds like a reasonable basis for Terms of Settlement. From the little I have seen of the tribunal hearing, that would appear to be the way it is being run, not necessarily the way it is panning out.

However, you are proposing terms and conditions as to how IF can practise his religion – do you really want to go there and open that can of worms?

No one person is bigger than the game