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…or the sky could fall in!

Wise choice: Scott Wisemantel new attack coach as Wallabies confirm multiple appointments

I’m undecided on the subject, and this debate sure has not helped. It must be tough knowing you are part of an organisation that has so many “unofficial” stakeholders who can take pot shots at you anytime.
All I know (being an outsider) like the rest of us is that we have just entered the new RWC cycle, Rennie is not in a position to play favourites, we have some great talent coming up, a lot of the older players are moving on, the Folau drama is now behind us, and the Chairman is moving on, so there is pretty much a clean slate for RA/ RC to get on with things.
I don’t know if she should go or not, because, like most of us, we are not privy to the inner circle, but RC now has an opportunity to put her stamp on things, and we should see how things pan out over the next season, or so, and if the new chairperson has any courage or leadership ability he or she and the Board will make sure that the CEO is doing the job prope’rly

Raelene Castle's tenure has been a failure – what else did RA expect?

How about we just make him the forgotten man of Rugby and move on.
I would like to talk about things such as:-
* next season
* Jordan Petaia and all the talent coming through
* Dave Rennie and the fact that he has no hidden agendas or favourites (that we know of)
* what’s happening at the Brumbies
* what’s happening at the Rebels
* what’s happening at the Red
* what’s happening at the Force
* who cares about the Waratahs

Finding Izzy’s next gig is a hell of a job

It wasn’t about religion. It was about bloody mindedness and sheer twattery!

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

With you there, Red Rob – Folaus team was very savvy (albeit the bushfire comments might have been a setback) but up to that point there were positioning RA very well. Raelene kept her powder dry and got a result that none of us can really argue with’. Onward and upward into 2020, the start of a new four year cycle, a new coach, great youngsters coming through and personally I am pumped about the next RWC cycle. Now just got to get the broadcast rights sorted.

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

Easy to say when you have to look after other peoples’ money

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

That is the beauty of the process. Going to court is like taking a tiger by the tail. You never know how it’s going to turn out.
RA saved itself a lot of money in legal fees, alone and the uncertainty of a massive costs award. Folau had a pretty smart legal team, so it was always going to be a lottery.
As all Rugby tragics know, there is always next week, but now our next weeks are clear of rubbish and lots to look forward everyone take a breath.

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

… but we go into the new season free of him and he is, by all accounts, on the nose with other codes. Job done, well done RA

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

Great comment, Nd – so how many Tests did you play? Did your very informed comment make your little fella swell up? Marto is a good bloke, who, in his day to day role of radio jock in Brisbane does a lot of good for a lot of people, but you wouldn’t know that would you? Too busy being a brainless attack dog.

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

You can always turn it off

Martin: Folau settlement like a Christmas present

I have nothing nice to say about that TWAT!
But kudos to his legal team, who jerked up the claim to $14m and probably completely blindsided RA who then had some serious financial considerations on their plate and a lot of stakeholders who would not have been happy if they had to make a massive payoutt.
The Rugby Tragic in me says bugger! I wish they had gone on with it, but the lawyer in me says, well done, RA you have mitigated your losses.
Not to forget that they have now gotten this out of the way before the season gets underway.
I just have one request of RA – please don’t give in to the TWAT and let him back in the door, and to all the Aussie regions – don’t pick him!
If he wants to come back, he needs to do some time out of the game, and learn to KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT!!

Rugby AU and Israel Folau settle legal dispute

Not the first, won’t be the last, but if anyone can bring out the best in a player, it will be the Brums. i’m just amazed that people don’t see it.

Brumbies poach NRL star Kata

If ever there was a “I’m his manager,and I am going to throw Rugby into the mix” false flag, this is one of them. Must be the silly season..!

Code swap? Latrell Mitchell reaches out to Rugby Australia

My advice to RA? Embrace Free to Air in big way – take the financial hit, if there is one – remember we are in the first year of the new 4 year cycle – if you lose too many more fans, whatever digital deal you do will be to no avail – start fresh – get the the Free to Air stations on board (all the other codes and cricket have) and that is the way that you will bring back the fan base

Money matters a huge concern for Castle and RA

Why is everyone slamming him? I say good onya mate, take the money and run, laughing all the way to the bank, and enjoy the footy!!
They say money isn’t everything, but I reckon it’s a long way ahead of whatever is coming second!

Reports: Canadian rugby league side offering Sonny Bill $9 million

Can’t really answer that but the Mitre 10 Cup in NZ does seem to have a much longer season than our NRC. maybe the answer is to start the club comp earlier and flow straight into NRC, without the Super Rugby players, who can join in later on?

Congratulations, Western Force, but there are huge problems with Australian rugby

Why not add – how to keep your eye on the ball and get rid of “no look’ passes?

Congratulations, Western Force, but there are huge problems with Australian rugby

Not sure if anyone has noticed but we have Skene as the TMO..

Just their best performance of 2019: the Wallabies' simple quarter-final assignment

Good idea, Neil – let’s all be dour, matter of fact and boring – that way no one can ever say we were wrong.

The privilege of seeing a rugby star born

I said 2 because Gordon Bray said so, and he is never wrong!!

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

I wasn’t bagging the officials – some of you Roarers really should learn to read and digest the actual point of an article – which, on this case was the RWC is not the time nor the place to make sudden turns in direction – there are 4 years between each world cup and that is the time to enforce the new rules, not at the world showcase where you are trying to grow the game, internationally.
READ, DIGEST and COMMENT thoughtfully, gentlemen, or post somewhere else!

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

So let’s introduce a law that every player can only be 6 ft in height. That should work.

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

Did you play the game, mate?

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

Thanks for:
– sticking to the theme – as usual most of the posts went right off on a tangent,
– being a voice of reason as usual, and
– bringing up the reference to the NFL
My 17 year old decided to play American football this year -for a Brisbane based team – they have a ridiculously long pre-season, they train at ridiculous hours (my son is still on L-plates so I don’t even get my first glass of wine until after I get him home around 10,pm), they play all over south-east Qld and you have to be there 2 hours before the game – the only redeeming feature is that you get to read the whole of the “Weekend Australian” while you wait – and then there is the game – talk about watching paint dry!! They run around for about 5% of the game, and spend a lot of time on the sideline, and the game still seems to go forever!
God help us if our beautiful game ever gets to that!

World Rugby and the refs are killing the game

The other thing I would add is that perhaps some of the rising stars of the lower tier nations could be offered “scholarships” or even contracts with clubs in Aus and NZ, or potentially academy spots as long as they are not keeping Aussie kids out.
I agree with the sentiment that you don’t send tier one teams to tier two or three countries just to give them a flogging, but maybe in off RWC years Australia and NZ could consider sending non-capped Super Rugby teams, or NRC/ NPC teams on tours to some of these places.
Maybe our Shute Shield or Hospital Cup teams, etc could get some funding from above to embark on an annual tour – say, the Championship teams from NSE, Qld, ACT, Vic and Perth, even SA and the Darwin Mozzies.
I know that there is a lot of activity on the Sevens scene, but we are trying to raise the level of 15’s.

Revive stop-off Tests to help tier-two nations